At around 7:30 pm on 4th February, Hollace Chastain had just finished his state trooper patrol duties and was checking his mailbox on his way home in Norman. As he did so, however, he noticed an elliptical-shaped bright light in the sky seemingly hovering overhead.

He watched the light for several moments and after being satisfied that it was indeed something unusual, he would radio a report to another trooper on patrol, James Blevins. As he did so, the object suddenly began to move, changing colors from “white to orange to greenish-blue” before finally returning to white as it settled back into a hovering position. Even more bizarre, although the witnesses believed the object to be solid, they also witnessed it seemingly changing its shape. In total, it remained visible for around half an hour before disappearing from their sight.

From his position, around 10 miles from Chastain’s location, Blevins would describe the object as “much too big to be a star”, even if it had of remained stationary. When it did move it appeared to “flicker and wobble”. This might be suggestive of some kind of rotation taking place.

Although the object disappeared from the view of the two state troopers, beginning in the early hours of the following morning, only several hours later in real time, several other sightings would unfold within hours of each other.

Several Sightings Within Hours Across Indiana

As they were returning home from Huntingburg where they had performed earlier, several members of a band would witness a strange object just before 2 am, around 10 miles outside of Oakland City. They would describe the object as “pale green with a bluish tinge”. The brightness of the object varied as they continued to watch it.

However, more remarkable, and very similar to the claims of the two state troopers only hours previously, was that it appeared to change shape. At first, it appeared like a boomerang before seeming to morph into a teardrop shape. As the members of the band watched the incident, who would incidentally all request anonymity, another vehicle passed theirs. It appeared these unidentified people also witnessed the bizarre encounter.

Around 75 miles away and 45 minutes later at 2:30 am in Crothersville, state police officer, Richard Barker witnessed and followed a “huge ball of greenish-blue and white lights” that appeared to have a flat, rotating underside. He would follow the bizarre object for around 10 miles, closing to “within (about) a mile of it” before it “took off fast”. He would state:

It wasn’t like any airplane I’ve ever seen. I know it wasn’t a plane!

Just under four hours later at around 6 am, an anonymous woman would report a very similar object over Bedford. She watched the object for around 30 minutes, recalling that it was “oval-shaped, sort of like a cigar”. Furthermore, the “top was shiny” while there was a “bright light on the bottom”. She got the impression from how the light appeared to move that the object was “looking for someplace to land”.

The object came closer to her home and eventually hovered overhead for several minutes before taking off. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









On Thursday, February 25, 1999, at just a few minutes before noon, three forestry workers, who were planting seedling trees in the mountains of Washington State, witnessed a small, disc-shaped object slowly drift over a nearby ridge to their south, and descend into the valley to the north of their position.

The object descended silently with what seemed to the witnesses a purposeful manner, exhibiting a slight “wobble” to its flight.

The three workers at first thought the object was some kind of parachute that was drifting and descending, but they quickly realized that their initial impression was not correct. Hence, they shouted to their eleven co-workers nearby, who were working on the north-facing hillside, and all fourteen members of the work crew watched the object for an estimated 3-5 minutes.

Point at UFO

> Within seconds of their first observation of the object, the witnesses became aware that the object was travelling generally in the direction of a herd of elk that they had been watching all morning. They continued to watch as the object proceeded toward the herd until it succeeded in getting quite close to the animals.

The animals apparently remained unaware of the objectís presence until it was within a very short distance of the herd.

Suddenly, the animals bolted, most of the them running up the slope to their east. However, one adult animal was seen by the witnesses to separate itself from the herd and run or trot to generally to the north, perhaps along a logging road.

The witnesses report that at this point, the object quickly moved directly above the lone elk and seemed to lift it off the ground, although no visible means of support of the animal was evident to the observers.

The witnesses added that shortly after lifting the elk off the ground, the object seemed to begin to “wobble” to a more pronounced degree than it had exhibited earlier. In addition, as the object appeared to increase its altitude, the elk, which was suspended upright below the disc, rotated slowly beneath it and appeared to be getting closer to the ventral surface of the disc.

They also commented that the object seemed to increase in size slightly after it had picked up the animal.

With the elk suspended below it, the object began to ascend slowly up a clear-cut slope to the east. However, the witnesses watched it apparently brush the tops of nearby trees to the east, at which point it reversed its course and proceeded to the west.

It executed a 360-degree turn to the left and may have gained some slight altitude in the process, the witnesses thought.

After the object had completed its turn and was once again proceeding in a generally easterly direction, it began ascending very quickly at what seemed to the witnesses to be a rather steep angle. It continued to ascend, and simply disappeared from sight of the witnesses.

The witnesses stated that once the object had started to ascend and had climbed to an altitude above their vantage point, they no longer could see the animal suspended below the craft.

Their presumption was that the animal had somehow been taken into the craft, although the witnesses could discern no “door,” or any kind of aperture through which the animal might have been conveyed into the craft.

The witnesses also stated that following the incident, the herd of elk remained in the same general area, although remained more closely huddled to one another than had been the case earlier in the morning.

The workers added that they, too, had remained closer to one another until their departure from the area at the end of the work day. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









July 9, 2019 – Portland, Indiana, USA. “My best-friend is a mural artist and does most of her work outdoors. On July 9th of this year (2019) she was painting a mural on a building in Portland, Indiana and was able to capture pics of a UFO with her phone’s camera. It shot away like a flash. In 1981 I had a UFO parked 20 ft above my roof and front yard. I got to see the underbelly and then ran out the back patio door to see it better and it was still there. It appeared to have a magnetic field surrounding it. I could see what looked like the wavy pulsing lines in a mirage on hot pavement. It had turned from a gun metal surface to an opalescent glowing appearance. I watched it slowly move southeast away from me and was somewhat wobbly. After moving away farther and farther I watched it suddenly turn up and shot away so quickly up into the sky then disappear. The disc I saw was more shallow than the one my friend took pics of. Also the saucer she saw had a short vapor line behind it but the one I encountered did not have a vapor line.” R NOTE: The above image is CGI.









At around 8:20 pm on the evening of 2nd October 1966, Mrs. Everett was speaking on the telephone in her home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Suddenly, a strange aroma hit her nostrils as well as a very distinct feeling of being watched. She quickly brought her conversation to an end and made her way to her bedroom.

From there, she would peer out of the window. Outside was a huge “oval-shaped object with red, green, and white lights revolving around it”. She would also notice several portholes along the side of the strange craft.

Her husband was sleeping on the bed but the strange sight prompted her to wake him. He immediately went to the window and saw the strange craft also. After hovering for several moments, the object began to move away from their property. Then, however, it zipped back toward them at speed, stopping dead right in front of their window once more.

The couple would estimate it was hovering at an altitude of approximately 300 meters. It remained there for around ten minutes. During this time, Mrs. Steward would call her adult, married daughter, Janet, who lived nearby. As she told her of the bizarre craft outside their window, the pungent odor began to make her feel physically nauseous. It appeared to be getting stronger, causing her to dizzy.

