ARTICLE..DISC 7365 3-15



On Thursday, February 19, 2015 I was driving from Kennewick, WA to Vancouver, WA on the Oregon Interstate 84 West that runs along the Columbia River. At 11:55 a.m., I was approximately 1/4 mile from the green Gilliam Co. road sign. The weather was clear with some sun and high white and dark rolling clouds.  A train came up alongside of me on the raised tracks to the north of the Interstate. On the north side of the train track, setting lower, is the Columbia River bed and river. I looked over at the train as it passed me, wondering how fast it was traveling as I was driving approximately 68-69 m.p.h.  I glanced back at the train to the left and caught something out of the corner of my eye to the right that made a downward fishhook motion from above the river water, as if it had descended and leveled. I looked directly out my passenger window and parallel with me was a small domed craft, what appeared to be hovering, but it also stayed parallel with me as I continued to drive.  It was approximately 10-15 feet above the Columbia River water, well below the Interstate and train track. There were no boats in the water and this was an obvious aircraft with an obvious shape, above the water.

I glanced back again at the last train car that was now ahead of me on the track and back to the craft for size comparison, and the craft appeared to be slightly larger than half a train car.  The craft shape was slightly domed on top and was symmetrical. It appeared to be directly facing me as it stayed parallel with me. On the end of the dome, on the left and right, were small extensions that looked like downward wing tips.  The underbelly was slightly domed, but not as much as the top part. In the center of the side wall facing me, was a smooth small protruding cone, or rounded tip of some kind, with a perfect black circle on the end. Above this cone, was a shape that resembled a bell dome, or what came to mind at the time was the shape of a WWII German soldier hard hat, with a slight curl on the end and small brim at the top.  The center of the bell looked flat, which looked like a cockpit window of sorts, but there was no glass reflection or difference in color from the rest of the craft. The overall color was a dry flat blended, almost swirled, grayish green, very similar in color to that of the river, but the river was shiny and glossy, and this was an obvious; flat color, and again, obviously shaped and raised above the water.  This entire event was only a matter of seconds, approximately 12, but felt slow motion at the same time as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


The craft, while appearing to stay even with me while I continued to drive, and the train out of immediate view now, made a 1/4 slow even circular turn to the right and paused for a second. As it did this, I did not see the profile of the cone or brim that was on the front. It appeared a smooth, almost fluid, transition. There were no shapes or markings on this side, only the same grayish green color.  The craft then very quickly made a 3/4 right turn, bringing it full circle, and it shot upward, heading northwest toward the Washington side of the Columbia River, in a steep, just slightly angled, climb, well above the mountain on the Washington side of the river. As it made its final turn before heading upward, I heard a loud brief swoosh sound.  The craft appeared to turn black once it moved away from the water. In a matter of 2-3 seconds, it disappeared in to the white rolling clouds above. There were no visible lights on the craft, no jet trail, no heat or fume waves visible. Nothing.  I drove to the next small town of Arlington, OR, and pulled in to their park. My heart was racing and I felt nauseous. I think I was in shock from what I had just seen.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.