My brother and his wife flew in from Kansas City for a trip to Bimini on my 32-foot Boston Whaler. We launched my boat, but the seas were much rougher than forecasted so we drove the boat to Tavernier as a backup plan to just hang out, fish, snorkel etc. As the evening arrived, we knew we would not make it back to port before nightfall, so we anchored the boat just a few feet off the channel on the west side of us1. The only road to key west and stayed the night there. We were sitting on the deck of the boat having drinks and just talking when out of nowhere a bright flash occurred at the helm of the boat. Like a flash bulb from an old camera. It was very bright, and we all just sat there confused. There was nothing on the boat that could have caused that. I looked around for a minute then leaned over the side and looked up and saw another flash of light reflect off of my hard top. This time the light was blue. After a few minutes I dismissed the flashes of light as just a freak incident as there was no visible source for the lights anywhere to be seen. We continued talking after a few minutes and after about 15 minutes we noticed what we thought was a low flying aircraft approach from the southwest at tree top hight and bank north approximately a quarter mile west of our position.

This craft was brightly illuminated with what looked like a diamond shape headlight flanked by a long vertical light on each side as well as what I thought were nave lights on the ends as they were red and green. The craft made zero noise, but this did not alarm me at the time as I have been around very quiet aircraft in the past. The craft proceeded north for approximately another quarter to half a mile to the north end of the channel, came to a hover then illuminated the ocean with a super bright ball of light. The entire craft lit up in the shape of a giant dome light and began to zig zag at hyper speeds as if in a search pattern. We were all in shock for the first couple minutes as what was happening set in. We were in the company of a UFO. The craft continued to perform exotic maneuvers at amazing speeds for approximately 30 minutes. It approached to within 100 yards then shot away to several miles then back again while searching for something with a red beam projecting down from its belly. After about ten minutes I grabbed my wife’s cell phone and began recording the show however, every time I hit record on the phone camera the craft would come to a stop. It would completely stop moving. I knew if I kept recording, I would use up the memory card, so I hit the stop button. As soon as I stopped recording the craft would start with the exotic maneuvering again.

It was as if they could see what I was doing. I attempted to zoom in on the craft and the camera would zoom back out on its own. Again, its was as if they knew what I was doing and prevented me from doing it. I even mention this on video. This went on for about 30 minutes. At one point I shined my flashlight at the craft and hit the strobe button. I wanted this thing to come to us. I jokingly mentioned I wanted the winning lotto numbers from the Aliens flying that thing. At one point the craftt zoomed towards us at an alarming speed which at that point scared me stupid. No of us were alarmed at its presence until it shot towards us. It got within 100 -200 yards of us and changed direction. proceeded south for about 1 mile then shot to the heavens in a blink of the eye. Literally a blink! It was gone but another one shot down as this one went up. We don’t know where the second one went as we never saw it again.and hour or two went by and we decided to call it a night and went to the cabin to get a good night sleep. At around three a.m. I woke to footsteps on the deck of my boat. sounded like small children walking around on the deck just above me. I dismissed it and fell back asleep. In the morning I as I was drinking a cup of coffee, I said out loud that I heard what I thought were children walking on the deck of the boat when my wife blurted out” I did too!” Then my brother’s wife said the same. My brother was the only one that didn’t hear it. There is much more to this story, too much to write. Feel free to contact me as we had another sighting the following weekend, this time the ship was massive. NOTE: The above image was extracted from the video.