An Encounter Very Much Out Of The Ordinary

Meanwhile, a short distance away, Janet would pick up her phone and listened while her mother informed her of the strange sight she and her father were observing. Janet would awaken her husband, Ken. From their first-floor window, they could also see the hovering craft. And what’s more, the object was now only 200 meters from their property.

As well as the brilliant lights along the edge of the saucer-shaped craft, Janet and Ken would describe the craft as of a metallic exterior. While they continued to watch the bizarre aerial anomaly, Ken would quickly dress and venture next door to alert their neighbor and research US Navy officer, David. He would follow Ken to his house, bringing with him his military-grade binoculars.

Through these high-tech binoculars, David was able to determine that the windows were square. Furthermore, they would “emit a yellow gleam”.

It was also around this time that the trio noticed that “all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking”. Whatever, the object was, all were perfectly aware that the strange vehicle was very much “out of the ordinary”.

They continued to watch the strange object as it began again to move through the air. Sensing that it was going to vacate the area, the two men made the decision to get into Ken’s car and follow it. They did so and began in the direction of Mount Airy keeping the strange object in their sights as they did so. However, the otherworldly vehicle would ultimately prove too fast for them, and they would lose sight of it. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









Hi Ken: I was looking out the back door watching the heavy downpour of rain that we were having in the area when all of a sudden I saw a flash of light. Naturally I thought it was just a flash of lighting but there was no sound of thunder which I thought was strange. As I looked around and looked up into the sky I was shocked by what I saw. There was a cigar type craft that was just hanging there stationary in the sky. The cigar type craft  had a large dome attach to the top of it and I could clearly see that the craft was definitely a mechanical nuts and bolt machine which someone somewhere had engineered. I was so excited by what I was seeing and I just had to take some photographs of this alien craft so I could show other people what I witnessed hanging above the housing estate. I immediately ran into the front room to get my Nikon P900 camera and once I had retrieved it I ran straight back into the kitchen and looked out though the back door to see if the craft was still there in the sky and to my surprise it was. I leaned against the door frame to steady myself before I took a photograph of the strange alien craft. I then watched it for a while before there was another flash of light, which I could now see that it had originated from the domed area of the craft which was all ready illuminated by a yellow light that seemed to be inside. It was incredible that there was no sound coming from the craft as it hung there in the sky. All I could hear was the heavy rain hitting the ground. I then noticed a ball of light off to the right of the craft so I raised up my camera to take some more photographs, when all of a sudden there was a really intense bright white light which only seemed to surround me and it caused my legs to give way. I fell backwards towards the kitchen floor and narrowly avoided smashing my camera as I hit the floor. My legs were like jelly and by the time I had regained enough strength in my legs to get up off the floor the alien craft was gone. I couldn’t believe it… all I wanted was another shot. The photograph was taken at 3:49 PM on the 27th of ‎October ‎2019, at Newton Abbot Devon England. Have a great week my friend all the best John.









Hi Ken: I was on the beach at Teignmouth and I was taking photographs of a passing passenger plane that was very high up in the sky, when all of a sudden a white cylindrical object flew into frame. I managed to capture the object in one of the photographs. The cylindrical object was moving very fast and it flew right passed the passenger plane before it made a quick turn and headed out to sea where I lost sight of it. The pilots must of seen this object as it had passed right in front of the cockpit window. If only there was a way to track down and talk to these pilots…

Many pilots in and around the United Kingdom have spotted unidentified objects flying in the sky around them but they rarely come forward to report there observations due to ridicule and worst of all the threat of losing their job. I only wish that this would change and that these pilots had a voice and were able to freely report what they had witnessed in the skies above us.

The Photograph was taken 6:55 PM on the 17th of ‎September ‎2019 at Teignmouth Devon England. All the best John.

John Mooner is the Chief Investigator for World UFO









While flying executive employees from Sweden to Humberside in the United Kingdom on the 28th February 1999, the pilots of a private plane witnessed a “long, cylindrical object” over the North Sea just off the coast of Denmark.

They would go on to further describe the object as having a distinct red glow to it. As well as being “as big as a battleship”. The incident occurred at an altitude of approximately 28,000 feet. The object was beneath their plane and soaking their underside in an “incandescent light”. What’s more, the strange, glowing object would “come to a sudden halt”. It would then take off again at breakneck speed and vanish into the distance.

The pilots would have to make a report, as per standard procedure, to the Civil Aviation Authority. However, because there was “no danger to the aircraft or passengers” there was no subsequent investigation.

In the aftermath of the sighting, the pilot in question, whether coincidentally or not, was on leave from the company. Consequently, they wouldn’t speak to the media. Incidentally, requests for more information were beginning to stack up with the company, Debonair.

Incidentally, a representative of Humberside Airport, Tracey Law, claimed there was “no mention made whatsoever of UFOs in the initial report”. She would even go as far as to say that part was “since embellished” by the media. As was the use of the description that the craft was “as big as a battleship”. Of course, whether this was an exercise in damage control or not, is perhaps open to debate. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the incident, it remains without explanation. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









Sixteen minutes after taking off from Philadelphia International Airport, at just after 5 pm on the 9th August 1997, Captain Phil Bobet and the crew of the Swiss Airlines flight witnessed a strange craft zipping by their plane as they made their way over Kennedy Airport in New York.

The evening was perfectly clear, and visibility was extremely good. So good, in fact, that downtown New York City was clearly visible from their position. Bobet was making a routine announcement to the passengers on the radio system. However, as he did so, he would see the bizarre craft zoom past their plane. One of the First Officers also saw the object. Purely because he was looking out of the left side of the plane by chance at the correct time.

Bobet would quickly wrap up his announcement before radioing in to the control tower. He would advise them of the object they had just witnessed. He would state that he wasn’t sure “if it was a rocket”. But that it was “too fast to be an airplane”. The Boston control tower would note the incident. No further information or explanation would surface, and the incident remains a mystery. However, the detail matches with what we know of other sightings of a similar nature. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









While heading over Cleveland, Ohio on the 28th February 1996, the crew of Air Shuttle Flight 5959 would notice a strange, glowing craft in the immediate vicinity below them. The pilot would immediately contact Cleveland Air Traffic Control to enquire if the object was on their radar screens. The reply would come back that there wasn’t.

Unbeknown to the crew of the Air Shuttle 5959, the crew of a nearby Mesaba Airlines plane, Flight 3179, were listening in to the communications between their plane and the control tower. When they too saw the bizarre craft, they would add their report to the unfolding incident. The control tower would suggest that perhaps the object was, in fact, a reflection from a landing beacon below. However, each of the crews would reject this.

At this point, the pilot of the Air Shuttle 5959 would make the decision to drop his altitude. And observe the object from below. Upon doing so the “spinning, pulsating object” was still very much visible. This would dismiss the landing beacon suggestion. Following this, the Mesaba 3179 pilot began to blink its lights in an effort to communicate. The object, however, would not respond. Shortly after, the object disappeared from sight.

