UFO Sighting Date: 09/25/2021 Time: 2100 hours Central Time I wanted to provide a narrative of an amazing sight that I witnessed in the sky. To provide some background, I am a trained scientist and work as such. I am familiar with (up to date, available academic knowledge) physics (including projectile motion, quantum, astrophysics), chemistry (inorganic, organic, and biochemistry), and biology. I have an long term, ongoing interest in astronomy, and I am a sky watcher (nearly every single night, weather permitting). Prior to the last three years, I had never been witness to anything that I considered in any way unusual or unnatural. I do not drink alcohol. I do not use any mind affecting legal (or illegal) substances. I have not been incapacitated in any way by any acute or chronic illness. I do wear glasses because I am near-sighted, and I was wearing them (and they were clear and clean). It is not possible for any vehicle lights from nearby streets to reflect off of my glasses because of where my residence (and I) were positioned. Plus, no vehicles went past during the circumscribed time period – in any direction that I recall. If they had, I would have enjoyed at least one other witness. Finally, I had a fully rested night of sleep the prior evening and I was standing and completely awake. I live in west central IL, in an area roughly between Industry, IL and Macomb, IL.

My residence is surrounded by cornfields on 2.5 sides (I can provide the specific coordinates upon legitimate request, but I will not specify otherwise in order to spare myself any professional (or otherwise) ridicule). In summary, I saw what had to be the MOST advanced aircraft ever (military?) in the sky, flying over the fields due south of my residence. It was not a drone (way to big, with no sound), or a fighter plane (I have seen – in person – the stealth fighter, stealth helicopter, and stealth bomber at air shows and in the skies near Camp Legune in NC). This was like NO other aircraft that I have ever seen (except in fiction). Here is the 100% “facts-only” of my experience: At approximately 2100 hours (9 PM central time) on the evening of September 25, 2021, I walked outside to get some air. I stood in my driveway, leaning against my wife’s vehicle, and looked into the night sky directly due south. I was noticing how bright Jupiter was, and looked at the two stars below and to the right of it, then looking at Saturn, then back to Jupiter, going back and forth. Adjacent, and to the right (of the field across the street – south of my house) is a community building that has flood lights on (all night) that interfere with my sky watching. So, I usually hold my right arm up a little to block out the flood lights.

I had been out there for about 5 minutes – so my eyes were fully accommodated (ie. adjusted to the change in light – going from inside to outside). As I went visually left to right, from Jupiter to Saturn, I noticed a “red smudge” developing below and to the right of Saturn. I fixated on it and blinked a couple of times – thinking that maybe my eyes were watering a little from the light breeze that was blowing. Suddenly, out of the “smudge” there appeared four lights – as if out of the ether. And, they were not very far off at all! In fact, they were positioned right above the field, about 2 – 3 stories up. The lights were part of a larger aircraft. The craft was positioned at a height just above that of where I normally see a helicopter flying. The best analogy that I can come up with is that it was like seeing the tail lights of a truck, positioned about two to four car lengths in front of you – if you were driving on the road. But, they were in the sky! The lights were on the back of a dark triangle shaped aircraft (or, I guess it could have been a single, deep, large flying wing with a thickened rear end – it was difficult to exactly determine in the short time I was able to view it). I was looking at what seemed to be the back part of it – as it was flying due south. The lights on it’s tail-end were round, and were comprised of a glowing red circle within another glowing red circle (similar to the tail lights you would find on the end of a car – two lights on the left separated by two lights on the right). One of the most unusual features of the entire F.A.S.T. (Flying /Aircraft /Stealth /Triangle – I guess I coined a term) seemed to be that it was entirely outlined in a thin glowing red line – as if a person had a red glow-pen, and they were to trace all of the outer edge surfaces (and overall outline of the craft) The red glow was identical to that seen in the tail lights.

This the the only way that I can describe the motion of the craft: 1.) Either the F.A.S.T. was moving at an extremely rapid speed, suddenly slowed down (as if the tail lights were being briefly tapped – causing the entire craft to become visible), only to then hit the accelerator again, and causing the F.A.S.T. to seem to completely disappear, or… 2.) The F.A.S.T. had been completely cloaked against the night sky, then became uncloaked for only a fraction of a second – when it suddenly slowed down (again, as if the tail lights were being briefly tapped – causing the entire craft to become visible), only to again to become completely cloaked and invisible against the night sky. But, here’s the thing. This F.A.S.T. did not appear to have any engines moving it at all. There were none of any kind (at least – no engines that I am aware of) that were propelling it through the sky. And, eerily, It made ZERO sound as it moved through the air. In addition, there was no exhaust visible. There was no trail of any type emanating from the craft. It was merely there, briefly, and then it just disappeared. It was as if somebody had taken a brush, and simply wiped it away from the night sky. I stood there afterwards, shocked. I remained in place, eyes fixed, checking to see if there was any moving mass that would blot out the stars in a directional path ahead of where this craft seemed to be going forward. Nothing! It completely vanished. It was a very surreal experience. I was so unnerved – yet fascinated – by what had happened, that I literally ran inside to tell my family members. I could barely speak. I had goose bumps on my entire body, and every hair on my neck and arms was standing straight up (this can be verified by my family – who wondered if I had just “seen a ghost, or something.”) That is a testament to just how shocked I was by the whole brief, but extremely noteworthy, experience. NOTE” The above image is CGI.












