If there is a UFO reality, then why has no one blown the whistle? Informants in the U.K. have been talking about UFO’s and Flying Triangles because they see them every day. I have been a faithful subscriber to UFO rags from the U.K. for a long time. These magazines try to use a more down to earth approach as to which UFO’s are extra terrestrial and which aren’t. In the British UFO Magazines there is no question as to whether or not UFO’s exist. In order to understand what I am trying to tell you, you need to understand why Ufology in the UK is commonplace, you need to realize Britain’s UFO history. Britain has always been the center of “paranormal” anomalies. From strange structures, to ghosts, to intricate crop circles. With all of these strange things happening you’d think that there would be unlimited investigations. There are your amateurs and then there are some that are appointed. One man in particular is Nick Pope, who joined the British Ministry in 1985 and was involved in policy making during the Gulf War, and the Bosnian-Serb conflict. Pope was then moved in the summer of 1991. He was appointed to a new post at Whitehall Secretariat Air Staff, Department 2A. I guess you could call it the equivalent of the “X-files.” As with any classic “I don’t belong here” story Pope did not believe in the UFO hysteria, and was very skeptical about the Paranormal. After dealing with the reports from the “UFO” desk Pope was slowly changing his mind on the issue. After 3 years at the “UFO” desk Pope declared that UFO’s were a reality. He concluded that there was plenty of evidence to prove their existence.  Pope was officially supposed to investigate whether or not these strange aircraft posed a threat to the UK’s defense. Unofficially He was expected to dismiss their existence. Pope decided it was up to him to tell the truth about UFO’s. Pope claims that his peers and the department labeled him a loose cannon and found him to be very suspicious. They lost trust in him. But Pope stood by his story, analyzing all the data, and claiming that it all added it up to a case for the existence of UFOs. A lot of the M.O.D. workers began humming the Twilight Zone theme when ever he would walk into the room, and after the X-files made it to the UK they called him “Spooky.” After all of the ridicule, and after claiming that he felt UFOs posed a major threat to our defense systems, Pope was moved in 1994 from the M.O.D. to the financial department. The thing that is most frustrating is despite Pope’s entire candor, he is still bound by Britain’s official secrecy act. So is what Pope saying fact or fiction? Apparently it’s fact. UFO’s are being seen in Britain Some say it can be explained, but Pope says that a technological threat of non-human origin exists. Some say it is Science fiction, Pope continues to investigate such claims. Even though it really isn’t his job any more.

Since 1990 there have been over 4000 sightings of what is known as the “Flying Triangle” or “Silent Vulcan” Over Britain. In the early 90’s there were a similar number over Belgium, France, Holland and Germany, with fighters being sent up to intercept this unknown craft. With people seeing aircraft “as big as a football field and hovering silently” to “hovering craft that shoot off silently.” Another claim was the sighting of “a huge black triangle rising out of the water” it is one of Europe’s most enduring waves of sightings. Nick Pope wrote a book about many of these sightings including one over several Army bases in one night. One of the more controversial cases is the Bentwaters -Woodbridge UFO case. The Bentwaters-Woodbridge bases are leased to the United States Airforce under NATO terms. The case is one of the creepiest ones I have ever heard. There were at least 30 witnesses who came forward to tell the story of what happened to USAF personelle and British Military in the Rendlesham forest between the two bases, in December of 1980.  The incident began when two USAF security personelle spotted unusual lights hovering over Rendlesham forest. The security staff was worried that a small plane was crashing in the heavily wooded area. According to Sergeant Larry Warren, who was stationed at Bentwaters, It looked like the plane hit and a fire was smouldering in the forest. A group of men set out to find the strange red glowing area. What the men came a upon was a triangular UFO. Airmen Steve Roberts and James Archer said that the UFO had a red light on top of it and blue and white lights at the middle and bottom. Archer then claimed he saw occupants inside the strange craft. He claimed that they did not appear human. There were also reports of Jeeps and several High-powered “Light all’s” abruptly died. Sgts. Larry Warren and Adrian Bustinza said that the energy just drained out. Animals were going crazy, and the men mentioned a yellow mist in the air. There was another strange anomaly in the area away from the clearing . It was transparent, elliptical like a see through aspirin tablet. It then filled with a bright pulsating mist and it emitted a rainbow of colored lights. There was film shot of the incident. And audio tapes made. However it was later confiscated and flown to Ramstein Air force base in West Germany. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.