Perhaps also of interest is a claim from the Mesaba 3179 pilot. He had received notice that one of his passengers had managed to capture a picture of the object. The control tower would respond that “they would like to take a look” at it. The picture has never surfaced in the public arena and its location is unknown. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









While many UFO sightings involve spotting circles and dots in the sky, Australians Rob and Phil Tindale insist they witnessed a fight and subsequent crash as children. Although their encounter dates back to 1980, they don’t believe they saw anything else but aliens.

They firmly believe they saw two UFOs in the sky outside their Adelaide Hills home nearly 40 years ago, when they were just ten years old. They claimed to have spotted a bright yellow object and a red light thing.

According to the brothers, they spotted the first one over the tree line at the end of the valley from the ground before the appearance of a red one that tried to charge at the yellow UFO. Eventually, the yellow craft sped off at extreme speed to their right and vanished behind the hill. The mysterious red object had also gone, but they were not sure if it followed the yellow object or simply left.

They heard no engine noise in the area that was less populated and sparsely treed.

The pair woke their parents up, but they did not do anything and sent them back to bed. However, their grandmother read an article in their local paper titled “Aussie Sure UFO Damaged Trees,” talking about an alleged spacecraft crashing on the same night when they witnessed the bizarre aerial battle.

Reporting the crash was Daryl Browne, who claimed to have heard a tree creaking and groaning. He said that he saw an eight-metre yellow aircraft when he approached the site and called the police. However, the object was gone by the time he and authorities had got there, leaving no traces but damages. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








January 28, 1994 ……..COULOMMIERS PARIS

Captain Jean-Charles Duboc and his copilot Valeria Chauffour were ferrying their 24 passengers from Nice to London on the afternoon of 28th January 1994 when a stewardess who happened to be in the cockpit at the time alerted the two pilots to what appeared to be a hot air balloon. It was in the immediate vicinity of their plane as they made their way over the Coulommiers region of Paris.

Duboc and Chauffour each looked out of the cockpit window to examine the strange object themselves. However, it appeared to move much faster than a hot air balloon. And what’s more, it appeared to “have a variable form”. Even more bizarre, the “slope” on which the object was climbing appeared to the experienced pilot to be “absolutely abnormal” to any that a conventional aircraft would use. Duboc would further state:

This object seemed to us then absolutely abnormal by its size. Which seemed immense, (and) its dark red color and the fuzzy edges…It did not resemble anything we had seen in our flying careers!

Duboc would decline to write a report of the incident at the time, fearing ridicule from his colleagues. And even worse from his superiors. Then, three years later he read an article about a UFO sighting above Paris. It was then he realized it was describing the incident he had witnessed from the air. He would submit his report to the French Police, who had a department that would collect and examine such reports. The incident remains unexplained.









Shortly after 9 pm on the evening of 21st April 1991, Captain Achille Zaghetti would not only witness a bizarre craft as he piloted his McDonnel MD-80 plane off the coast of Kent in the United Kingdom at an altitude of approximately 20,000 feet, he barely avoided it crashing right into him.

He would report the incident, describing the object as “light brown, round, (and) three meters long”. Furthermore, although he had only several moments to view the object, he didn’t recall seeing “any means of propulsion”.

The incident would be subject to an investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority. This, due to the hazardous and potentially fatal nature of it. The investigation would last approximately two weeks. Although their “extensive enquiries” wouldn’t determine what the object was. They did reveal that air traffic control in London had picked up a “faint radar trace” in the same location on the night in question.

However, several weeks later on 1st June, the crew of a Britannia Airways Boeing 737 would report witnessing a “yellow-orange cylindrical object” as it made its way from London to Dublin. The object was approximately 10 feet in length and would disappear into the distance. On the 17th June, an almost identical object was reported by a German flight engineer onboard a Dan Air Flight plane on its way to Hamburg.

The sightings, at least involving commercial and private airliners would settle down as the summer gave way to autumn. Beginning in 1994, however, several more incidents would unfold, each of which would receive considerable media attention. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









American West Flight 564 had left Temper in Florida on its way to Las Vegas in Nevada on the 25th May in what was an uneventful and standard take-off and cross-country flight. However, at around 9:20 pm as Captain Eugene Tollefson guided the commercial airliner over Bovina, Texas at an altitude of 39,000 feet, the evening was about to take a drastic turn.

It was First Officer John J. Waller who first noticed a strange row of lights in the near vicinity. He would stand slightly in his seat in order to get a better view, prompting the rest of the crew in the cockpit to look out into the night sky also. As they did so, they would witness a “row of bright white lights” seemingly part of a solid object.

When a sudden flash of lightning lit up the clouds, the crew could clearly make out the distinct outline of a cigar-shaped object. They would estimate the object, of which it was also clear the row of lights were a part of, was around 300-to-400 feet long.

All amazed by what they were seeing but professional in the calm, the crew continued to watch and monitor the object. As they did Tollefson reached for the radio to contact the control tower at Albuquerque in New Mexico. He would inform them of the object while also stating that although they could see the anomaly, their radars were not picking up the craft. Tollefson would describe the flashing lights as:

…There is a strobe on it and it starts from going counterclockwise. And the length is unbelievable!

Albuquerque control tower, however, maintained that they had no detection of the apparent anomalous craft.

Perhaps one of the most interesting details of the conversation between the control tower in Albuquerque and the pilots was the initial response from the tower regarding the location of the flashing lights. The tower would respond:

That is a restricted area that is used by the military out there during the daytime!

Tollefson would state a short time later in the conversation that despite 15 years’ experience flying such planes this was the first time he had ever witnessed anything so bizarre. He would also add that “it’s probably military in that restricted area”.

It was also around this point in the timeline of events that the control tower would contact Cannon Air Force Base in nearby Clovis. Following a quick conversation between the control tower and the military base, the crew onboard Flight 564 were informed that no other traffic was in their vicinity and that “nobody up front knows any idea about that”.

However, in the minutes following this, a mystery voice appears in the conversation. It is possible this is the pilot of the plane that was already on routine patrols in the area. But as is highlighted in the NICAP report on the incident, it is “never clear just what type of aircraft this is”. Or who the mystery person might be. It is clear, however, as the report also notes, that “the individual clearly overheard the recent discussion”.

What is interesting, though, is the response following the control tower informing the individual that the pilot (Tollefson) had witnessed a “large object with a strobe”. To this, this mystery pilot would state:

Ah…the secret stuff!

Whether extraterrestrial or top-secret military, at least some high-ranking people appeared very much in-the-know.

As the commercial airliner continued on its course, the strange object appeared to fall behind them. This caused Tollefson to inform the mystery pilot, as well as another plane that enters the conversation – later identified as Hawk 85 – that they should be able to see them very shortly.