On Wednesday, January 05, 2000, the National UFO Reporting Center received two telephone messages (at 0316 and 0351 hrs. Pacific Standard Time) from Officer Thomas “Ed” Barton, employed by the Lebanon, IL, Police Department.  The messages apprised our Center that a UFO sighting had occurred in St. Clair County, Illinois, and in surrounding areas, at approximately 0410 hrs. (Central)  earlier that morning. 

Later the same morning, we were able to talk to Officer Barton, who reported to us the following:

At approximately 0410 hrs. (Central) on that morning, he overheard an announcement by the St. Clair (IL) Emergency Dispatch operator that a citizen had entered the Highland, IL, police station, and requested that an officer go outside and view a very peculiar object that was hovering nearby in the sky.  The citizen had witnessed the bizarre looking object on his way to work, and he apparently refused to leave the station until a police officer had viewed the object with him.

Having heard the announcement about the incident over his radio, Officer Barton looked to the southeast from his location in Lebanon, and noticed two extremely bright white lights suspended in the sky, close to the horizon. The two lights were radiating so much light that the spectacle reminded Officer Barton of the Japanese “Rising Sun” symbol, used on the Japanese battle flag.  A very short period of time later, the two large lights appeared to merge into one, and the illumination the object was radiating appeared to increase dramatically.

Officer Barton began driving south and east in attempt to approach the object.  He turned his overhead flashers on, and at times was driving at 75-80 m.p.h. toward the object, which was still generally to the southeast of his position.  After a short period of time, Officer Barton realized that the object appeared to be traveling toward him. 

He stopped his vehicle, extinguished his overhead flashers, and rolled down the window on the passenger side of his vehicle.  The object approached his location, and passed overhead at an estimated altitude of 1,000 to 1,500 feet, and within an estimated 100 feet lateral distance of his position on the ground.  It was headed generally to the west, or northwest, at this time.  The object was distinctly triangular in shape, with three white lights on the apices of the triangle, and it exhibited a “galaxy” of peculiar lights on its aft end, including white, hues of red or pink, and perhaps other colors, as well.

After passing overhead Officer Barton, the object suddenly turned to its left, without either banking or yawing apparently, it suddenly accelerated quite dramatically, and seemed to “streak” to the west, covering approximately 8 miles, the officer estimated, in approximately 3 seconds.

(Note:  Officer Barton, in multiple telephone conversations with our organization, and during at least one radio broadcast, has emphasized how almost unbelievably quickly the object accelerated and moved a considerable distance to the southwest in just a few seconds.  Its velocity was almost unimaginable, he reports.  This is one aspect of the case that strongly suggest to us that the object almost certainly was not of human manufacture.)

He radioed St. Clair County Emergency Dispatch, apprising them that he had the object in sight, and advising them as to the direction it had moved, generally to the southwest.  He recommended that dispatch contact units to the south and west of his position, e.g. Shiloh, Millstadt and Dupo, to have the officers there attempt to spot the object from their vantage points

Apparently at least one officer from Shiloh, IL, witnessed the object next, and two other officers, who have not come forward and who apparently do not wish to be identified, witnessed the object while they were standing in the cemetery of their town, as well.

An officer from the Millstadt Police Department, Officer Craig Stevens, with whom NUFORC also spoke, overheard the broadcast, and moved his cruiser to a dark part of that town to see if he could spot the object in the night sky.  He quickly spotted the object to the west of his location, at approximately 45 degrees above the horizontal plane, and gauged its size as “huge.”  He estimated that it was “one or two stories” tall, and perhaps three stories long.”  It had several very bright lights on it.

St. Clair Dispatch requested that someone, if possible, attempt to get a photograph of the object.  In response to that request, Officer Stevens removed polaroid-type camera stored in the trunk of his cruiser and quickly photographed the object.  Because the outside temperature was low, approximately 18-20 degrees (F), neither the camera, nor the film functioned well, so the resolution of the photograph is not good.

After Officer Stevens had taken the photograph, the object appeared to move further to the west, moving toward Dupo, IL, Cahokia, IL, and St. Louis, MO.  A Dupo police officer may have witnessed the object at that time.

In the final analysis, the police departments and communities involved in the incident include the following:  Highland, Summerfield, Lebanon, Shiloh, Mascoutah, Millstadt, Dupo, and Cahokia, Illinois.  The object was observed by officers from at least the following communities (in chronological sequence):  Lebanon, Shiloh, (Other?), Millstadt, Dupo, and Cahokia (?).

