Every student of the history of UFOs knows of the phenomenon seen during WWII and known as foo-fighters, kraut fireballs or a variety of other names. Basically they were balls of light which followed and hovered around `planes of all nationalities both in daylight and after dark.  Foo-fighter research shows the genesis of the modern UFO age and during my research I came across the old chestnut of the dreaded government “cover-ups”.For many ufologists WWII is the time when the cover-up really began and there are intimations in many writers’ books (Keel, Fawcett, Good for example) that both the US and UK governments were involved in separate studies of the foo-fighter phenomenon.These subjects are several articles long in themselves and we won’t go into them here, but for the record so far there is no documentary evidence of a cover-up of WWII UFO sightings, or even much interest on any government’s part.No, what we are trying to get to here are the facts surrounding one particular case of a WWII foo-fighter sighting, the cover-up implications and how ufology has dealt with it. So, as the walls melt and voices become fuzzy, let me take you back, back, back …

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OK, it’s October 14th 1943 and you’re a bomb aimer in a B-17 going in amongst the flak for the final run over the ball-bearing factories at Schweinfurt in Germany, a trouser filling experience which us young folk can’t even begin to imagine, but for this particular bomber wave they had more than flak to contend with.  According to Martin Caidin who wrote Black Thursday(1960) which deals exclusively with the Shweinfurt raid:”During the bomb run of several groups, starting at about the time the Fortresses approached the Initial Point, there occurred one of the most baffling incidents of World War II, and an enigma that to this day defies all explanation.”  “As the bombers of the 384th Group swung into the final bomb run after passing the Initial Point, the fighter attacks fell off. This point is vital, and pilots were queried extensively, as were other crew members, as to the position at that time of the German fighter planes. Every man interrogated was firm in his statement that “at the time there were no enemy aircraft above.””At this moment the pilots and top turret gunners, as well as several crewmen in the Plexiglas noses of the bombers, reported a cluster of discs in the path of the 384th’s formation and closing with the bombers. The startled exclamations focused attention on the phenomenon and the crews talked back and forth, discussing and confirming the astonishing sight before them.””The discs in the cluster were agreed upon as being silver colored, about one inch thick and three inches in diameter. They were easily seen by the B-17 crewmen, gliding down slowly in a very uniform cluster.”  “And then the `impossible’ happened. B-17 Number 026 closed rapidly with a number of discs; the pilot attempted to evade an imminent collision with the objects, but was unsuccessful in his maneuver. He reported at the intelligence debriefing that his right wing “went directly through a cluster with absolutely no effect on engines or plane surface.”  “The intelligence officers pressed their questioning, and the pilot stated further that one of the discs was heard to strike the tail assembly of his B-17, but that neither he nor any member of the crew heard or witnessed an explosion.”  “He further explained that about twenty feet from the discs the pilots sighted a mass of black debris of varying sizes of clusters of three by four feet.”  “The SECRET report added: `Also observed two other A/C flying through silver discs with no apparent damage. Observed discs and debris two other times but could not determine where it came from.'”  “No further information on this baffling incident has been uncovered, with the exception that such discs were observed by pilots and crew on missions prior to, and after, Mission 115 of October 14, 1943.”  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

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