The control tower would inform the Hawk 85 to “be looking off your right side” for anything strange or unidentified. He would inform him of the estimated altitude and that the object was long, cigar-shaped and with a strobe along the side. Perhaps interestingly the pilot responded that he is “…searching for ET”.

While this is most likely a loose jargon term, it is certainly something that many UFO researchers and enthusiasts picked up on. Is it nothing to be concerned about? Or is the use of the phrase “ET” a slip of the tongue?

Whatever the answer to those questions might be, the object would disappear from sight shortly after. Whether it simply became lost in the crowd or whether it vacated the area at speed is unknown.

As would come to light during the subsequent investigation into the sighting – both official and independent – the actions of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) would come under scrutiny from some corners. And what’s more, those actions would prove to be suspicious at best.

NORAD – First They Did, Then They Didn’t!

There were also several confusing statements from NORAD in the initial aftermath to the incident. For example, on the night in question, the Albuquerque control tower would contact NORAD. They would enquire if they had any further information regarding the strange craft the American Airlines aircraft had reported.

The initial response was that they were indeed tracking an unknown object. And it was in the same region as that reported by the commercial airliner. What’s more, upon communication with NORAD the following day, they would confirm the tracking of the unknown object. And offer that it was stationary to begin with before great bursts of speed around a blistering 1,000 to 1,400 miles per hour, in several stop-start motions.

However, in the weeks and months that would follow the incident, particularly as independent investigations began to take place and the incident became public knowledge, NORAD would, at first, claim the object was nothing but a “small plane”, and then simply deny tracking an anomalous craft altogether.

Ultimately, their public U-turn on tracking the bizarre craft, one that moved in excess of 1,000 miles per hour no less, would make more people suspicious than not that the organization was not being entirely truthful in the public light. Essentially, their complete turn on the events of 25th May would appear to have lent the incident even more credibility than it already had.

No Evidence To Suggest Military Involvement!

One of the leading investigators of the Flight 564 sighting was Walter Webb. He would not only examine the reports and conduct extensive interviews but would also set about filing several Freedom of Information Acts. All in an effort to unveil any out of the ordinary incidents on the night in question.

Ultimately, though, no evidence to suggest any military vehicles – secret or otherwise – were in the vicinity on the evening of 25th May 1995. Nor were there any records or any outside aircraft in the area, meaning that whatever the strange object was, it would appear the military – a NORAD – were as blindsided by the sudden aerial anomaly as the crew of Flight 564. Perhaps this explains the initial, and from their perspective regrettable response in the original communications between themselves and the control tower in Albuquerque. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








With this last point in mind, then, perhaps it is worth examining quickly another incident. One that occurred just off the coast of Florida. In the area better known as the Bermuda Triangle on board the USS Independence in June 1973. While there may or may not be a connection, the fact the incident unfolded only six months before the Braden River incident at a location only a (relative) stone’s throw away, over water, no less, is certainly worth us including it here.

The incident took place in the early hours one morning, at around 1 am. The main witness was an anonymous refueling technician. He was on the ship’s deck when he noticed a “very bright light” coming from underneath the water. According to the witness, this mystery object was gigantic. He would make a comparison to a paperclip held in a hand. With it being the ship and the hand being the strange craft.

He continued to watch the craft it moved out in front of the ship. The light glowing and lighting up the water as it did so. Then, it emerged from the water and into the air. As it did so, the witness and the others who had since come out on deck to watch the extraordinary events were almost blinded by the intensity and brightness of the light.

Then, in a moment, literally a fraction of a second, it was gone. It simply vanished at an unthinkable pace. So large was the object that the witness would describe feeling disorientated and confused by its mere presence.

Check out the video below. It looks at the USS Independence incident a little further. An interesting incident in its own right. And one that might have a connection to the Braden River sighting….NOTE: The above image is CGI.










Perhaps also of interest and worth mentioning here are the sightings involving the USS Tacoma and the USS Welch. These would unfold in the early hours of 17th February off the coast of New Orleans during Mardi Gras season. On this particular morning, at around 4 am, a “strange light” suddenly approached the two ships’ positions out of the west.

The lights, white at first, would change to an amber glow as it moved along the sky. Then, it simply disappeared as though it had gone out. Not only is the changing of the colored glow of these strange aerial objects, seemingly in sympathy with its motion something that is seen in many other UFO reports, the perception that rather than vanishing into the distance the object simply “went out” is one that also comes up more than we might think.

The American South Has A Long History Of Strange Goings-On

Whatever was hovering and “zipping” through the skies over Mississippi, and its southern neighbor, Louisiana, throughout the opening weeks of 1977, multiple people were witness to the events. That something strange was overhead during this time, then, is as good as established fact. What that “something” might have been, however, like many other cases, is a mystery within a mystery.

As are, of course, most of the sightings across the United States and around the world. Very distinct UFO waves and patterns have already been well-established and investigated over the years. One can’t help but feel the more sightings face examination, though, however trivial and pedestrian some of them may be, will exhibit eventual overriding patterns of behavior and ultimately, clues to the UFO and alien question will emerge.

We might take note, for example, that both Mississippi and Louisiana revolve around significant bodies of water. A location detail that surfaces more than most might suspect. Furthermore, both states have a rich history of strange happenings. And even longer histories of legends from the indigenous peoples of the area dating back thousands of years.

In fact, the American South, in general, including other states such as Arkansas and Alabama – which will no doubt be the subjects of future examinations, is full of stories of mysterious goings-on. No doubt, as we move closer to fully understanding these strange aerial crafts and the apparent intelligence behind them, these mysteries will clear somewhat also. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








One of the first sightings of March – which saw a dramatic increase once more in UFO encounters – would unfold on the 1st of the month over the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The main witness, Robert Ostos, an aeronautic official, would report that an “unexplained object of metallic appearance” hovered over the region for around five minutes at an altitude of around 15,000 feet. It would then speed off at breakneck speed toward the south.

Ostos would report the incident himself to the El National newspaper. However, when the publication contacted Mexican authorities for follow-up information on the investigation they were met with silence on the matter.

On the same date in the United States in Knoxville, Tennessee, despite there being some division as to the authenticity of the account, radar equipment would pick up several strange objects in the region at an estimated altitude of 40,000 feet. Checks with airports and authorities would confirm that no other planes were in the region at the time.

The following day, in the morning at approximately 11 am, and once more at 10 pm, as well as on the afternoon of the 3rd March, radar equipment would again pick these strange anomalies. What’s more, on these repeat sightings, the objects had increased their altitude to 80,000 feet and were traveling at around 200 miles per hour.

The US Air Force would put the radar reading down to faulty equipment or possibly due to a nearby atomic plant. With this last point in mind, the atomic plant very well may have been the point of interest of these strange visitors.

Whatever the cause of the strange sightings over Knoxville, several hours later, similar incidents were unfolding over Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan.

The Selfridge Air Force Base Incident

Although the witness would remain anonymous, a serving member of the United States Air Force stationed at Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan would have several strange sightings beginning a little after 11 pm on the evening of 3rd March.

