I was returning home from working at a festival. I live in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. I had been working outside of Chengdu about 25 kilometers south of the city. I was returning home at the time of the sighting. I was riding a three wheeled electric bicycle traveling approx 10 miles per hour. I was traveling north bound. It was approx 9:00 to 9:15pm and the event lasted for approx 20 to 25 minuets. The surrounding area is a heavy traffic road with three lanes going either way, north and south. There is a meridian in between the lanes with foliage as well as foliage on the outer edges of the road. As I was traveling home I noticed four green lights in the sky clumped together like grapes or an upside down cone with a white light to one side of it. If I had to guess or how high it was I would say approx 300 feet, but, I really have no idea on how high, but I knew it was higher than any building, yet, just below the cloud cover since there had been light rain that evening. Because of the height it was too low for an airplane to be flying. The lights caught my attention because they were of an unusual green color and they were not moving. At first I thought it might of been a helicopter but then I noticed a second set of lights to the west of the ones I first saw. The second set of lights had two green lights and a white light. The second craft would have the two green lights on then one would go off and the white light would go on. It did this through out my observations. As I became aware that these were not any kind of aircraft that I am familiar with, I stopped my bike, turned it off and got off it and walk away from it a little to make sure nothing from my bike got in the way of what I was looking at. I kept watching the objects. At first they didn’t move. Then the second object moved about six inches to the south. The second object was further away, I would say approx a mile from where I was standing, where the first object might of been less than a 1/4 mile from me. After the second object moved it started flashing the white light a lot. Then the first object flashed it’s white light and moved southwards very slowly and with out a sound. The second object then moved again and the first object then moved northward almost back to its’ original position. Again there was no sound at all. During this time some people that were riding by, saw that I was staring upward and they stopped to look as well. Some folks in a car stopped, a man took some photos and then sped away, (these were all Chinese citizens).


I only had my cell phone with me and sad to say that the quality of my cell camera is very poor and when I tried to see if I could photograph the objects, they would not even show up on the screen. I stayed to watch the crafts to see what would happen. The second craft started to go downward as if it were landing. The first craft in less than a few seconds caught up to the second craft and was behind it, or so it seemed, and started flashing a lot of multicolored lights. The second craft also started flashing multicolored lights and then both crafts descended as though they were landing. It was at this point that I lost sight of them. I stayed and watched the area for another five minuets to see maybe that they would lift back up but nothing happened. I really think they landed. I will go back tomorrow to the area where I think they went down to see if there is any trace of what happened tonight. In closing, I feel this is important and our government needs to know about this happening here. I will go to the American consulate and report what I have just said here to them and see what happens. My thoughts on this are that what I saw was amazing. I just feel that our government will just blow me off and this will be filed 13. I will write a report tomorrow after my investigation of the area. even if these craft can be explained my concern is that we do not have anything that moves as these crafts did to my knowledge. If the Chinese government has craft that can do the speeds that I witnessed then we need to take notice. Follow up: 26 July 2009. Time of report is now 1:35pm I had returned to the sighting area to see what I could find of my sightings. The weather is very rainy with dark overcast clouds. There are a lot of black government cars traveling all over the area. It seems excessive to me but then i am only guessing. I have seen a couple of gov cars where the occupants were talking to local vendors and people standing around. I am not fluent in Chinese so I do not know what they are talking about, and they seem to stop talking when I approach. I dare not take my camera out to take photos. I do manage to go to a road behind the tree line where I saw the crafts descend and there are many open fields in the area. It is very possible that the crafts could of landed in any of the many fields there. Again I see gov cars ( a Chinese gov car has a white plate with black lettering), around so I do not even attempt to go wandering in any of the fields where I suspect the crafts might of landed. Sorry can not do more at this time, I do not know what the gov is doing here, nor do I know their attitude of these things, if indeed, that is why they are here.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.