This particular day on 18th July 1943, Leger would request permission to visit the neighboring town of Exelgroud. He would set out early on foot due to no transport being available. Because of this, he would take a shortcut to his destination, going over the sand dunes. It was a shortcut that would lead him to a fascinating encounter.  As he was making his way through the dunes, an object would stand out in his line of sight. It had a dull, metallic look to it, and appeared to have crashed into the sand as half of it was under the ground.In front of the craft, he could make out a figure. Tight, black attire hugged the figure’s body from neck to foot. So much so that Leger could clearly see that the person was a woman. Long blond hair flowed, perfectly parted from her head. Leger believed the woman to be one of the German female test pilots from the nearby naval base. The craft in front of her must be a top-secret fighter plane.  Leger began an attempt to back away from the scene. Before he could do so, however, the woman turned her gaze in his direction.

The mysterious woman would speak to him in a language that he couldn’t place. To him, it didn’t appear to be like anything he had heard previously. The woman appeared to be oblivious to this and continued to speak to him. Leger would later state he had the feeling she could understand his native French.  From the motions of her hands and arms, Leger could work out that she was asking him to help her free the object from the sand. He did as requested.  As he worked to free the strange, metal craft, he would take in details of her features and clothing. She was stunningly beautiful but appeared to wear no cosmetics at all. The black suit appeared to cover her entire body, other than her head and her hands. Her fingernails cut short, neat and without varnish. Around her waist was a black belt, with a small silver square around what should be the buckle.  As more of the craft became visible as they worked the sand away, he could see more details. Leger would later describe the object as being “two plates joined together!” In between them were two rings with a black line between them. Perhaps most noticeable was the lack of seams, joins, bolts or weldings. As if the entire object was one piece of metal.
The look of appreciation on the woman’s face, as well as the tone of her strange words, was proof of appreciation for his effort.  It was at this point that the woman appeared to realize Leger couldn’t understand her. She stopped briefly to assure he was looking in her direction and then would point her finger to the sky, tap her chest, and then tapped her hand gently on his chest.  Bemused and enthralled, still telling himself this enigmatic lady was a German test pilot, he watched as she pressed the silver square on her belt. Out of nowhere, a doorway appeared in the craft beside them. The woman went to enter the craft and motioned to Leger that he should move away, presumably for his safety. The doorway then shut tight, giving the impression on the outside of the craft that no such doorway existed.  Before he stepped away, Leger managed to view inside the vehicle through a porthole of sorts. He could see the woman “on all fours”, he hands manipulating something unseen below here. Leger would state that her positioning would remind him of someone “driving a motorbike in a competition!”  This last point is an interesting one. If you imagine some of the high-powered contemporary motorcycles, the positioning of someone on such a vehicle would appear as if they were in a position much like them being on their hands and knees. A detail that many people were suspicious of being a sign of a fake report, is perhaps more reason to believe in the credibility of the incident.
As Leger made his away to a safe distance he noticed the craft rising gently into the air. The two “plates” were turning, each in the opposite direction to the other. The black band in between them was now glowing brightly. Suddenly, the object accelerated greatly, shooting directly upwards and out of sight.  Many discount Leger’s account, for various reasons. Some point to some of the finer details as proof of embellishment. Others point to his apparent rabid interest in the subject (which is harsh by any stretch of the imagination). In fairness to Leger, his interest in UFOs is likely the result of his initial encounter.  Many other investigators, most notably respected French UFO researcher, Jean Sider, would take Leger at his word. From their accounts, it would appear that Leger genuinely maintained in his own mind that the encounter was of a top-secret military nature. Only when reports of UFOs and satellite launches by the Soviet Union began to appear in the late-1950s, did he truly begin to entertain the notion that the woman may have hailed from another world as opposed to another country.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.