The officer in question was on his way from the Officer’s Club toward the main gate of the facility when he noticed a strange object descending directly over the Post Exchange building. At an altitude of around 5,000 feet, the object stopped its descent and hovered for approximately 60 seconds before moving off toward the west. It would eventually disappear into the distance out of his sight. From his first noticing the object to the point it vanished, four minutes had passed.

The officer would also offer that the “great speed in the lateral plane” and its “rapid change in direction” distinguished it from both conventional aircraft and other “heavenly bodies”.

Five days later, the witness experienced a similar incident. While on radar duty during interceptor exercises, another strange object appeared on the radar screen. This time, it appeared to be around 20,000 feet above the F-80 jets that the witness was overseeing.

When the radar data was later analyzed, it was estimated the object was moving anywhere from 420 miles per hour its slower speeds to in the region of 2,500 miles per hour at its higher speeds. Military investigations into the incident would suggest an aerial anomaly had caused the radar reading.

The Houston Village Theater Sighting

A sighting on the 5th March in Houston was witnessed by a bus driver and a family who were passengers on his bus after visiting the Village Theater in the city. Despite the increasing number of sightings and reports being made all around the United States and the newspaper coverage that these incidents were receiving, the witnesses were hesitant to make a report at first, fearing ridicule if they should do so.

However, ultimately, they would come forward and volunteer what they had seen. As the driver put the vehicle in motion on the evening in question after picking up the family near the Village Theater, he would spot the strange “glowing auto tire” hovering over the top of the Meilie Experson Building.

As the strange object moved in a bizarre “left-right” motion overhead, the driver also noticed that it appeared to have a tail similar to a kite. The family on the bus would corroborate the driver’s statements, with one of the children, a 10-year-old girl, claiming it was “better than the movie” they had just seen.

Strangely, in the days following the report of the sighting, the bus driver would claim to receive a visit from a Mr. Crawford, who claimed to be a “government agent”. What’s more, he was keen to discuss the bus driver’s recent sighting in more detail.

During the month of March, UFO sightings were literally a daily occurrence, with most days being witness to multiple sightings. An incident on 8th March across the Texas border in Mexico, however, would stand out more than most.

The “Midget Pilot” Incident, Mexico City, Mexico

According to a report in the 9th March edition of the Washington Herald, a “chemicals and explosives expert” witnessed the ruins of an “ultra-streamlined flying saucer” in the mountains on the outskirts of Mexico City the previous day. Furthermore, whether through invitation or not, “top US officials” had visited the site and explored the wreckage.

The witness, Robert Dimmick, who was in the area on business for his employers the Apache Powder Co., claimed to have seen a part of the wreckage up-close – a “sheet of metal” that appeared similar to aluminum but was “much harder”.

Furthermore, and using the information given to him by associate businessmen in the region, a small occupant pilot was also discovered in the wreckage. The body, according to Dimmick, was now “embalmed for scientific study”.

The account is another that divides opinion within the UFO community. It is perhaps worth remembering what we mentioned in the opening. That many newspaper articles, seemingly with information being discreetly fed by the Air Force, were creating a layer of disinformation among the UFO accounts of the era. Almost as if they had prior knowledge of the wave that was upcoming. Was this account one of those or a genuine incident?

UFO Chase Over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Whether the account of Robert Dimmick is genuine or not, back in the United States, at approximately the same time, another UFO encounter was unfolding. At a little after 10 am over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

As the Trans-World Airlines plane made its way through the Ohio skies, the Civil Aviation Authority would receive a report from its captain. According to the communication, a “gleaming UFO was visible” from their position. The anomaly was simply hovering over their position. Furthermore, the CAA would receive around 20 separate calls referring to the strange objects hovering overhead.

Even more crucial, multiple witnesses would view the object from the ground, including those at the air force base and the Technical Intelligence Center. Radar operators would further pick up the object as F-51 fighter jets were preparing to scramble on intercept missions. As they left the runway, radar operators would advise them of where their target was.

It appeared to be at high altitude – at least 15,000 feet – but the jets had the strange craft within their sights. Then, however, a bank of clouds rolled over and obscured their view. By the time they refocused, the object had vanished.

They would spread out and head into the clouds. However, it would soon become apparent that they were much thicker than they expected. Furthermore, their instruments and equipment icing up at an incredible rate. Their radars, though, claimed they were almost on top of their target. However, with the cloud continuing to thicken the pursuit was abandoned.

Multiple Sightings Everyday, All Times Of Day And Night

As the end of March neared, UFO activity was going into overdrive. And not just in the United States. Mexico, for example, at least according to some of the newspaper reports of the time, was experiencing “fantastic phenomena” with visits from “silvery balls”, “luminous discs”, and “strange objects”.

Furthermore, whether in the North American continent, South America, Europe, or wherever such reports were coming from during this time, the vast majority were seemingly of “saucer” or “disc” shaped crafts, usually a glistening silver in color.

Night sightings were usually accompanied by strange glowing lights, usually red, white, or green. And while these strange crafts certainly appeared to have the capabilities to pick up great speeds, many of these sightings in the opening months of the 1950s featured prolonged periods of calm flight or even hovering in one spot for several minutes. Almost as if some kind of surveillance was taking place as part of a global reconnaissance mission.

One particular incident from the end of March that stands out took place on the evening of 20th March over Stuttgart in Arkansas. At just before 9:30 pm, Chicago and Southern Airlines pilots, Captain Jack Adams and First Officer Gary Anderson were flying a DC-34 over the region when they witnessed a disc-shaped object approaching their location.

The pilots would estimate the object to be approximately 100 feet across with a light on the top in the middle which would blink or flash. On the underside were several evenly spaced and perfectly symmetrical ovals from which a “soft purple light” leaked out. After approximately 30 seconds, the object vanished as fast as it had arrived.

While the vast majority of sightings were still very much in the United States and the North American continent as the second quarter of 1950 began, there was a distinct increase in sightings coming from all other areas of the world. Reports were coming from everywhere, from Australia and Japan, the Far East, Africa, and all over Europe. NOTE: The top image is CGI.








On the 8th February, multiple reports would come of a “flying cone” over the San Francisco Bay Area in California. On the same day in Tampa, Florida, the crew of a B-29 bomber would witness a rocket-shaped craft seemingly moving at close to 2,000 miles per hour. Three days later, back in California in Pacific Grove, a silver disc was observed hovering in the sky just before sunset.

On the 14th February in Waco, Texas, two local residents would observe “a pair of green UFOs” speeding through the sky above, similar to “two dimly glowing little moons”. Furthermore, the edges were much brighter than the middle, leading the witness to believe they were spinning or rotating.

The following day in Sandia, New Mexico, a similar object was spotted in the late afternoon at around 3:30 pm. They were visible for several minutes and had the appearance of a “marble” in the sky. The object, while glowing green would occasionally turn a reddish color. It would eventually disappear without making a sound.

