APRIL 2, 2004 ………………..LAMAR COLORADO

Source: NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center)
First let me say I am a police officer in the Metro-Denver area and have been for 26 yrs. My wife and I were at John Martin State Park. There had been a drowning the previous week and portions of the lake were closed off since the Park Rangers had not recovered the body of a 17yr that had drowned. There was alot of government activity at this time from state,federal, and county personnel. The navy had flown in a special sonar to try help locate the body of the victim. The incident that was witnessed by my wife and I took place on a camp ground called Point Overlook. We were in our RV and were the only ones at the campgound excluding a Park Ranger in a vehicle approximately 2miles away. We were approximately 300 hundred feet from the lake and approximately 30 feet above the water on a bluff overlooking the lake, hence the name of the campground. My wife had just retired to the bed and I was in the process of securing the RV as we planned to get up early and go fishing. This a lake with approximately 3500 acres of surface water and a fairly large concrete dam. This lake is approximately 8 miles long and 1 mile wide. We were camped approximatley 4miles from the dam. I first saw a bright light comming from the dam heading west. I initially thought it might be a helo looking for the drowning victim as early in the day the authorities had used an airplane and dive teams. This light came closer it became apparent that it was not a single light but six lights strung together. The first was white with the succeeding lights red blue red blue and amaber at the end. It appeared that the lights were connected by some sort of stucture. I estimate the length of these lights to be 600 feet in length. I yelled at my wife to get up. She did in time to see the lights stop directly perpendicular to our RV. The lights were directly over the lake, altitude approximatley 500ft distance to object was 500ft. The lights stopped and rotated. I was in the process of getting the camera and bicnoculars and wife was w! atching the lights. I did not seet the lights stop and rotate she did. She states that when the craft rotated she could clearly see that it was a craft disk in shape with a dome stucture on top. She also stated that what we thought were lights were windows with lumanting lights from inside the craft. By the time I turned around the craft “winked” out. That is the best description I can give for its rapid disappearance. The whole thing lasted no more than 5-10 seconds for me. I had an opportunity to talk to the Park Ranger that was 2 miles away the next morning and she asked me if I saw anything unusal. I told her and asked her if she saw anything. She said that in the past week they all have seen stange lights in and aroung the lake. She also said that they talk amoung themselves but that supervision frowned on making any offical report.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


I was driving north on the 14 freeway by placerita canyon around 7:30 pm and at first saw a helicopter heading south over the freeway as it passed maybe about another 2 miles I noticed another aircraft heading my way so I thought another helicopter but then I noticed the light was way brighter than the helicopter that just passed I looked at my girlfriend and knowing how sceptical she is i said are you seeing what I’m seeing and she said yeah that’s no helicopter I said I thought so and then it turned blue for about 10 seconds and then purple for about 10 seconds it was about 500 to 600 feet above and about the size of a large van as it passed then turned a bright white again as it headed southeast over the san gabriels at one point when it was blue we saw a outline of a black curvature for a second the lights we’re looking like they we’re cloaking the frame and making it look orbish as it hovered a bit as I watched it pass it practically just glided no noise but then again all I could hear is the freeway I’m sure many other’s saw it and passed it off as a helicopter but there was no way this was any typical aircraft or drone.



On the 2nd, just before dawn, a shrill noise cut the air on Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada and suddenly the little village was rocked by a tremendous explosion. “Sheets of fire” appeared in some homes. The sky glowed red and balls of fire up to three feet across drifted through the village. An electrical surge raced through power lines blowing up television sets and turning wall outlets into blow torches spurting blue flame almost two feet long. The boom had been enormous, rattling homes eight miles away and making people up to 40 miles away turn their heads. Just before this happened, people living in Portugal Cove, across the bay, reported seeing “a bright, glowing straight line” come  out  o f the  sky  “slanted  toward  Bell Island  at  about  a  45-degree  angle.” Miraculously, no one had been killed and there was little damage. The copper wiring in one house was vaporized. A cabin behind the house was left with a hole in either end. A small barn nearby had collapsed outward while chickens lay dead on the floor, bleeding from the eyes and mouth. Two scientists from Los Alamos, New Mexico journeyed to Newfoundland to investigate the Bell Island incident. One of the scientists, Robert Freyman, identified himself as a weapons-design engineer interested in ball lightning. He said he’d been expecting the event as a result of a theory he entertained about weather systems. He couldn’t go into detail but said there had been similar events in New Jersey and South Carolina. When the Bell Island incident occurred, he said, “someone in Washington” asked him to check it out April 1978:  NOTE: The above image is real and from a Richmond Virginia sighting.