Notes and Addenda:

1)      Scott Air Force Base:  At one point during the sighting, we estimate, the object was within 2-3 statute miles of Scott Air Force Base.  However, an official spokesman for that base reportedly made an official statement to the effect that A) their tower was closed for approximately one hour during the time of the sighting; B) their base radar had been turned off for unspecified reasons during the same hour; and 3) none of their personnel was aware of the sighting, and none had seen the object.

2)      NUFORC has received several unconfirmed reports that shortly after the incident, several of the police departments involved in the sighting, and several of the actual eyewitnesses to the incident, received visits from two, or more, individuals, who are active employees from the federal government.  They requested that the parties involved in the incident curtail all their statements to the press.  We are unable to confirm these reports at the time this Summary Statement is being prepared.

3)      Alleged intercept by military aircraft:  NUFORC has an unconfirmed report from a highly reliable source that jet fighters from a nearby Air National Guard unit may have been “scrambled” to take a look at the object.  The nearest ANG unit we are aware of is the Missouri Air National Guard, which flies F-15’s out of Lambert Field/St. Louis Airport.  We have a second hand report that personnel at the airport witnessed a take-off of F-15’s at approximately 0420 hrs. that morning.  We have a second report from an individual who remembers having been awakened at approximately the time of the sighting by the sound of military jets taking off from Lambert Field.

4)      Other witnesses:  NUFORC has received a report from a woman who was driving to work that morning and allegedly witnessed the object.  We are awaiting her written report.  Other witnessed have asserted that they may have seen the object earlier to the north, near Lake Michigan.  We have received no written reports of such sightings.  We also have an unconfirmed report that the object was video taped during the early part of the sighting.  This fact, too, is yet to be confirmed.

5)      Media coverage:  The incident has gained wide coverage in the print and electronic media, including the Art Bell radio talk show (“Coast to Coast”); the Jeff Rense talk show (“Sightings”); German public radio; many other radio programs across the country; The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper; Knight-Ridder publications; the Los Angeles Times; the Chicago Sun-Times; other publications that subscribe to, or carry releases from, the above media outlets.

6)      Investigations:  The incident continues to be investigated by members of the Mutual UFO Network (Illinois and Missouri chapter), by the National Institute for Discovery Science (Please see link to their website), Mrs. Barbara Becker of Columbia, MO, and perhaps by other independent individuals and organizations. NOTE: The above image is CGI.






I was in my backyard with my telescope and binoculars looking for Comet Catalina. The sky was dark and perfectly clear with a mild NW wind. The object entered the field of view of my binoculars as I was observing the star Arcturus. It took about 2 seconds to cross the 5 degree field of view and was completely silent. It was uniform dull gray in appearance with no visible lights. It appeared to glide very elegantly and smoothly from north to south at roughly 46 degrees elevation. It did not change direction or altitude. Obviously I have no way to know its actual size and altitude, but it’s angular size was roughly one degree and its angular speed was akin to a passenger jet at moderate altitude. The boomerang UFO I witnessed looked very defined.   The color was slightly lighter gray and uniform throughout with no apparent details. The gradual tapering along the arms is correct. But the edges were very sharply defined with no mist around them. Yet the object did not give the impression of being flat. I was sitting on a lawn chair next to my house. I followed it in my binoculars until it passed behind the eave over my sunroom. I immediately stood up and moved away from my house to look some more. But it was gone! It had disappeared. My impression was one of surprise. As an experienced amateur astronomer for over 50 years, I have never seen anything remotely like this before. My general opinion on the very small percentage of UFOs that are not explainable by understood phenomena is that they fall into one of three categories: 1. Secret military aircraft. 2. Unknown atmospheric or magnetic phenomena. 3. Demonic manifestations (also a strong suspicion of my former professor, J. Allen Hynek) My general impression, while one of surprise, also left me with an otherworldly feeling. But that might have been exacerbated somewhat by the fact that I had just finished a short personal prayer to God in my mind. My wife, also a lifelong amateur astronomer, saw something identical from her parents’ backyard on the west side of Chicago in the spring of 1968. Three identical gray boomerangs appeared out of nowhere, passed near Orion’s belt and then completely vanished. They were silent. My parents saw a gray boomerang in 1947 traveling at very high speed, much faster than any jets of the day. It crossed from horizon to horizon in only a few seconds. It also was completely silent. I have discovered that this particular class of objects has been seen around the world for many decades. That would seem to rule out the first category above. As a professionally trained astronomer and avid follower of new astronomical theories and discoveries, I have long held the strong suspicion that we are the only human beings (or any form of physical being with ability to reason) in the universe. I have reached this conclusion only after much reading, investigation and a well-thought through process of reasoning. Therefore, I do not conclude that we are being visited by physical inhabitants from an extrasolar planet in our physical universe. That’s about it. Except, I plan on having a camera ready in case one happens along again. I hope I don’t have to wait another 50 years!  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.