Pilot, Richard Lemmon was flying toward Du Quoin in Illinois early on the morning of the 27th February along with his wife when, at around 7 am, he noticed a strange object in the air above them. He would climb to the object’s level, coming to within half a mile of it. He would later describe it as disc-shaped with a “high metallic shine”.

A Surge Of Activity In New Mexico, Late-February

Beginning on the afternoon of 24th February and lasting for several days, a surge of UFO activity appeared to take place over various bases and locations around New Mexico.

At just before 2 pm on the 24th February, Weather Observer, Luther McDonald was tracking a weather balloon in a field near Municipal Airport when he noticed round object similar to an “elongated egg” with a slight darkening on the top-left side. Unfortunately, McDonald would take his eye off the strange object for a second while he went to locate the weather balloon. When he returned his focus to where the object was only moments before, it had disappeared.

Later that same day, at around 7:30 pm in the evening, at Holloman Air Force Base, several Photographic Branch Project Staff, whose duty it was to track and photograph strange aerial phenomena, would witness and indeed capture a picture of a “circular luminous object” as it hovered overhead.

Several hours later, at 2:30 am in the early hours of the 25th February, a “white round object” appeared in the sky overhead and remained there for around 4 hours. It would finally move of its own accord and head toward nearby mountains, changing color from red to green as it did so.

Later that afternoon, at just before 4 pm at the Atomic Energy Security Service in Los Alamos, 12 different members of the group witnessed silver, flashing, cylindrical object overhead. It would “fly slow, then fast, flutter and oscillate, (and then) change course”.

on the evening of 18th February in Copenhagen, Denmark, at around 8:30 pm, farmer, Christian Sandersen, and his wife would see two “flying saucers” moving at great speed over their land. What’s more, while one of the bizarre futuristic crafts hovered over the farmland, the other would seemingly explode and “disintegrate into thousands of brightly glowing sparks”.

The following morning, at around 7:20 am on 19th February, 11 witnesses would see a “bullet-shaped object” near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

A similar report would come from Durban in South Africa in the early hours of the 21st February. At just before 5 am three road users and several other witnesses in the vicinity, would report seeing a “dark, red torpedo-shaped object” moving overhead.

Perhaps one of the strangest reports during this time comes from Captain Arturo Prat Base in Antarctica on 23rd February. Not only was a strange aerial object observed overhead and hovering near the ice, but animals at the facility would become suddenly anxious at the object’s presence.

On the evening of the 25th February in Paso Hondo, Mexico, an anonymous male witness would report “several cone-shaped objects” overhead. Similar reports at roughly the same time would come from Spain, France, and Italy.

They would also continue much further afield. For example, several “flying discs” were reported in Ethiopia, while a single silver disc was witnessed over Morocco, and over Heliopolis in Egypt. Similar objects would be seen over Cyprus, Turkey, Brazil, and Chile. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





Thanks to Marcus Lowth and




I was on vacation in 2014 in Beach Haven NJ. I was sitting on the deck of our rental house on Ocean Blvd. There were a few of the regular things far out into the ocean ( Container Ships waiting for the ports, etc ) but they were miles out. It was a perfectly clear night with about a 1/4 moon. As I was looking south, I saw something(s) in the water.not far offshore, what seemed to be maybe less than a mile. It seemed to get closer and I could see some very dim lights. ( I was thinking, where the hell did that fishing boat come from, since my view of the beach goes on for miles ). Fairly soon, it began to get closer and I’m still thinking it was a fishing boat.. Next thing I know, I had to rub my eyes because it looked like the “Fishing Boat) was above the water. well, the object(s) kept getting closer (Traveling from the South east to the North and North East, and I could see that they were in “The Air” so now I’m thinking crazy para-gliders that we see all day are flying at night.. But soon enough I notice that whatever they are, are giant. I took out my phone because I could not believe my eyes and I tried to record. But I could see after a few seconds that the video would be very dark. I switched to the camera option and started to take pictures. ( Note, this was high tech at the time, but still a crappy I-Phone 4. Maybe I should have put on the flash, but I was too awestruck watching to figure it out. As the objects got closer, I could clearly see 2 distinct objects. One object went directly over our house in a NW heading while the 2nd Object headed almost directly North along the beach, still maybe a hundred yards off shore. I’m fairly good at judging size, and these things were probably as big as a commercial airplane each one had what looked to be 3 rows of lights running from front to back on the underside. and they were completely silent ! They proceeded to head NE and N until I could no longer see them over the house, at which time I ran down to Ocean Blvd where I could see them seemingly speed up until they were out of sight. The next day I bought all of the local newspapers hoping someone else had seen them. Nothing. But Like I said, It was probably 2-3 in the morning. At the time, I figured I would not act like a freeaking crazy person and alert the media because my only evidence was crap pictures from an I-Phone 4. I talked about it to my friends and family, as a a freaking crazy siting and mostly forgot about it except when stories of “LBI” as we call it come up. The reason I am contacting “You” is because I recently found that phone in my junk drawer and remembered the video was on that phone. I figured I could try to use “some Program” to enhance the video, but that is not my specialty. I would gladly send the phone to you with the unedited pictures and video and maybe you can do something with it. I would really like to know if what I was, are actual UFO’s or just some damn man made thing I never heard of. Note, I’m a bit of an air craft enthusiast and I have never seen anything like this.

This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer Assistant State Director.









On Tuesday, April 25, 2001, a very strange object is reported by civilians and law enforcement officers in the evening skies near Waynesville, Ohio in Warren County.

From their residence near the 4600 Block of Wilkerson Road, a husband and wife are the first to report a circular lighted object hovering silently in the sky to the south of their location.

The big light of the UFO, pulsating or changing in both color and brightness, was said to be encased within a structure that resembled gridwork or cabling.

The couple advised the Lebanon City Police Department of the object around 10:15 p.m. and the Warren County Communications Center dispatched a Waynesville police officer to the location.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Waynesville officer confirmed the unidentifiable nature of the object and also reported that a second UFO was also in the area.


Unit #2W30: I have NO IDEA, and you wouldn’t believe it if you came out and saw it! There’s two of them, just sitting stationary and blinking, I mean about five different colors, right here on Wilkerson, just off of South Main Street…

FEMALE OFFICER: This is 480-16

Unit #2W30: I’m not kidding! Go ahead.

FEMALE OFFICER: Okay, we’re on the backside of that, here in the lot because I couldn’t stand it no more. Where is it at, is it in the air?

Unit #2W30: In the air! Okay? He’s got the owner of the house has some binoculars and we’re looking at these things and uh, it’s just I don’t know what they are!

They’re high up, they look like uh, they’re up there but with our binoculars though, the ones he’s got here, you can see them pretty clearly. There’s probably five different colors, there’s two of them and they’ve stayed in the exact same spot the whole time.

They’re not stars, I can tell you that.

As other officers respond to the location and continue to view the abnormalities, dispatchers at the Warren County Communications Center telephone a base operator at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton/Fairborne, Ohio and also places a call to Airborne Express at the Wilmington Airport in Clinton County, Ohio.

