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 A Hastings man has sought the opinion of the Observer’s resident UFO expert after capturing an unexplained phenomenon on camera.  Alan Harding visited our Woods House office today (Tuesday, April 21) to ask Malcolm Robinson to look over a series of pictures captured on his camera which appear to show a UFO.  Harding, from Hastings, captured the picture while photographing the moons of Jupiter.  Mr Harding set up his camera outside his Harold Road home to capture the alignment of the moons of Jupiter on the night of the solar eclipse on March 18.  However, when he viewed the images he spotted a bright object which appeared to move around the sky over the space of 12 minutes. “I didn’t notice it until I emphasized the images otherwise I would have stayed up all night,” he said.  After taking the images to several observatories he decided to seek the advice of Mr Robinson.  Although his day job is selling adverts for the Observer series, Mr Robinson is a leading expert on UFOs and has just finished filming for a new Channel 5 documentary.  Speaking about Mr Harding’s images, he said: “My initial thought was that it may be lens flare – due to the nature of the bright planets sometimes there is flare to the left or the right.  “However, the gentleman assures me that it was not that and it certainly doesn’t look like that.  “My second thought was that something has flown into the camera shot like a gull but again, I don’t think it is that.”  Mr Robinson explained the vast majority of images turn out to be easily explained.  Of the remaining five percent, three per cent is military or other advanced technology and one per cent is an new atmospheric phenomenon.  “The one per cent that remains, the fly in the ointment, that is what keeps scientists and ufologists the world over interested in the subject,” he said.  “It is great to have a local man coming up with not just a strange story but some great images.”  Mr Harding said: “I take millions of images, I’m a technological person and I know all the issues you get with lens.  “I have got no explanation for it.”


KENS NOTE:  Digital cameras can see what our eyes cannot see.  I personally receive many lens flair photos every day because people thing they have captured a UFO. Lens flair usually happens when someone takes a photo into or near the sun.  The incoming light bounces off the lens and creates this effect.  This is not the case in many instances though.  Debunkers use this excuse for strange objects in peoples photos.  Not all strange images on a photo is lens flair.  Below is an easy explanation.

Cameras can see many things that the human eye cannot. It doesn’t mean that because this is so, it is automatically paranormal. The word paranormal though at the same time means “above the normal” which is something we have yet to completely understand.  Thermal Imaging Cameras are used to help provide evidence of the paranormal field by detecting energy (heat) which the human eye may not be able to see. Another theory of spirits is that since they may contain energy that they will in return have heat. Cold spots is another theory that suggests that these spirits absorb energy around them to manifest themselves which in turn they create a cold spot.

Infrared Cameras are used in ghost hunting to view spirits that sometimes cannot be seen with the human eye. The theory is that spirits are more easier seen through IR light rather then UV light. Another theory states that spirits move more quickly through our dimension and because of this a high speed object would be easier to film using a high frequency short wave source and that composition of spirits may be more sensitive to reflecting IR light.

Full Spectrum Camera is a device used to pick up visible and near infrared light. This device can pick up non-visible ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. Once the camera is sensitive to the full-spectrum, external filters can be used to selectively filter portions of the UV, visible and infrared to achieve various effects. These cameras are used in Ghost Hunting, photography, archeological findings and even with the police to help find forensic evidence.

Digital Cameras can be a very useful device which is not costly and you get instant satisfaction unlike with a film camera where you must wait to get it developed. Digital cameras have been known to pick up ghosts and spirits which are sometimes not seen with the human eye and sometimes they are. There are many digital cameras to choose from these days at all price ranges.

35mm Film Cameras can be useful in filming spirits since some theories suggest that because this method involves using a chemical process to create the pictures it may provide better results which you may not get by using a digital camera and that using black and white film you may see images that may not show up on the most expensive digital cameras. ..