The following vidcaps correspond to the extraordinary recording achieved by young Sergio Javier Mayen, who manage to see two unidentified flying objects over Mexico City’s Torre Blanca district on October 21, 2005 at 18:26 hours.

Given the importance of the images, I visited the eyewitness’s home to interview him and conduct research at the place where the sighting took place.

Ana Luisa Cid’s Interview with Sergio Javier Mayen on December 11, 2005

ALC: Hi Sergio. How old are you?

Sergio: I’m 16 and study at a vo-tech. I want to be an architectural engineer.

ALC: Could you please tell me about your experience on October 21?

Sergio: Well, that afternoon I climbed onto the roof to fetch my sister Melissa, who was playing there. It was she who told me that there was a UFO in the sky. We both saw a red-colored sphere and I quickly went down to my bedroom for the camcorder.

ALC: Did you manage to record the red sphere?

Sergio: It wasn’t possible. When I went back to the roof, the red sphere had gone. Then I looked to the right to find it and made visual contact with anothre UFO – a spherical shining object at low altitude, hanging in the sky. Since the camera was ready, I did manage to record it.

ALC: Then what happened?

Sergio: After recording the sphere and taking some photos of it, I realized that an airliner was about to go by and I decided to widen the view so that this reference could appear. In the first moments of the video only a single UFO can be seen; another one in motion appeared later.

ALC: How was that object moving?

Sergio: It moved very quickly and on the rise, toward the zenith. For that reason I was certain that it couldn’t be an airplane or anything known.

ALC: Could you describe it?

Sergio: Of course. We could clearly see that it was a spherical black object that had other smaller spheres around it, that were very luminous.

ALC: How long did the sighting last?

Sergio: I think about 3 1/2 minutes approximately, since the UFO was rising into the firmament very quickly. It was much faster than an airplane. The first sphere, the static one, I lost from sight once I changed the camcorder’s battery pack. After a few moments there was nothing unusual in the sky. It’s also important to note that the original video shows that some things crossed the UFOs path. For example, small little white spheres and an elongated black object that goes by quickly and can only be seen when the recording is played in slow motion.

ALC: Is this your first UFO sighting?

Sergio: No, I’ve seen them on other occasions and even managed to record one with my cellphone, but I don’t have it anymore, since my little sister erased it.
I remember that on that day I’d been talking to a friend about a sighting I’d had in Guanajuato and I raised my arm to indicate the UFO’s altitude at the time. Then we both turned around and we found a luminous sphere.  NOTE:  The above image is CGI.