I went on a two week camping trip in the Sierra mountains north east of Shaver lake. During this time, I spent time in two adjoining campsites, having some trouble remembering every detail in which I did my best to keep track of. From what I remember this event took place only in the second spot after moving to the site next to where I had started out in. Late one night around June 22, 2017, I was collecting firewood like normal with my friend at the time. I no longer have any contact with for personal reasons and even safety. I did not include her in the description, as I also have no clue of her whereabouts. She had said to look up in the sky and at first being upset with her, I didn’t take it seriously but looked up anyways, from the direction north to east had seen what looked like a faded aurora lights above the trees only coming from north to east to above me.

These lights silently danced above me till after I fell asleep, as well from the same direction looked like a giant light source was peering through those same tree tops. No noise of any kind, including the forest went silent. I also never felt alone while up there in those two weeks, especially did not feel alone that night. I had been on top of checking time and date everyday because I had been waiting to move into my new place at the time, so I carried the firewood back to the fire and fed it, then went straight to my tent. I sat there and watched the lights dance across the sky never seeing the light source itself until I fell asleep. The only next thing I remember is checking my phone for time date and messages what I thought was the next day. The time is odd cause I don’t remember that morning at all instead it was around dinner and the time and date seemed to be off by two or three days.

My friend validated the same odd suspicion about that and then feeling off at that point. There were not hardly any other campers on the mountain being just before July weekend when alot of people were showing up as I was leaving the mountain. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like that in my life and it has left me greatly confused for about those two weeks. Almost the entire chronological order of events has me confused thinking the event took place in both places when I only clearly remember it happening in the second spot. To be clear, I never seen a craft, entities, or anything else beyond what I spoke about seeing and feeling. After leaving the mountain I’ve thought about this event alot of times since. I’ve reached out before but never knew until just recently how to make a report, this event has left me with worsened mental health and severe anxiety, I didn’t have so severely before this event.

Later that summer I started having flashes of information on anti gravity crafts and how some may work as well as had a flashback memory from when I was about 4 years old, I had completely forgotten due to that event. That one actually may have been an entity which also I have been wanting answers for on both these events. The information I may have been given wouldn’t have made sense otherwise. As I said I have reached out to a few people and will keep reaching out till maybe I find some answers. I am in no way looking to profit from this beyond hopeful information that might help bring me some peace. Of the few people I’ve spoken to about this, their conclusion was I had been abducted or at least had contact. I however do not know if that’s the case but agree it fits in that description. I do not have memory of what took place from the time I went to sleep the night it happened till when I checked my phone the next time. Please reach back out to me because I would love to speak to someone there with you guys. I feel I may have other details in my life that would make more sense if in fact I had been abducted. Not that I want that but only the truth of what took place. I have pictures of the site in question as well as can give near precise location details. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



U-TUBE KEN PFEIFER https://youtu.be/2pP0vw-nlpY