A “Dull, Silver Hat” Hovering In The Air On The Walk Home From School!

On the afternoon of the 25th August 1972, 13-year-old Michio Seo was returning home from school, using the same route he would use every school day. On this afternoon, however, he would witness a bizarre, metallic object hovering in the air over a rice field that ran along the side of the road.

Although a little unnerved, Seo was beyond curious. So much so, he approached the strange object and began making his way across the water-soaked field. However, before the could get too close, a strange beam shot out from the object in his direction.

With this, Seo began to back away immediately. He wasn’t sure if there was anyone inside this small craft, or if it was under any type of control, but he took the shot very much as a warning and decided against any further investigation.

He would rush home and after relieving himself of his school equipment, rushed back out again to tell his friends of this strange encounter. And, with safety in numbers, would look to return to where he witnessed the strange craft.

The Return Visits

Seo, along with his friends, Hiroshi Mori, Katsuoka Kojima, Yasuo Fujimoto, and “Yuji”, would return to the field shortly after, arriving at around 7 pm. They would keep watch for close to an hour with no activity to report. Then, however, the object returned and hovered over the field once more.

All five of the young boys watched the object as it hovered over the rice fields. As the dark arrived to claim the skies, however, the object itself began to glow and cast out a multicolored array of lights.

As the group began to cautiously approach the object it would let out a sudden and loud bang. At first, this froze the boys in fright. After a moment or two, though, they each turned and ran as fast as they could.

Over the coming nights, the boys would return to the field in the hope that the strange object would return once more. However, each night they would leave disappointed. That was until the evening of 4th September.

On that evening, at a little after 9:30 pm, the strange, metallic object returned. This time, it appeared to be much lower than normal, about three feet above the ground. Of more concern to the group of youngsters, though, was the that it was heading straight for them. Glowing brightly as it did so.

Once more, this would cause the five teenagers to quickly turn and run. They would arrive back from the field safely. Before they each returned to their respective homes, they would decide they would return the following night.

The following evening on the 5th September, the five young boys returned. Their efforts and patience, however, would go unrewarded. Undeterred, they would return the following evening. And this time, the night would be anything but uneventful. On this evening, with night already gripping the sky above, the boys would spot the object hovering extremely low to the ground.

As soon as the area lit up in the glow of the camera’s flash, the object burst into motion, spinning tightly and ascending directly upwards several feet.

As it did so, the boy with the camera managed to snap a second picture. Then, almost in response, the object sent out an intense flash of its own before descending once again. The boys watched in awe as the object continued to spin, as if it were trying to dig itself a tunnel in the ground below. Then, it suddenly stopped. After several moments, the group approached, slowly. Hiroshi Miro would continue forward, eventually bending down to pick up the strange, metallic craft. He would later claim that he witnessed “something moving” inside it. However, it is not clear what this might have been, or if he was certain of what he saw.

Miro would then wrap the object carefully and place it inside his backpack. From there, the five friends would make their way to Miro’s parent’s home, where they could examine their find a little closer.

Examination And Disappearance!

Once there, they would carefully unwrap it and begin exploring it more closely. It was around 4 inches across and around 8 inches high, with strange circular grooves on the underside. Furthermore, on the middle section of the round underneath, was a square with 31 holes, surrounded by three strange symbols.

Although they had all seen this object fly on several occasions, including this evening, now it appeared decidedly still. They studied it closely, turning it over and around. However, try as they might, they could not see or discover what might make it fly. There was no obvious engine or propulsion system.

They would ultimately decide to take the object to Fujimoto’s home, whose father was, at the time, the director of the Center for Science Education. He had said to his son if they happened to “catch” this strange object he would look at it. However, when he did, he would declare he could see nothing of any real importance about it. He would later claim “regret (at) not having studied it more.

The boys would place the object back in Mori’s backpack. They would decide what to do with it later. However, the following day, when they went to examine the object once more, it was gone. It had seemingly completely disappeared. NOTE: The above object was the real object that was found.





THANKS TO https://www.ufoinsight.com and Marcus Lowth