A Light In The Middle Of The Motorway

It was a little after 2 am on the 16th October 1973 when Gabriella Versacci passed the exit road for Langford Budville. Hers was the only car on the lonely motorway road. That was until she saw what appeared to be a single headlight in front of her. It didn’t appear to be moving, making her think it was perhaps another motorist who had broken down. She slowed up a little as she got closer to the light. By the time she realized the source of the glow wasn’t the headlight of a stranded vehicle her car had already lost all power.  Now with no headlights to guide her, she focused intently on the road ahead as she brought the vehicle to a stop. The light was still shining a little way off ahead of her. Already frightened, that fright began to bubble into panic at the thought of remaining stationary and vulnerable in the middle of the motorway. She took the keys out of the ignition and exited the crippled vehicle. As she did so, she became aware of a soft humming sound. The more she listened to it, the louder it appeared to be getting.
She looked around trying to locate the source of the noise. It was then that an unseen and “heavy hand” struck her shoulder, pushing her down to the ground as it did so. As she turned her head, expecting to see an opportunistic attacker, she instead saw a “tall, dark-colored metallic figure”. The last thing she would recall seeing before losing consciousness were multicolored-lights flickering nearby.

Memories In Between Unconsciousness

She would awake, stood up in a field. The skies were still dark over her and the robot-like figure was next to her. Before she could react to her captor, she noticed a “half-moon-shaped” object, glowing brightly in front of them. The underside of the craft had a distinct flat finish with several “thick legs” protruding towards the ground and supporting its weight. The top had a round shape to it and the entire exterior was “silver-gray”. Along the side was a huge oblong-shaped window, through which she could see bright yellow lights glowing. She would later estimate the craft to be around forty feet in width and at least twenty feet high.  She noticed the humming sound once more and quickly realized this large cosmic vehicle was the source of it. Then, overcome with the surreal nature of the events, she lost consciousness again.  The next time she awoke she scanned her surroundings to find she was in a strange, round room. She was laying on a table. When she tried to sit up, however, she realized she was strapped down tightly to the platform. She also realized that under the equally strange blanket she was completely naked. As she moved her eyes around the ominous room, she saw the robot-like creature stood motionless to one side. She also noticed the floor was of some kind of thick rubber matting.  ALIEN ABDUCTION IN LANGFORD ENGLANDthe details from Versacci here. The strange blanket covering her, for example. Many abductees mention this. Some even of having it pulled over their faces with holes then cut in the mouth and nose to breathe. Also, the “thick rubber matting” is another description of a UFO interior that comes up regularly.

A “Trained Retrieval Device!”

Suddenly, three men entered the room. All adorned the same clothing. A light blue tunic including a skullcap, as well as long elbow-length gloves, an apron, and a facemask. They looked, much to Versacci’s internal horror, as though they were a team of surgeons ready to operate. They each placed strange cubes on her body. As soon as these cubes made contact with her, they glowed fantastically.  As these unknown procedures went ahead, Versacci noticed how the eyes of the men were “more rounded than human eyes”. They also appeared to contain no emotion within them whatsoever. The men would, however, on occasion nod and acknowledge each other, although none of them spoke or even made a sound. They appeared to take various samples, including nails, skin, and blood. Although she didn’t recall any pain or discomfort, she was terribly cold throughout the examinations. When the procedure was over, a large blanket was placed over her which began to warm her thoroughly.  All the while, she would cast a quick look towards the robot-like figure who still remained motionless – as if “turned off” at the side of the room. When one of the men noticed her glances he spoke to her, informing her it was a “trained retriever device”. It’s duties, according to the man, was to bring “specimens for examination and study”. Although the man spoke in perfectly clear English, there was something strange about his actions. Versacci, for example, did not once see any movement of a mouth under the facemask. Nor did she notice him blink. Furthermore, his overall movements were “practiced and deliberate”.  Then, the three men simply turned and left the room. As Versacci turned to watch them leave she noticed a purple light flashing on the robot at the wall.