On November 20th. 2017, at approx. 2200 hours, myself and my wife were traveling south bound on Akron Peninsula Road just south of Peninsula Village in the Cuyahoga Valley Park region. As we my wife was driving I observed a large craft traveling north west just over top of the tree line on the left hand side of the highway. I did notice several white lights on it, no other lights were observed at that time. As the crafted passed over head just in front of the vehicle I leaned forward in order to observe the whole craft and it was at least 40 to 60 foot across as it passed overhead. Things that were noticed was no other lights except the perimeter lights which were large, about 6″ in diameter going around the perimeter of the craft spaced evenly. Another thing that was noticed was that the craft was wide on the outside perimeter, probably 4 to 6 feet thick. I did have my window down at this time and noticed the craft made no noise as it passed overhead. My wife had made mention of… OH Wow… look at that helicopter. I told her that, that is not a helicopter, this craft is to big and made no noise. It also appeared to have a slight rotation as it passed overhead. The craft traveled north west across the roadway then stopped over a field at corner of Akron Peninsula Rd. and Bolanz Rd. North West corner of the intersection. I also noticed high tension lines in the area of the craft. When observing the craft from the roadway it appeared to be V shaped because of the light pattern, but after what it was their was a small section on the perimeter of the craft that did not have the large led type lights which made it appear v shape from a distance. This craft at the farthest distance away was no more then 300 to 400 ft from the roadway. I also noticed that when the craft stopped over the field a red light had came on under the bottom of the craft. Then just west of the craft you could see 2 other craft approaching just over top of the trees towards the stationary craft, they did have numerous perimeter lights along with each having 1 red light on the underside. They appeared much smaller craft. I the at that time told my wife to take the next street on the right so that i could get some pictures. My wife instead of making the right, she continued down the roadway, just as if she never heard a word I said?….. almost like a trance. Just after telling her to make the turn, I myself forgot what I had seen until the next day. I called her from work to talk about it, but all she could remember was the big helicopter? The area consist of all rural with no inhabitant in the area. I am attaching a couple of pictures to show the area. I wish i could have taken a couple of pictures because they would have been the best documented pictures that have ever been supplied considering how close the craft was.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.