Both flight control facilities deny any knowledge of or responsibility for air traffic in the Waynesville, Ohio vicinity during the incident.

While the Waynesville police officers view the object from Wilkerson Road looking south, a police dispatcher also observes the same object from her position at the Warren County Communications Center in Lebanon, Ohio, looking north toward Waynesville. From review of the police tapes, it can be estimated that the primary object may have been in a general location between Waynesville and Lebanon near the intersections of Pekin Road and Route 42.

An officer with the Caesar’s Creek State Police also notes the UFO from his location to the east of Waynesville. A third UFO is sighted in the area during the event, and the police witnesses repeatedly affirm a cogent distinction between the suspected UFOs and routine stars and airplanes. The objects move off by receding further into the distance as other officers from the Ohio State Patrol arrive on the scene.

Dispatchers at the Ohio State Patrol and the Warren County Communications Center express frustration at having to handle this situation and their inability to address the reports and eyewitness confirmation from their officers.

The next evening, Wednesday, April 25, UFOs are again reported in the same area at 9:48 p.m., viewed from Wilkerson Road and also by officers observing from a location near the Waynesville Airport. Disturbingly, another unusual object is seen in the area seven hours later and reportedly pursues a motorist near Genntown, Ohio (about 5-miles from Waynesville).

A female complainant advises the Ohio State Patrol of her ‘extreme concern’ regarding a triangular object with “super bright lights” that pursued her automobile while traveling on Route 122 at 5:00 a.m., April 26.

These and other details were acquired from eyewitness interviews, analysis of various police reports and evaluation of police tapes acquired through the Warren County Director of Emergency Services. Additional data was gathered through field investigation conducted on April 27th and April 28th.

Consideration has been given to the possibility that this situation was engendered by a misperception of routine stars and planets by both civilians and police officers on both evenings. This theory was first advanced by Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center, who was advised of the incident by the Ohio State Patrol while the sighting was in progress.

The star ‘Sirius’ was identified by Davenport as a likely candidate for misperception, but after sober review of the police tapes acquired from the Warren County Department of Emergency Services, this attempt at explanation is not looked upon favorably. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









Keith Rylance told us that he had gone to sleep in the caravan bedroom at about 9.30 pm. Petra retired to her bedroom in the caravan annex. Amy stayed on a couch watching TV in the caravan annex “lounge room”. Each of these locations were in close proximity, separated by a window and wall respectively from the lounge room.

Petra’s room had a door leading to the lounge room, which was left ajar. The door to the bedroom, where Keith was, apparently was open to the lounge room. Amy apparently fell asleep on the couch. A storm was in the area.

Around 11.15 pm, Petra was reportedly woken up and when she entered the adjacent lounge was confronted by an extraordinary sight, that allegedly quickly overwhelmed her. A rectangular beam of light was being projected through the open window of the caravan lounge room.

This light beam appeared to be truncated at the end. Inside the beam Petra claims to have seen Amy in a sleep prone position, being carried out head first through the window. Underneath her, also within the beam were the items that had been on the coffee table adjacent to the couch Amy had been on. Before apparently fainting in shock Petra saw that the beam was coming from a disc shaped UFO hovering just above the ground a short distance away, near a tree at the rear of the clear section, immediately behind the annex caravan house.

Petra reports she believes she was only in a faint for a very short period of time. Regaining consciousness, she began screaming. Keith reports that he was awoken by the commotion coming from Petra. As he came from the caravan bedroom and stepped down into the lounge room annex Keith claims he was confronted by the sight of a highly agitated Petra and the contents of the coffee table on the floor in front of the window.

He told us that he soon realised that the window screen was torn in both a vertical fashion and along the bottom of the window frame. Keith indicated that initially he couldn’t get any sense out of Petra who was crying and very agitated, so he rushed outside trying to locate Amy.

She was reportedly nowhere to be found. Keith states when he started to be less agitated himself he was eventually able to get from Petra an idea of what happened. Keith claims he initially refused to believe what Petra was telling him. He said he rushed outside again trying to find his wife.

Eventually as the situation became clearer, Keith indicates he decided to call the police.

Keith call the Tiaro police around 11.40 pm reporting that his wife had been abducted and imploring that the police should come out. The manning status at that time meant there were some delays in the police coming out, but about hour and a half after the initial call Senior Constable Robert Maragna from Tiaro and an officer from Maryborough arrived at the site.

Initially police thought they might have been walking into a situation involving foul play, even perhaps a murder scene, but then the bizarre circumstances of the alleged events came into focus.

The two people, Keith and Petra, at the Gundiah property were claiming that Amy Rylance had been abducted by a “spaceship”! The officers were struggling to keep an open mind.

They were joined later by Sgt. John Bosnjak, the officer in charge of the Tiaro police. He had been asleep when the police called him to assist in the investigation. The three officers continued their investigations at the site. They confirmed that Keith Rylance and Petra Heller appeared to be in an agitated state and that there was no sign of Amy Rylance. The torn screen was examined.

A flowering bush, commonly known as “yesterday, today, tomorrow” was located immediately outside the left side of window, had indications of possibly being affected by heat or another mechanism along its right side. Oddly another flowering bush, a hibiscus, located immediately on the right hand side of the window area was not affected in the same way. The police took samples for possible later testing.

UFO Depiction

While the police were at the property, a phone call came through, which was taken by Keith Rylance. A woman was calling from Mackay indicating that she had taken a somewhat distressed and apparently dehydrated young woman from a BP petrol service station on the northern outskirts of central Queensland city of Mackay, some 790 kilometres to the north of the Gundiah – Tiaro area.

The young woman turned out to be Amy Rylance, and the female caller was ringing to advise that Amy was apparently all right and was at the Mackay hospital, where she had been examined by a doctor. Keith handed the phone to Snr. Constable Marangna.

Given these extraordinary circumstances Mackay police were called in, making a total of three police stations involved in the investigation -Tiaro, on outskirts of central Qeensland, Maryborough on the coast and Mackay, some 790 kilometres to the north of the Gundiah – Tiaro area.

A statement was notarised by the Mackay police with a Justice Act acknowledgement, that required Amy to acknowledge that she had stated was true to the best of her knowledge and belief, and that if it is admitted as evidence, that she may be liable to prosecution if she had indicated anything in it that she knew was false.

This statement indicated that she last only recollected lying on the couch at the Gundiah property. She had no recollection of the events that Petra described, but claimed she then next remembered waking up lying on a bench in a strange rectangular room. llumination came from the walls and the ceiling. She was alone.

She indicated she called out and heard what seemed to be a male voice, asking her to be calm and that everything would be alright and that she would not be harmed. Soon an opening appeared in the wall and “a guy” about 6 feet tall walked into the room.

The man appeared to be slender in build but in perfect proportion, covered head to foot in a full body suit. He had what seemed to be a black covering mask on his face, with a hole for his eyes, nose and mouth. He repeated his calming assurances.

