Radio Officer’s Amazing Story-Took Photographs of UFO from S. S. Ramsay


“In 1955, stated Mr. Fogl, I was on a Panamanian ship Eagle. Its call sign HOOF. Perhaps some of my colleagues will remember me, especially on the British Guiana Coast. I would like though to go back a little to 1954.

About then I read a book “Flying Saucers Have Landed,” lent me by a fellow radio officer. I became interested in UFOs, but had an idea that it was all a hoax. I soon changed my mind about that!

We had been on the way to Philadelphia from Rotterdam. It was November 25, 1955. At about noon we heard an ear-splitting noise and whistle, followed by a thunderous roar. It all lasted a few seconds. Everything on board shook from vibrations caused by the noise. When we rushed on deck, there was nothing to be seen.

At that time on the bridge were the Master, Chief Officer and 2nd Officer, preparing to take O.R. and noon position. They saw nothing pass over the ship. There was just the roar. Nothing else.

Well, I had left it at that and forgot all about the matter until three days later, the 28th, I recall. It was nearly 5 PM, and time for our tea. I sat in my radio room reading some magazines when the 3rd Officer came in and asked if I would like to see a neat formation of jets. I ran with him to the wheelhouse and then on the bridge.

At first I could see nothing unusual about the “planes”. Then it struck me.

They were not moving! At the same time one “plane” climbed steeply, yet the rest did not change their position. They just hung there. I grabbed my binoculars to have a better look. Sure enough, there, high… very high, were four huge discs. I could hardly believe my own eyes. But they were there all right.

They must have been gigantic. We estimated them to be about 40,000 ft. high, and over 25 miles away from us. But I am not sure.

The sky was clear and, only here and there tiny clouds. The sun was near setting and the horizon red and gold. In the sun’s rays, the objects seemed to give out red vapour trails, but that could have been sun reflection.

The discs were flat and black. They were surrounded by a haze, the same as if heated metal in cold weather will have circulating round it in waves of heat. As I watched the discs something strange happened. One disc completely vanished from my eyes and reappeared in another place.

By that time, the Captain, Chief Officer, 3rd Officer, and I were all very excited. When I finally managed to get the binoculars back, I was just in time to catch final glimpses of the disc.

The moment I got on watch I called S.S. Falcon and asked the radio officer if he had seen anything funny. He said, no-but did I hear an xxx urgency to all ships. In turn I said, no.

The copy of the message: CQ VCJ (Urgency all ships from Valentia Radio)”Following intercepted from Valentia Radio VCJ at 23.42 GMT addressed urgency xxx = Begins = Following received from British ship Franconia GBRQ at 23.30Z Begins = At 23.OO Hrs Z, s.s. Olympic Light/ELGU at about 21.45Hrs, in position 36° .04″N, 31° .55″W – a luminous object rose resembling big shooting star, followed by a luminous tail about 20 times the main body. Appeared 20° above the horizon bearing 8Master -That message was from the previous day, the 27th, said Mr. Fogl.

It was now 1957, when I was this time on the British ship S.S. Ramsay, we were on our way from Vancouver to Port Elizabeth, via Panama.

We had passed San Pedro and the U.S. Navy ships patrolling and having exercises. It was about 2.30 PM, when I was in my cabin doing my laundry. Suddenly the 2nd Officer called me to see a disc!

Without being told twice, I grabbed my Yashica C reflex camera from my wardrobe and dashed on the side of the bridge. Sure enough, there was a queer looking object hovering in the distance. It was suitable for a shot, so I waited. In the meantime, I tried to keep under control my shaking knees and hands, and watched the disc.

It made no noise and was not more than a mile away. It was silver and black. There was no smoke or any gases coming from it. However, under the disc, a red light pulsated.

We thought it tried to signal, so the 2nd Officer grabbed the Aldis and flicked back, but there was no response. At last, the disc came down near enough and I got one shot. Then it turned and I shot again.

The disc was rather thick and had a flat dome. There were no ports. However, there were some black marks, and I wonder if they were not some sort of exhausts. Then we noticed a ladder! Whether it really was a ladder I can’t say. It could be some depression in the craft.

The object moved very slowly and stayed with us for a few minutes. Then it shot with quick acceleration towards a rugged mountain, and the desert coast of sun-baked California.

I would like also to mention that Vancouver Broadcasting Station announced that some strange objects and lights had been seen by hundreds of people. If I am not mistaken this happened in the first days of December.