The (Official) Beginning Of The 1967 Wave

As well as the cases we have already highlighted above, UFO activity, already increasing overall, would suddenly explode in 1967. And would do so right from the start of the calendar year.

For example,  on 9th January in Malta, Montana, after their dog’s excited barking alerted them to something out of the ordinary taking place, an entire family would witness a “large rectangular object”, which glowed red along the bottom and amber along the top, flying low to the ground near their home. Despite how low it was, no sound came from the glowing craft. It would eventually land in a nearby field. It remained there for around an hour, glowing red. Then, without warning, it would shoot directly up into the air at breathtaking speed.

Just short of two weeks later in Methuen, Massachusetts, three teenage girls were driving alongside a field when a “string of nine or ten bright red lights”, themselves part of a solid object, moved over the field. The girls pulled the car to the side of the road to watch the lights. When they attempted to start the vehicle again, however, it stalled. The headlights and the radio were also dead. The object would suddenly leap into the blackness of the sky and vanish. The car would start shortly after.

A Wave Of Sightings Across The World

Of course, sightings of strange craft were seemingly taking place across the planet.

On the 11th January, for example, a “white ball” or oval-shaped craft was reported to be hovering relatively low to the ground. Although the details on the report are vague, it also appears that some form of paralysis of the witness took place.

Several nights later at around 10 pm over Lake Ontario in Canada on the 20th January, a pilot and his three passengers would witness a “round, glowing white object”, approximately the size of “a large apartment building” in the skies above them. They would further claim that a “ring of red lights” ran around it, blinking and flashing. The pilot would immediately turn back to the airfield and cancel the planned flight.

Just short of a week later on the 26th January in Heidelberg in Germany another sighting would unfold. At around 8:30 pm, the unnamed witness would suddenly hear a “pulsating sound”. When they looked up to locate the source of the strange noise, they could see a “shiny, metallic, elliptical-shaped object” hovering overhead. The witness would watch for several minutes until the sound of military jets approaching came. Then, the object took off at great speed.

On the 3rd February just outside of Lima in Peru, came another sighting from an airline pilot, this time of a DC-4 passenger plane traveling from Chiclayo to Lima. The pilot would witness a “very luminous object” in the distance which he at first took to be a star. However, the way it moved and the fact that it was it approaching them meant he quickly discarded any such thoughts. As the object passed them, the “fluorescent lights of the cockpit and all radio receptions went out”, temporarily replaced by “static noise”.

The Truly Bizarre Long Island Landing Incident

With UFO sightings and activity having been constant throughout the opening weeks of 1967, perhaps one of the most bizarre accounts occurred at some time in early-March in Long Island, New York. According to the book UFO Universe by R Perry Collins, a family was driving through the region during the afternoon when they noticed a “large disc-shaped object” suddenly appear in the sky. What’s more, it was descending and would ultimately land in a field near the roadside.

Realizing they were witnessing something truly extraordinary, the driver of the car pulled over to the side of the road. Discreetly, the family – seven in total – watched the shiny disc. As they did, they were even more perplexed when several moments later a “sedan-type vehicle” that was driving along the road suddenly swerved off-road and into the field where the strange craft had landed. It steadily made its way to the shining object.

As the family watched this bizarre scene, a doorway on the side of the landed craft suddenly opened. In the doorway were “two men” who promptly stepped out and walked toward the now waiting car. They each got inside, and the vehicle took almost as soon as they had pulled their doors shut.

The craft, meanwhile, rose steadily into the air and then vanished with breakneck speed into the blue skies above.

While we should perhaps treat this account with a certain amount of salt, it is intriguing, nonetheless. Not least due to the obvious insinuation of some type of “government involvement or conspiracy”. NOTE: The above images are CGI.