JULY 1, 2018 ………..VERNAL UTAH

Hi! So the other night I was so excited I just had to tell everyone that I took a photo of a UFO. Now, I’m finally getting the chance to report it (I have another to report as well from the night or two after this one). What I did was blew it up 400%, then also left it at the size which it was took along with the camera data, focal length etc. I would LOVE TO KNOW if this is an actual UFO or something else. Maybe someone out there familiar with lots of craft could verify if this is an actual craft? I don’t see how it couldn’t be where in the un-zoomed photo, it is definitely not a star, a satellite (I checked & it’s not the space station) etc. Which leads me to believe it is an actual craft. Since that night (which was my first night taking photos of the sky with the specific goal of shooting UFO’s & to be honest I really wasn’t expecting to get anything with a 300mm lens) & since that night I have gone out every night since (took this photo on the 1st, today is the 3rd) & have actually gotten other photos of suspicious objects as well. I would also like to say, I did not alter these ONE BIT, other than zooming the one & cropping the other. I am not trying to pull a hoax, I simply want the truth. I personally can’t wait for the day when we get full disclosure, until then I keep hoping. Anyways, if you KNOW (as in KNOW 100% KNOW), please let us all know. I am very interested in finding out.








I was riding my bike to my friend’s house in the morning,  It was a warm, sunshine day with no clouds, clear blue sky. I was riding on the raised dirt trail going from south to north along the Mount Anthony Union High School field on Park St in Bennington Vt. I was a little girl, in the summer of 1980 I would have been 10  years old .  I stopped riding when I noticed a quiet, low, smoothly gliding big heavy black triangular craft over my head. Its width was wider than the road next to me.  It was as high as double the length of the telephone poles next to me. The bottom surface of the craft was smooth, looked like a very dark grey matt brushed metal. There were no windows, wheels or any type of elements attached to the bottom, the bottom was perfectly smooth. I remember when it was over my head, it emitted coldness from it. I felt the coldness on my body, especially on the back of my bare neck and arms, gave me chills. I assumed it was cold from being high in the sky recently. It was gliding so low that I couldn’t see it once it passed me beyond the trees over the horizon of the tree lines. I was perplexed and looked around to see if anyone else was noticing this, I only saw one station wagon drive on the road down below me, driving in the opposite direction of the craft and the driver didn’t seem to notice anything, the driver was just looking straight ahead with a blank look on his/her face. After the craft left, I felt odd, overly relaxed, without any thoughts traveling through my mind during the rest of my bike ride, basically spaced out.
If I remember correctly, the bike ride from my home to my friend’s house usually took about 12 minutes. At this point I was only about 2 to 3 minutes away from her home. When I got to her front door, I felt very relaxed, light headed and spaced out. She answered the door with an exasperation of where I had been, I was supposed to be at her home hours ago. She told me I told her on the phone I was leaving hours ago. And I typically would have done that, I would have left when I told her I was going to. I was confused by her confusion. She asked me if anything was wrong. I was confused, I couldn’t remember anything about my morning, past the moment I saw the craft. I couldn’t remember talking to her on the phone, I couldn’t remember leaving my home. I couldn’t remember my bike ride up to the point of seeing the craft. And up to this day, I don’t remember anything about that morning before I saw the craft. And I wasn’t so shocked by seeing the craft that it could have done that to my mind. It didn’t scare my senses out of me, it was quiet, peaceful, and smooth and it passed me by quickly enough before I couldn’t see it anymore. It didn’t scare me at all. It was as peaceful as watching a butterfly. But it was already afternoon by the time I had arrived at her home and I couldn’t understand why.
This case is under investigation by State Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Vermont.
The above image looks like the one she saw, per the witness   The above image is real and part of World UFO Photos archives.





Shape: Light – Duration: 1 minute

I was on Delta Airlines Flight 1667 flying from Atlanta, GA, to Myrtle Beach, S.C. The aircraft was a MD-88 and I was sitting in seat 19E on the starboard side of the aircraft, several rows forward of the wing, which I could see on the right side of my window when I leaned forward.  We took off an hour late at around 22:29. There was an overcast of Cirrus-stratus or Alto-stratus clouds. The full moon was not visible through this layer. There were no lower clouds and city lights were plainly visible without obstruction during the initial climb out after takeoff. There were no reading lights in use near me. There were also no electronics in use with illuminated screens nearby that would have reflected on the inside of the window.  Shortly after takeoff the aircraft leveled out and the lights of the city were plainly visible with a definite darker area extending out to the horizon visible under a slightly lighter sky over that. At this point I was looking down at the city lights, when I noticed a light separate itself from the rest and begin to move. It was a banana yellow color and was moving upward at a slow and steady pace. There were no other details to it. I could not judge its distance from us.  As it moved, it appeared to be heading on an opposite course to ours and was climbing at an angle of approximately forty five degrees. From my perspective it moved from the lower left of the window to its upper right corner where I lost it to view.  The light became obscured by the leading edge of the wing and then reappeared over the rear upper edge of the wing or wingtip. All this time which was probably a minute or so the light did not change in brightness or flicker. The color stayed the sa! me and so did its speed of ascent. I was unable to observe the object further as it went out of my limited field of view even by shifting my position. I don’t know if anyone else on the aircraft saw this. During the initial takeoff before we leveled out there were other aircraft visible. This light or object did not exhibit their characteristics. I have flown numerous times at night and have seen plenty of aircraft leaving or arriving at airports. This was not one of them. Its apparent point of origin was not from any airport. It was an urban environment. Shortly after this we began to ascend again and banked for a course change. I checked my watch and it was now 22:35.  I am sixty two years old, male, and was travelling alone returning home from a family related trip. I am a retired social worker and business manager. I am an amateur astronomer and avid sky watcher. I have no clue what this was.  I only know what it wasn’t. I considered raising this issue with the pilot upon landing at Myrtle Beach, but decided to avoid that and take this approach instead. I don’t know how he would have reacted, but I did speak with him about the natural fireworks of distant thunderstorms visible to our south during the flight at higher altitude which he was also quite enthusiastic about.  NOTE: The above image is  a rendering.