I was taking my daughter home after work on this evening. It was about 11:00 at night and we were sitting by her mailbox when we noticed lights down the road towards the rental property she lives in on a farm here. The lights were small, much like backup lights on a car, so we just thought that it was her landlords working on a farm truck. We sat by the mailbox and waited a minute or so for them to come out of the road. When after a few minutes, the lights were still there, I pulled my car up closer to the lights. As we approached them, they backed up into the hayfield. I had my car window rolled down to listen, as the neighbors entrance, the first on the road is where the lights were first-on the ground and their dogs were barking and crying and howling! We didn’t hear any motor noises from the “farm truck” and wondered why it backed all the way to the back of the hayfield! Then the two lights got bigger and brighter, though there was no beam. As soon as we saw them rise up into the air, we knew it wasn’t our friends in any farm truck.

I speed up to catch up and the faster I went, the fast it went. The , bigger now, lights went up and over the fence of the hayfield, across the farmers road, across the fence to the cow pasture and went along about 15 feet above the ground. I was speeding at this point, faster than I would have ever driven down the road , maybe 25 mph, but couldn’t catch up. It flew under some power lines and straight up into the air and behind my daughter’s house where it “hung” there until we got into the lot in front of her house. We sat in front of her house and looked up at the lights for about a minute, when they just “poof” went out, or the thing sped away. We had both front windows of the car open by now and can verify that there was not a single sound of any motor or of any power plant within the UFO. And again, there was no beam of light coming in our direction or any other. The lights were just there! We found out the next day that our friend, the landlady of the farm had seen the lights when she came home, about 30 minutes before we did. She saw it in the area, above the river, behind the house in about the same location that we had last seen it. So we know that it had been hanging around for a much longer time than we saw it. We were all very happy to see what we know was a UFO.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.