UFO Sighting From The Santa Monica Freeway Bridge

It was a little after 11:30 pm on 19th April 1981 when Dr. Barry Taff was driving home from the Palms area of Los Angeles following a visit to his close friend, Larry Brooks. As he guided his vehicle under the Santa Monica Freeway Bridge, he would notice a strange light in the sky overhead. It appeared to be a large, solid object, around 500 feet from the ground near to the parking lot of Von’s Market.   Taff at first believed the object was a low-flying conventional aircraft. Then, after dismissing that it was a plane or a police helicopter, he would contemplate it being a blimp that might have escaped its tethers. However, the more he looked at this strange object, the more he realized he was seeing something a little more out of the ordinary. He would make the decision to pull the car to the side of the road and turn off the engine. Then, he stepped from the vehicle, all the while keeping his focus on this bizarre craft in the night sky.  He would recall how there was absolutely no noise whatsoever from the object. Furthermore, it comprised of a “flattened elongated cigar, with no tail section or wings of any kind”. He couldn’t fathom just how the large craft was even maintaining its altitude. He also noticed “running lights” which would alternate between blue and green along the top and bottom edge of the craft. In between these alternating and running lights, were what appeared to be a row of windows or “rectangular openings” each at equal distances from the other. From behind these “windows” was an “extremely bright white light”.

An Object That Shouldn’t Have Remained Airborne

As he continued to study the object above him, he could see that the surface appeared to be of a solid “charcoal grey” material. It was also obvious that this strange craft was moving, although very slowly. Again, the slow movement compared to its size, not to mention no apparent means of propulsion, should have rendered the object’s ability to stay aloft impossible. However, much like such future cases as The Phoenix Lights, the object appeared to defy both gravity and known physics and continued to make its way at a leisurely pace in a northeasterly direction over the City of Angels.  It was at this point that Taff noticed the complete lack of traffic on the road, even for this late hour. Also strange, aside from the craft not making any noise, the entire area appeared strangely silent. The object remained in view for around forty-five seconds before it disappeared from view. Although he would attempt to follow the craft, he would quickly lose it behind the looming buildings of the city.  He would further recall in his report of the incident that the object was “considerably larger” than a helicopter. He would estimate it to be around sixty feet in length and approximately fifteen feet high. If any other residents of Los Angeles witnessed the strange craft as it made its way over the city, then they would keep their recollections to themselves. Whether any of those potential corroborating witnesses choose to come forward in the near future remains to be seen.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.