Late one October evening in 1994, an unnamed woman would suddenly feel the need to leave her bed and walk over to her 6-month old son who was asleep in his crib by the window. Only when she looked down into his small bed, it was completely empty.

It was at that moment, with the sense of fear and panic regarding the location of her young son running through her, that she also realized she had no actual recollection of going to bed that evening. Before she could give it any more thought, the sound of her son crying would ring out. At the same time, a bright light announced itself from outside, seeping through the closed window blinds.

She would attempt to wake her husband who, despite the commotion of the situation, remained fast asleep throughout. This is an interesting detail and one that discreetly shows up in other accounts of alien abduction. That one person – the abductee – remains fully conscious and aware of the bizarre events, while anyone else in the room remains asleep, but unnaturally so. As if under some kind of advanced and unknown (to us) technology. This would, then, suggest the purposeful targeting of a specific person over others.

She would attempt to turn on the bedroom light but try as she might, the power would not come on and the room remained in darkness.

Then, another flash of light filled the room immediately followed by the cries of her baby son. When her eyes refocused from the sudden light, her son was there in front of her in his crib.

A Huge, Black, Triangular Craft Hovering Over The House!

She reached out to him immediately and scooped him from his bed doing her best to soothe his obviously distressed state.

After assuring herself that he was safe and unharmed, she reached for the blind at the window and pulled it open. As she peered outside, she could clearly see a triangular-shaped UFO hovering over the house. She would recall:

It was very low, and larger than the house. If I had been on the roof, I could have touched it! It was astonishing! I could not believe my eyes! (Also) It made no sound!

As she watched the bizarre scene play out, she quickly scanned the other houses on the street. She could clearly see that all of the lights were out. Unless anyone happened to be looking out of their window in the dark, it was most likely that she was the only person witnessing this most surreal event.

As the enormity of such a situation fully dawned on her, she let the blinds fall back into place and backed away from the bedroom window. A moment later, the light from outside went out. She remained where she was, stood in the middle of the room with her young son in her arms.

After an unknown amount of time, she slowly walked over to the window once again. She peered outside and was relieved to find the bizarre object was no longer there. Not wanting to have her son out of her sight, however, she returned to bed with the young baby in between herself and her husband. In what was a surprisingly short time, she fell asleep.

A Strange Delay In Recall!

Quite bizarrely, upon waking the following morning, although her son was safe and awake in between herself and her husband, she couldn’t recall why he was there. Nor could she recall any details of the night before. It would take several hours for her to fully recall what had taken place in the middle of the previous night.

Upon the recollection flooding back to her she immediately made her way to her son to check him for any wounds or markings. She wouldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. When she checked herself, however, she would discover a strange mark on her leg. What’s more, when she pressed her finger on the mark it felt as though there was something hard, like a pea or small pellet underneath the skin.

Although she would tell her mother of the discovery, she would keep the encounter from everyone else. And would wait for over a decade before reporting the incident via an online reporting platform.

The mark on her leg would remain, and at the time of the report (around 2007), it was still very visible. The item under the skin, however, has “either gone or (is) buried on the muscle now”.

What’s more, although she wouldn’t elaborate, the witness would claim that this “is just one of many strange experiences” she had encountered. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





THANKS TO MARCUS LOWTH AND https://www.ufoinsight.com