Let me begin by saying that I am very reluctant to file this report. I had an experience a year and a half ago which I did not disclose until 6 days ago when I filed my first report with MUFON. I spoke to an investigator on Monday, and then I had this terrifying experience on Tuesday. I have not seen anything since my first sighting in 2009. Now, one day after talking to your investigator, I have been visited up close and personal. I am not saying that one led to the other, but it is a very eerie coincidence. I was out on my deck Tuesday night and I noticed a few “flashing stars,” not unlike what I had seen in my first report. It was 9 o’clock. These “stars” were then accompanied by these randomly flashing orbs that were descending to rooftop level. Then I saw a bright red flashing object low to the ground. It was not a plane, and it disappeared after a minute or two. After that, the real chaos began. Around 9:30, I noticed a huge streak of blue/white light flash across the sky, and after that, they were everywhere. Little flashes of what looked like laser beams, but they were coming from all directions and not from one source in the sky. There was a bright hovering orb directly in front of my house, and these little flashes of light were surrounding me. One came within 5 feet of me. They were constant. I was quite scared. I ran inside and called my brother to let him know what was happening, when I heard a helicopter fly over my house so low that I was almost shouting to make myself heard on the phone. I was on the phone for about 10 minutes, and in that time I counted 3 more helicopters and 2 planes fly directly over my house. They must have been very low for me to hear them from inside my home while on the telephone. After I hung up, I went back out on to the deck. At this time, there were planes and helicopters everywhere, but the bright orb in the sky was still above me (about a block or two away and the height of the planes flying at it) but hovering, not flying. The flashes of light were still all around. Some were in the distance, some were high in the sky, some were on the street, and some were in the alley directly in front of me. I began to feel strange. Not ill, but my stomach began to feel very odd. It was uncomfortable.. almost an empty feeling as if I hadn’t eaten in days. At this time I was getting really worried, and the helicopters kept coming. The flashing beam phenomenon was practically happening on my deck, so I quickly came back inside out of fear. I called around and found that some of my neighbors were also aware of the heavy air traffic. One had actually heard all the commotion while in the shower and had gotten dressed and gone outside to see if there was an air raid or something. None had witnessed the lasers or orbs, but these were so low and directly in front of my house… so unless you were in my backyard, they would have been obstructed by other houses and trees. The 10-20 planes in the sky at any given time were visible to everyone though. I am sure that others had to have seen what I witnessed last night. I watched all of this go on for about an hour total. I was home alone, so I was very disturbed, especially since the lights were coming so close to me.

I came back inside and continued to hear planes and helicopters go by one after another until about 11:30. Around that time, I went back outside and saw that the bright orb was moving away from my house toward the farms and fields beyond. I watched it move slowly away, still flashing beams of light in the distance. The planes were still flying by. I went back out at 12:30 and the orb was gone. In it’s place there were two sets of three lights in the shape of triangles, with planes flying at them. By this time, my mind was exhausted, and I just couldn’t comprehend anything else, so I came inside and tried to go to bed. Wednesday morning I found out that my father had also seen strange orbs in the woods by the creek on his property earlier that night, around 8 o’clock. He said they looked like lanterns, but were sporadic and would disappear after a few seconds. I am not sure that they are related, but he lives about 25 minutes from me, and it is very odd that we both saw similar phenomenon on the same night after almost 2 years of not seeing anything else substantial. I am at a loss for words when it comes to describing just how unreal and amazing last night’s events were. There must be someone else out there that witnessed that same thing. It left Northumberland PA and headed toward Danville PA around 11:30-12. Anyone driving Route 11 at that time must have noticed an unusual number of low flying planes if not the orb and flashes themselves.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

This case is from WWW.MUFON.COM case files.