I wrote you a reply to my 7-27-17 photo you posted and thanked you for blowing it up. I am writing you now as I had another experience/encounter on 8-18-17 where I took a total of 8 photos: 4 at 8.18pm and 4 at 8.23pm. Additionally, the co-worker I described in my 7-27 account told me on 8-11 that he saw something and did send me 2 photos he took.  As for my experience on 8-18 at 8.18pm, I was at work and walking back to my unit. I saw a bright white light that looked like it had a trail to some flying craft and took 3 pictures of it. As I walked past a tree or building, I saw that what I had been taking a picture had two objects below it and one to the left. I had enough time to take a photo of the one object I had been photographing and the two objects below it. The two objects below seemed to close, but also had trails. I had to hurry, but determined to get back outside to get photos of two objects.   I got back outside 5 minutes later and found the objects had not moved much and their trails were smaller.
I was about 100 yards from where I took other photos when I used zoom function on phone. I took 2 of the right object, 2 of the left object and went back in as I had work to do. I did review what I had captured later. I was surprised by what I found.  The top object in the photo with all 3 objects was purely white and without a definitive form. It had looked like it had a small trail in first 3 pictures. The bottom two objects now looked like the top one had in the previous photos, but the right one seemed going down and the left going up. They, too, had a small white tail. I did not see any red or green flashing lights as one would expect on a typical jet.  This is my second encounter in the last 3 weeks. I don’t really know what to think, but know I am capturing something. I am like in “wow” mode. This isn’t normal, is it?   Please do not use my name at this time. I would prefer to be anonymous for the time being.