Many people have asked me about designing their web site.  Trying to get started in this important endeavor takes a lot of time and especially patience.  Most people fail because they feel it’s too hard and very frustrating.  This is very true depending on what kind of web site you want to start.  The more detail equals more work and dedication.  Have you ever been in a restaurant and the waitress hands you a menu with 10 pages of food to look over. Too much information only dilutes the main reason why you started a web site.  It’s being able to point to what you feel is important and not confusing people with too much information. I publish one great story a day and it’s been a big hit so far.   I feel you should keep it simple and grow from there.  This is my success secret and I can get you started for only a one time fee of 300.00 dollars.  I will get your web site started, up and running and it will be for free to you.  The only fee you will have to pay is the 300 dollars to me.  Simple as that.  I will even download some hi-definition photos for your web site and all that I have learned over the years.  I will design up to 3 pages for your photos, links and main page for your blogs.  If you are interested to have this done for you, e-mail me at falcon51@comcast.net.  Talking about doing something special for you and your business ideas is only talking.  Doing something is the way to go.    If you want to expand your web site in the future , it is easily done through the web master.  Cost is approximately 12 dollars per month for an expanded web site with more pages……  

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