At 7 p.m. est on 8/2/2018, I took trash to the back yard. It was very blustery. I “felt” I should look up. I noticed what I thought at first was merely an unusual cloud shape. The day had been rainy. Unlike the other clouds, this cloud did not move with all the wind. It was massive. It was shaped like an upside-down bowl with 4 equal, angular projections, much like stairs canted at an odd angle.  Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the object was visible based upon cloud cover. Only the western area of the craft was visible. There was a great deal of shifting cloud activity. That is what caused me to watch the thing. It never moved. Its visible edges were crisp and unnaturally geometrically precise for a cloud. Clouds of varying shapes and sizes passed in front of it, behind and above it. Smaller clouds passed across it rather quickly. At one point, the sunlight directly illuminated the object’s western edge/area. Its outline became even more precise. The object was a dull, non-reflective, gray. It was opaque. clouds that blew behind it disappeared. I live near multiple naval stations, Oceana Naval Air station, and a mile from Norfolk International Airport (ORF).

It is common to see aircraft, including awacs, all over at that time of day. Not one aircraft was visible for at least 15 minutes. Normally, I can hear planes taking off from ORF. I lived for years within walking distance from Santa Monica airpot and 7 miles from LAX. I used to park just west of LAX and watch the planes ascend and bank over Santa Monica Bay. I have been to multiple, military airshows. I know what “regular” aircraft looks and sounds like.) I felt mildly afraid. mostly, my initial incredulousness changed to one of “holy crap, that thing’s enormous!” I “heard” the phrase “We’re here.” I felt deep jabs in my left and right temples, alternating. I had been feeling them all day. A very deep cloud cover came in from the east, opposite the prevailing wind, and completely hid the object after about 15 minutes. Shortly thereafter, regular air traffic commenced-commercial jets, small props, etc. but not one Navy jet, awac, or any groups helicopters were visible or audible for hours. I tried to file this report within an hour of the sighting. everything I typed was scrambled, I could not enter numbers, etc. It looked like a monkey banged on my keypad. This continued for several hours. I quit trying, until today. whatever this thing was, it was gigantic. Aircraft carriers or tankers could have fit into it by the thousands. a day later, I managed to speak to a friend about my experience. Her family, and several neighbors, saw a similar object in the early 1960s. It also hovered, made no sound, and became obscured by clouds. neither the object I saw, nor the object seen by my friend, looked like anything from popular tv shows or movies. I spent several hours on the internet looking at weird cloud formations. nothing similar. I have been feeling mildly anxious with a non-stop headache since thursday evening. I am prone to migraines, but this is different. the headache seems to be deep in my head, deeper than the actual physical confines of my skull-if that makes any sense.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.