The idea that NASA has encountered Alien life during the Apollo missions has aroused the curiosity of thousands of experts in the field for decades. Ever since NASA successfully landed on the moon, people have wondered whether or not the astronauts on the lunar surface—and during their trip to the Moon, witnessed things they couldn’t rationally explain.  In other words; Alien spaceships and structures on the moon’s surface.  These questions were quickly turned into a conspiracy theory, and people who argue that the Apollo astronauts witnessed inexplicable things during their trip to the moon were called out as conspiracy nuts. [  KENS NOTE: Personally I do think we ever landed a man on the Moon in 1969 through 1972,   We may of orbited the moon and taken many photos but actually landing with a man was not possible because of the 1969 technology……]

To date, the United States is the only country to have successfully conducted manned missions to the surface of Moon, with the last Apollo mission departing the lunar surface in December 1972.  For nearly half a century—46 years to be precise—space agencies around the globe have avoided going to the moon.  But why?  Was it due to extremely high costs? Risks? Or is it that the moon is simply not an interesting place?  The truth is that today, 46 years after the last successful moon landing we have much better technology than we had 46 years ago.  Money isn’t an issue, for we always find money for things we want and need.  The moon is perhaps one of the most interesting places in the solar system, and numerous experts have claimed it is imperative for humans to establish a colony on the lunar surface.

So, what’s keeping us from landing on the moon?  A man called Bob Dean may answer the above question.  Mr. Dean is retired US Army Command Sergeant Major who served for 28 years.  He has given a number of interesting lectures, providing a wealth of information about not only the moon landings, Apollo missions, but also corroborating what numerous whistleblowers have said in the past.  During the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit, on July 25, 2009, Mr. Dean released a set of amazing images. He also explained the Apollo missions, and what astronauts encountered unlike anyone before him.  During the summit, Mr. Dean released to the public a set of fascinating images supposedly captured by astronauts of the Apollo 12 mission, including an image showing mysterious spacecraft several hundred feet in diameter.  During the lecture, Mr. Dean recounts how on the morning of the 2nd of February 1961, World War III almost began, and a fleet of unidentified flying objects were to blame:  “It appears that on the morning of the 2nd of February 1961, World War III almost started. It was involved in the flyover of large numbers of circular metallic craft, flying in formation, very obviously under intelligent control,” said Mr. Dean during the lecture.  Mr. Dean continued: “They would fly out of the Soviet sector in the Warsaw Pact toward the U.S. in formation at a high speed and at a very high altitude. They would turn north over the English Channel over the southern coast of England and then they would disappear off of NATO radar over the Norwegian Sea.”  “The Soviets went on red alert. The NATO forces went on red alert. Everybody was, you know … fingers on their triggers, thumbs poised above those red buttons. And World War III was just moments away,” explained Mr. Dean. “Within 20 minutes, it was all over. The objects flew, turned north and disappeared off of radar.”  Soon after the mysterious sighting that nearly triggered WWIII, a study of the occurred took place.

Experts concluded how “…planet Earth and the human race had been under some kind of survey or observation going on for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They concluded, in 1964, that there were at least four different groups coming here, observing us, surveying us, analyzing us, closely watching us, what we were up to, what we were doing. They concluded that it did not appear to be a military threat involved, because their repeated demonstrations of incredibly advanced technology demonstrated to us that, if they had been hostile or malevolent, there was absolutely nothing we could do. If they were evil in their intent and they were hostile toward us, it would have been over a long time ago.”  “…the conclusion was there were four different groups involved,” explained Mr. Dean.  This image comes from the Apollo 12 mission, Apollo Systems 12, roll number 50, negative number 7348. A mysterious object was sighted by Apollo astronauts as they were orbiting the moon.

The image seen below was taken by Astronaut Neil Armstrong. While the astronauts were looking out of the window of their little craft, this cigar-shaped object flew by.

The next image, says Mr. Dean, shows a mysterious disc-shaped object with several hundred feet in diameter. It was snapped while astronauts made their way to the surface of the moon.

The next two images were taken by Apollo Astronauts when they were overflying the so-called Lansberg crater. According to Mr. Dean; “The astronauts in orbit above the Moon were particularly fascinated by the Lansberg crater. They had been given a special designation to take pictures of Lansberg, because the crater, which they named as the Lansberg, had things going on that were very anomalous. There was construction going on. There were gigantic facilities in the crater up there. So they were specifically delegated and assigned to photograph Lansberg to see if they could figure out what the hell was going on down there. While they were looking at Lansberg, this object happened to express interest in them and flew by. Now this line is an artificial line that was drawn to show you the … it gave the direction that this object was going. This is a good-size object flying past the Apollo Lander.”

Mr. Dean continued showing evidence gathered by astronauts from the Apollo 13 mission. The below image, says Mr. Dean, where taken as Apollo 13 astronauts were traveling to the moon when a number of things began happening. Some strange objects were appearing outside the windows of the spacecraft, so the Apollo 13 Astronauts grabbed their Hasselblad cameras and started taking pictures of what they had seen.
This photograph below shows three different objects.

Below is one of my many discoveries from these Nasa Apollo missions.








NASA Release FULL Apollo Mission Transcripts Revealing Aliens & UFO’s

UFO‘s and Conspiracy theories about the Moon landing have become hot topics over the recent years, but now there’s been a release of NASA transcripts that may now be considered as ‘proof’ that the Apollo mission astronauts saw Alien objects on the moon.  Below is the FULL transcript of the conversation: Please note all transcripts can be verified on the official NASA website. 


