How embarrassing it must surely be for high ranking US officials involved in this ridiculous 60+ year cover-up of UFOs every time some group foreign military personnel, not involved in the great lie, roll out their videos, their radar, their eye-witnesses for all the world to see. These guys must be perpetually washing egg off their faces! They must be scrambling right now to figure out some way to quash this latest material out of Mexico! Would that this were true. Unfortunately… it’s not. Far from it. They aren’t nervous. They have it all wrapped up nice n’ tidy. They aren’t like the Mayor in “Jaws” whose bottom line is making a buck, and despite reports and evidence galore of a killer shark, demands the beach remain open for Labor Day, only to have several vacationers swallowed whole, in the end proving the police Chief was right. No, the Government Disinformation and Cover-up people know they’re sitting pretty and have almost everything working in their favor. We’re all Mulder’s People, and they know it. Oh, sure, they can tell us its all nonsense, patting our heads. But we’ve seen. We know better. NASA blacks out its video transmissions from public view, but that doesn’t stop skilled skullduggers of the airwaves from plucking the footage out of the stratosphere and distributing copies. Oh, we’ve seen the so-called ‘ice crystals’ bouncing off the windows. Uh-huh. We’ve also seen shuttle camera operators frantically trying to keep UFOs out of live shots, even hearing their exasperation. We’ve heard ground control shutting up the astronauts when they mention the visitors.

We’ve seen live broadcasts go black when UFOs enter the picture. We’ve got the testimony of more than four astronauts that they have seen spacecraft not of this earth, including several Cosmonauts who likewise have seen, up close, alien vessels in earth’s orbit and one who never made it back alive after his report. They didn’t see swamp gas or a temperature inversions out there in the cold black of space. Not a flock of geese or a stray weather balloon. But they still expect us to swallow the line that these things simply do not exist. Sorry, Mr. Government Cover-up Official, we’re just not that stupid. There are more of us than there are of you, and we’re all watching, video-taping, researching, protesting, and plugging in that FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) whenever you try to add another load of dirt on the premature grave of the UFO phenomena. You can’t keep up with us. We not only out number you, we out smart you in every way. Most of you have barely any training in what you are doing. You’re just told to obfuscate, silence and deny. We’ve been in training most of our lives, some of us; either as experiencers or simply by devotion to the issue. Here’s how they figure it… there are enough lame dolts out there who will routinely toss a hubcap up in the air and snap a Polaroid of it to keep the issue bloodied by hoaxes. See… it’s all just hoaxing. There’s enough people who think every freeze frame of a bug on their video tape or odd unnoticed reflection in their vacation photos are flying saucers. See… it’s all mistaken identity. There’s enough peculiar atmospheric conditions and tectonic earth lights seen yearly and reported as UFOs. See…it’s all just natural phenomena.

 There’s enough of the public which has been trained, rewarded and pacified who will smirk, sneer, giggle or patronize the UFO eye-witness to squelch it. See… only crazy people see flying saucers. Falling Space Debris, Lens Flare, Satellites,Crazy People Mr. Government Disinfo-man and Mr. Government Cover-up Official squeak back comfortably in their desk chairs, propping their feet up, wagging their cigars in gritted green teeth with a loathsome, self-satisfied grin; nothing to worry. All is well. God is in his heaven and all is right with the world; it’s just hubcaps, mother nature and crazy people. Crazy Astronauts, Crazy, Presidents, Crazy Police Officials,.Crazy Military Personnel. It doesn’t matter whose reputation is impugned… it doesn’t matter how many lives are destroyed. UFOs don’t exist. Don’t you know they just love the Roswell anniversary days, with all the silver painted nerds roaming around town, with every national news crew doing its yearly fluff piece, while giant flying saucer puddin’ pies go for sale next to bobble-head replicas of Roswell greys and Metaluna Monster masks adorn the head of most every child. “Beam Me Up!” bumper stickers, UFO religion freaks and actual vials of dirt from the true, one and only landing site (of which there are roughly six). The Cometa report didn’t phase them. This recent military aircraft footage won’t phase them either. Russian disclosures don’t cause them any fret. Stanton Freedman has yet to be hauled off in a big black towncar by “them” and silenced. Bob Lazar, for what he’s worth, is still gainfully employed. They may have slapped a night stick against a tough palm back in the 40s when paying ‘visits’ to eye witnesses, like the Marcels… but no more. They don’t have to. The Weekly World News says Jesus drives a flying saucer and Elvis is his navigations officer. That’s all they need. NOTE: The above image is CGI