I was sitting outside in a chair in the yard observing sky as there has been a few strange events occur over the last few months that we have witnessed, however this is the first that we got photographs of and was the third time this object appeared, there’s been a couple of different ones since we’ve had this happening. My family members had travelled to see us on holidays so I was looking nightly hoping they could witness one of the objects also. At around 10.30pm the object appeared from the SE around the 25 degree mark, it just appears out of nowhere. It is noticeably brighter than the stars and planets and moves in various directions, up, down and from one side to another, not great distances across the sky however and it travels at various speeds, sometimes slow, others fast and at times appears to remain stationary, it didn’t go higher than approximately the 40 degree mark. When looking through binoculars it looks spherical like and emits many different colours and appears to spin and turn which makes it appear to change shape also with all of the different light patterns it emits. The colour of the object itself was olive/silver colour. It at times also would just fade out altogether and then reappear. With the naked eye it looks almost star like when they change colours when they are just above the horizon level but it is far more visibly noticeable. We watched it for approx two hours all taking turns to look through the binoculars as it was clearer to see what it was doing.

My mother was too scared to look through them to start but totally amazed once she did to see the movement of it as it spins which you don’t see without them. We weren’t sure either whether there was more than one or it was splitting into two or three or if it was just our eyes playing tricks because of the lights it was throwing out. My niece and nephew who she bought up were very excited and were giving us a commentary every time they got the binoculars. My 3 children present also were giving narratives of the other events we have witnessed since July as a few different things have happened and not always the same objects. We’ve lived here for 12 years and never seen anything up until a few months ago and spend many nights outside around the fire and in the pool and looking up as the kids play spot the satellites, this has been out of the ordinary. We all attempted to take video footage with our phones, various types, however they didn’t take very good pictures at all let alone footage. My daughter got her Olympus Tough model tg-820 and stabilised it on my car roof and other surfaces during the event and took multiple photos. No stars would show on her camera screen, we thought maybe due to distance and not being a powerful camera, this object was the only thing that would display. We were amazed at the photos as she was taking them as there was colour trails in some, from where they object had moved. We stopped watching it when the children advised they were tired and we went in to put them to bed After approximately 5 minutes we went back out and it was still there. So we observed for a little longer and then went to make a cup of tea and it was gone when we went back out. There were no clouds in the sky at all during the course of the event that evening and lots of stars out so we knew it wasn’t an obstructed view that made it disappear, we looked/waited for it for around another ten minutes in case it appeared again and then decided to head into bed. It was not until the next day that we all got to look at the photos on the computer where they were much larger and we were able zoom in more to see what she had captured and none of us could explain what it is. We are hoping you may have an explanation or have seen this before.  KENS NOTE: The witness submitted 6 photos and this one was the best.  Its apparent there is structure to this unknown object in the sky.






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