Witness statement:  I have been debating bringing something up for some time now. Some of you may look at me like I’m bat shit bonkers, but I hope I have proved my sanity and my intelligence over the years, at least enough for you to lend me some credence when I say something completely outlandish.  I had a very long discussion with a good friend the other day and maybe it’s finally time to bring it forward.  There is no way to ease into this conversation, so I’ll put it bluntly.  I have had close encounters of the fourth kind. For many years, several times per year.  For those of you who do not know what a CEFK is, it is prolonged close contact with an alien being. No, not a Mexican – an extra-terrestrial life form.  And no, I have never been taken aboard a spaceship. I’ve never been probed. I’ve never been poked and prodded or the top of my head taken off and I’ve certainly never been seduced by an Alien Queen to save their dying race.  They don’t do anything really.   For nearly as long as I can remember, the first instance I can remember being at the age of four, I will have a visit from what I tend to refer to as a gentleman, three to five times a year… Every three months or so, usually, some times with an extra one thrown in.   I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic for no apparent reason – very similar to what someone might call night terrors – instantly, fully awake, terrified, panicking, unable to move, unable to speak and unable to breathe, at least at first.   The only thing I can control are my eyes and my breathing. And near me, maybe two or three feet away, is a small Grey.   Now, Greys are what most individuals will recognize as a stereotypical Extra-Terrestrial. Small, smooth grey skin, big, almond-shaped jet black eyes, tiny nostrils, thin lipped mouth, usually hairless.   They scare the daylights out of me. Even running across a photo of them awakens a nameless dread in my heart – odd thing? Only very SPECIFIC types of artist renderings or supposed photographs upset me. I can instantly tell if something is CGI or real – every time a new video comes out, I know months in advance if it is a hoax or ‘undeterminable.’    And there is a particular video on the internet that was deemed ‘undetermined’ that when I saw it, the thought that crossed my mind was innocent, but terrifying – “She’s just a baby. Let her go.” An unspoken rule of psychology – to know an infant, you must have observed an adult. To know a gender, you must have observed both. So that is very frightening to me on a very deep level. It is the first time I really considered that perhaps these occurrences were not nightmares or flights of fancy.   Back to the gentleman in my room – he is older, I can tell that much. How, I’m not sure. He doesn’t do much. He observes me. Passes a hand over me now and then, but he never touches. He doesn’t poke or prod or anything of the sort. He simply observes. And occasionally, he will wave a hand about in the air, almost as though touching a computer screen – I think he’s indicating something to a computer in his head, perhaps something over his eyes – much like our own google glass.  My waking state goes from petrification to irritation. There is no threat except for the fact that I am restricted. I cannot speak but at times, when I… How shall I say, think, at him, he usually stops and stares, cocks his head to the side and then makes another note. I’m not sure if he can understand my thoughts, but something does indicate that he can perhaps read my moods and my emotional level. I can understand snippets of his thoughts and emotions, I know that much. They aren’t so much words as occasional images – and no worries, no plans for world domination there. Just curiosity.  Like I said, my first experience with this occurred when I was four years old. That is the only time I can remember there being more than one individual and the only time I can remember them physically touching me.  Interesting note – this occurred during a period of time while I had the chicken pox. This has no relevance other than the fact that over the years, I have noticed that there are two scars on my stomach, just above my hip, that are perfectly identical to one another and have no similarity to any other chicken pox scar on my body. In fact, they appear to be tiny burn scars. I didn’t realize this until about two years ago, when I burnt myself with a cigarette ember.  Most UFO conspiracists jump at this when I have discussions with them and tell me they probably left some sort of implant. I do not have any such thing anywhere in my body. I’ve had multiple x-rays, CT scans, MRI’s and the like. Never found anything unusual.  But, I’ve always found the notion of them leaving something metal or ceramic in the body to be silly.


These are beings that can traverse the stars – they would be beyond these things. Even as primitive as we are compared to these beings, we are beginning to understand and utilize nano-technology and biological computers.  Given that I have had several medical oddities occur in my life, I personally think that they may have injected nothing more than a few cells into my body that take readings and they can read when they are in close proximity to me. It would certainly explain why they run their hands through the air above me. Reading something magnetic, perhaps. Also, radio equipment sometimes behaves strangely in my presence.  These medical oddities aren’t something to be laughed at, either. I have never broken a bone in a serious way, even though I have been in many serious accidents, my knuckles a few times in fights, my knee cap in what should have been a fatal, 90 mph accident while not wearing a seat belt. My wounds heal at rates that are about twice as fast as predicted by professionals.  I was born with Asperger’s Syndrome. I went through a childhood that, in a general consensus, should have left me a serial killer or a pedophile or a rapist. I was on so many prescription drugs as a child that it stunted my growth. I was under five feet tall until I was 15, 16 years old.  When I reached that age – my depression became self manageable. I took myself off over 120 mg’s of Ritalin a day, over 30 mg’s of Paxil a day, 10 mg’s of Abilify a day and 50 mg’s of Zoloft a day without any withdrawals or negative side effects – all on the same day. I grew to 6 foot 2 inches in a year and put on about 120 lbs of muscle. My Asperger’s became manageable and truthfully, hardly noticeable. My creative levels jumped through the roof – I was suddenly able to draw, paint, work with ceramic. I could look at patterns and discern things that nobody else could see was there. My intelligence level leaped from near Genius to well above Genius status. I hardly ever get sick. Family members around me will be sick for three weeks at a time while I will be sick for two to three days with the same symptoms.  What does any of that have to do with anything? I’m not sure. But that is when the visitations went from 1 – 2 a year to 3 – 5 times per year. That the visitations jumped from maybe half an hour to an hour at a time to a full three to four hours at a time. I’m convinced there is a connection between the increase in visits and length and my unusual physiology. That for some reason or other, they took an interest in keeping me alive for observation.  So this leaves the question of why. Why me? Possibly exactly because of my childhood. That for some reason or other, what I lived through did NOT change me into a delusional psychotic set on killing people. Perhaps they are interested in autistic individuals, perhaps Asperger’s individuals specifically. I’ve always been a little off. A little different.  And that certainly fits into my ideas of what they are – they are not so different from us. Corporations and big pharm aside, pure scientists do not interfere with nature. They go out, they tranquilize, tag and release and then visit their subjects once in a while to better understand them. I view what they are doing to me as no different. As harmless observation and data gathering. And I don’t mind that. Having said that – when a scientist comes across a unique specimen, they pay extra attention to it and give it extra good care, perhaps even to the point of protecting it so they can learn as much about it as they are able.  I just wish they’d talk to me instead of restraining me. But, as my friend pointed out – I would be a very large specimen. I am big, fast, powerful and intelligent. Bears can be tamed, yes? But you don’t go up to it in the wild, hand it a cigarette and discuss politics with it. You protect yourself any way you can until it is used to your presence. I hope, one day, that my curiosity to converse with them will overpower the fear I have while they are in my presence and maybe, just maybe, they’ll let their guard down.  Anyway… That’s my crazy tale. Think of it what you will.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.