Amy felt she had been there a while.

The guy told her they were returning her to a place not far from where they took her from, because the lights were wrong at the property and it wasn’t safe. She then indicates she found herself lying on the bed and falling asleep.

The next thing she recollects is that she woke up on the ground with trees around her. She felt disorientated, could smell the ocean, and indicated she was not sure how long she tumbled through bushland, but seemingly it was for a long time, but she felt she wasn’t making much progress.

She then came out onto a road that looked like a highway and saw a light from a petrol station. She walked into the station, where staff seeing her state, tried to offer some assistance.

She accepted some water, as she felt somewhat dehydrated. Initially she was not able to answer identifying questions, and didn’t know where she was.

She was also asked if she had been drinking or was on drugs, to which she said no. Amy indicated she felt tired, sore, drained and lethargic. She asked a woman at the service station to take her to the hospital, as she didn’t know of where else to go. The woman and her friend took Amy to the hospital.

Later Amy spoke with two police officers and also spoke with her husband Keith from the hospital. She then went to Mackay police station where she gave the statement of events. Amy also indicated that this sort of thing had never happened to her before, but when she was in 5th year school she had seen a large UFO surrounded by smaller objects.

The police arranged to put Amy in a motel pending the arrival of her husband. He and Petra arrived during the day and indicated they spent considerable time with Amy discussing what happen. Extensive notes were apparently made and photographs were taken of a triangular arrangement of marks on her inner right thigh, marks on each heel and the growing out of her hair which she had dyed earlier in the week.

Her hair had apparently started to show her former colour, suggestive that some considerable time had passed for her, apparently indicative of rather more than a few hours. Body hair had allegedly also become somewhat more pronounced that would otherwise would be apparent for the short time involved.

Via an Newsagent’s a copy of the Australian Ufologist magazine was purchased, Keith, Petra and Amy started to learn more about UFOs. Keith Rylance contacted the Australian UFO Research Network office number mentioned in the magazine. Diane Harrison took the call Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 15:20 p.m and for the next hour or so listened to the story that Keith and Amy told. Petra was apparently sleeping at the time.

Given the nature of the story, its complexity and the fact it apparently featured the alleged use of “solid light”, Diane decide to bring Bill Chalker into the investigation, making contact with him during the evening of Friday, October 5th.

Paradoxically Bill was scheduled to talk at a Brisbane UFO conference on October 13th, and his topics included “solid light” cases and the application of science to alien abduction cases. Bill put a call through to them at the motel, securing permission to record the conversation.

Once again Petra was not available to talk about her part in the alleged events. Keith Rylance went into considerable detail about the events, referring often to the notes they had apparently been compiling during the day. The details described covered the events Petra had witnessed, what Keith had experienced, and what Amy told them had happened to her during her experience.

Finally Bill spoke with Amy, focusing mainly on the events before and after the claimed onboard experiences, because Keith had already gone into considerable detail about the latter.

Bill discussed with Amy her general responses and her physical state and her current state of thought on her experiences. Keith Rylance seemed to want to control how both media and investigators would get involved. His desire to contact the media promptly drew from both Diane and Bill the suggestion that he should think very carefully about the possible ramifications of doing so. Keith seemed to feel that it was important to get the story out, as it would come out anyway and this way he could control the way it did.

He was also trying to restrict the way the investigators could or should look into their experience. He claimed they didn’t need to proof the experience. While he didn’t directly witness the experiences he believed both Amy and Petra.

Given the possible nature of the event, and that irrespective of the ultimate resolution of the affair, it seemed destined to be a big story, Diane and Bill decided to undertake an investigation. They had been given an indication from Keith Rylance that the three would wait for the investigators to come to Mackay.

The claimants were in no apparent hurry to return to Gundiah. They gave permission for Bill and Diane to visit the property on the way. Bill arrived in the Brisbane area on Tuesday afternoon, October 9th.

Diane and Bill then travelled to Gundiah, arriving at the Whispering Winds winery property, just after 10 pm. Because of the lateness of the hour, we got the witnesses permission to stay there overnight and to conduct whatever investigation we needed to do.

Keith had arranged for a neighbour to regularly check on the two pets left behind, namely a parrot and a kelpie dog. He indicated to us that it would be okay to let the dog off for a run, but warned us it was very friendly but inclined to jump all over people. We let the dog off at some point and observed its behaviour. At one point it did jump up on the window where the damaged screen was located. This gave some support to the possibility that at least some, if not all of the damage, could have been caused by the dog.

Some of the damage on closer inspection seemed suggestive of possible dog damage. Our inspection of the plant damage also suggested possible prosaic causes, such as heat stress. A plant at the front of the house had similar damage and a healthy flowering bush of the same species that was at the window, was examined by us at Mount Basset lawn cemetery has similar damaged.

A gardener there we spoke to indicated that the species often had random or more extensive damage of a heat stress nature from hot sunlight. The prosaic possibilities for both the screen and the plant damage are only suggestive at this point and further investigation is required. We undertook extensive investigations at the property and the area. Police were very helpful.

Our investigation generated many issues and questions, which we feel need resolution, in order to assist interpretations of these events. Further extensive investigations were undertaken in Mackay, focusing in particular at the area where Amy Rylance returned.

These included attempts to reconstruct the circumstances of Amy’s return, through onsite research. The BP petrol service station staff were spoken with and a surveillance video tape that may contain Amy’s visit there was provided to us by the station owner.

This part of our investigation also generated many issues and questions that need resolution if we are to approach any measure of certainty about the real nature of the events alleged.

UFO Depiction

Keith Rylance indicated to us he would be available to us when we got to Mackay, but it was made clear to us early on the first day of our investigations there that this wasn’t probably going to be the case.

When we contacted the motel where they had been the night before, their third motel in Mackay, we learned they had apparently already checked out that morning.

We left messages on their phone but didn’t hear from Keith until early on the afternoon of our second day, as we were leaving Mackay. In his mobile call, Keith apologised for not being available, but was indicating they had relocated to an unspecified location after having fled the area.

The primary reason for this Keith indicated was that they claimed they had a kind of “men-in-black” experience. In this case Keith was reporting a pursuit of their vehicle by a high powered dark brown 4 wheel truck. The nature of this event apparently frightened Keith, Amy and Petra, prompting Keith to attempt to loose the vehicle and eventually leave the area.

Before the completion of this preliminary report (14th October) we have heard from Keith again. We remain hopeful that they will get into more direct contact with us.

This affair is both extraordinary and controversial. Many have rushed to judgement, but given it’s complex and evolving dynamics, caution and patience is necessary. We have many issues and questions we would like to try to resolve.

Further contact with the Rylances and Petra Heller may help this process.

The case is far from closed and requires an objective, open-minded investigation. Only time will give us the possibility of resolution and certainty about this intriguing but controversial affair.

Regards, Diane Harrison National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network Australian Skywatch Director NOTE: The above image is CGI.