Millions of people around the globe firmly believe UFOs and Aliens are a real phenomenon. But is there any real evidence to support their beliefs? The following NASA transcripts may be considered by many as enough proof to suggest Apollo mission astronauts saw ‘alien’ things on the moon.  While we still have not found conclusive evidence of their existence –we haven actually witnessed a UFO land, and aliens walk around saying hi, ew come in piece— at least not officially, there are many highly ranking government officials, military officers and even astronauts who have spoken out about alien life and the UFO phenomenon indicating that it is real as it gets.   In addition to numerous people finally speaking out in the name of the disclosure movement, recently, hundreds of declassified documents have become available to the public detailing UFO sightings, mysterious phenomenon, and alien life.

One of the most fascinating documents comes from the FBI archive and indicates that:

Part of the disks carry crews; others are under remote control.
Their mission is peaceful; the visitors contemplate settling on this planet.
These visitors are human-like but much larger in size.
They are not excarnate Earth people but come from their own world
The disks posses some type of radiant energy.
They do not come from any “planet” as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.
The bodies of the visitors, and the craft also, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter.
They re-enter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without a trace.

The region they come from is NOT the astral plane but corresponds to the Lakas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.  But the document from the FBI isn’t the only that has been made available to the general public.

If we look back in history at one of NASA’s most successful space programs, we will find numerous clues that according to many indicate how astronauts of the Apollo missions were followed by UFO’s and that there are ‘alien’ structures on the surface of the moon.

The following NASA transcripts come fro the Apollo missions and make some fascinating references:

Note: All of these transcripts can be verified at NASA’s website.


Apollo 8 Transcript

03 16 44 39 LMP There’s a strange light down there.

03 16 h4 45 CDR Is it a bonfire?

03 16 24 47 LMP It might be campfires.

03 16 h5 03 C5_ How does it look?

Apollo 10 transcript

04 06 13 02 LMP That music even sounds outer-spacy, doesn’t it? You hear that? That whistling sound?

04 06 13 06 CDR Yes.

04 06 13 07 I2_P Whoooooo. Say your – –

04 06 13 12 CMP Did you hear that whistling sound, too?

04 06 13 14 LMP Yes. Sounds like – you know, outer-space-type music.

04 06 13 18 CMP I wonder what it is.

04 06 17 56 CDR 2.

04 06 17 58 L_P Boy, that sure is weird music.

04 06 18 O1 _ We’re going to have to find out about that 04 06 18 O1 _ We’re going to have to find out about that. Nobody will believe us.

04 06 18 07 I.t,2’_ Yes. It’s a whistling, you know, like an outer-spacetype thing.

04 12 09 16 CDR I mean you … What the hell was that gurgling noise?

04 12 09 25 LMP I don’t know. But I’ll tell you, that eerie music is what’s bothering me. You know that –

04 12 09 28 CMP God damn, I heard it, too.

04 12 09 29 LMP You know s that was funny. That’s Just like something from outer space, really. Who’s going to believe it?

04 12 09 34 CMP Nobody. Shall we tell them about it?

04 12 09 39 LMP I don’t know. We ought to think about it some.

04 12 09 41 CMP Did you hear it, Tom?

04 12 09 42 LMF Yes, he heard it.

04 12 09 43 CDR Yes.

04 12 09 47 LMP Hell, I Just want to get out of this suit.

05 10 33 CDR Where is the music – I want to – have Charlie describe it to us. Where’s the tape recorder?

06 05 10 38 CMP On the second one over.

06 05 10 3g CDR No – no, I Just didn’t play that.

06 05 10 43 CDR Hello, Houston; Apollo 10.

06 05 10 48 _ Hold your mike do%m a little bit.

06 05 10 54 CDR Is it on?

06 05 10 55 _ Yes ….

06 05 10 59 C_P Play that song over again, though, when you get to it. Zap it up a little bit.

Apollo 11 transcript

03 08 20 18 IRP That’s a spectacular crater.

03 08 20 23 CDR Did you shoot some pictures while you were over there?

03 08 20 25 CMP No, it’s Just going by – we’d better get it later; there will be better times. If the damn antenna isn’t in the way –

03 08 20 42 CMP Boy, there must be nothing more desolate than to be inside some of these craters, these conical ones

03 08 20 50 CDR People that live in there probably never get out.

03 l0 55 20 CMP Oh God, look at that Moltke; he’s my favorite … Look at that son of a bitch. You see all those roads – triangular roads leading right past him?

03 l0 55 29 CDR Yes.

03 l0 55 30 CMP That’s US l, I guess, huh?

03 l0 55 31 CDR Yes.

Apollo 14 transcript

03 12 22 39 I2_P Really an interesting one. Huh? That one … looks like … got a rugged one right out here – with the central peaks.

03 12 23 02 CDR …

03 12 23 05 I_l° Sure does. Really got a very complex central structure.

03 12 23 08 CR_° It’s got one of the biggest central peaks a_ound. It’s a very unusual crater. But there are some dark areas in it that Farouk has gone on record as saying they are dikes.

03 12 23 37 CMl° High Sun. That’s one right down there; Just shows how it dominates the whole photograph. Just an extremely bright crater. Sun angle Just isn’t high enough for you to see it here …. Yes, they’re mining it, I think.


KENS NOTE:  I feel that NASA is leaking this information because NOW they want us to think that we went to the Moon.  They would rather have us find out the truth about Aliens than ,we the people, finding out it was a big hoax. We did not have the technology to go to the Moon in 1969.  I am sure we can probably land on the Moon today with our advanced technology but not 45 years ago.   I feel out government has ripped off trillions of dollars from the tax payers in this country with the so-called Moon landings.   Now they are going to rip us off again with this Mars adventure.  Who cares about Mars when there are starving people here in the United States.  Our politicians are just as guilty because many of them know the truth.