100 plus ppl have sighting at Contact in the Desert Conference of 10 very fast muliple colored objects.

I will attempt to be succinct in order to keep this report brief. Please call me for additional details. I am the Owner of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, AZ. I have completed 588 tours with the use of PVS 7, Gen. 3 Military Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). I was hired by the CITD conference to run their Night Vision Events at this year’s 2016 conference running June 2 thru 6, 2016. The previous 4 listed reports on this site from Joshua Tree, CA, were from attendees of the Saturday, June 4th event that I led. I know many additional people that were in attendance who may be contacted for reports/interviews and I may provide phone numbers.  I am a trained observer and a past MUFON investigator. I was a past member of the Board for MUFON OC, CA.

On June 4th well over 100 people were gathered at Orion’s point lookout, a location at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. At approx. 10:00 or just prior, most of the attendees witnessed what I am about to describe. There were 18 pairs of NVGs provided, as well as many individuals privately owned goggles present. Yet the following were clearly visible with the naked unaided eye and were seen by most present without equipment. The following sightings lasted approx. 20 minutes total time. I was busy leading the group and instructing them on a PA system and did not note the time, but many of those present informed me after the fact. Videos of this event are surfacing and are being gathered. A professional documentary film crew was present on behalf of CITD and achieved footage of these sightings, but I have not seen it. I will provide it as soon as it is available.

As I witnessed it: Approaching from the west and flying east across the valley in front of us, and coming low over a hill, were the following large colored lights flying extremely fast. First to appear was a blue light, then shortly thereafter a red or amber light, and then 2 bright green ones. After a brief pause of a few minutes came 2 more green ones followed by a single green one, again, flying over the hill at an extremely rapid speed. This second grouping then slowed way down and came together to form a distinct triangle formation and continued to fly across the valley maintaining this formation traveling all the way in a very slow even pace. Eventually this formation disappeared from vision right in front of us. I was not holding NVGs at the time, but those that were said this triangle formation was seen speeding up and shooting up off into space. Many said that somewhere in this mix was a purple light, but I did not see that. This was a total thus far of abou! t 7 clearly visible craft.

People were yelling out, applauding and very excited during these events. After a about 5 minutes had passed, Jimmy Church, popular radio talk show host and his wife Rita approached me. A friend of theirs’s had called them on her cell and told them to come quick! I informed them they just missed some remarkable sightings. When suddenly in comes yet another large green light from over the same hill to the west. And shortly after even another green light. They witnessed these 2 green lights (naked eye) along with other objects that they saw using the NVGs over the next 10 mins. Soon after those 2 green ones, a very large amber light came right over us all and very quickly disappeared right above us. Including this amber one, the total crafts sighted in about 20 minutes was well over 10. All 10 major sightings were way, way, way too fast to be satellites, completely silent, went from hauling in to slowing down to a snail’s pace immediately, and then completely disappea! red before us. All of which are things military jets and satellites CAN NOT DO! We started viewing that night at 8:30 p.m. and didn’t stop till 11:30 p.m. and continued to have sightings on and off the whole while. I educate everyone on all the various type of planes, shooting stars, and all about satellites in order to be able to rule those out. Then and only then are we left with unknown or unidentified objects. All these sightings were clearly unidentified! Also in use were multiple high powered green lasers. I had brought eight 5-mile, two 10-mile, and one 100-mile visible length of beam lasers and they were distributed throughout the crowd and some people had brought their own. As these 10 total objects over about 20 minutes were witnessed many people were hitting them with the lasers. We use the lasers both for pointing out objects and for flashing at them to get possible UFOs to flash back. This has proven successful on most of my tours. As these 10 objects were hit by lasers, myself and others realized that while some may have been flashing back in response, that most likely our lasers were hitting actual metallic surfaces and reflecting off of the objects! Many of the people standing near me, including Jimmy Church, thought this is what we were actually seeing. This would also mean that these objects were extremely close.

The response from the crowd had been overwhelming. Many people have expressed that this was a paradigm changing event for them. I’m spoiled. I get to see real sightings on all my tours. But this night, same as those, I loved providing that experience for others. I never get tired of people’s reactions. For me, it’s always confirmation that UFOs are real and seeing them is truly believing.

((NUFORC Note: We would like to convey our gratitude to Melinda Leslie, a UFO researcher, and one of the speakers at the Contact in the Desert 2016 Conference, for sharing the information in this report. PD))

NOTE: The above image is from another orb sighting.





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