On the evening of 29th January 1976, 30-year-old Johnny Sands, a transplant to Las Vegas in order to promote his first country-western album, was returning home after visiting several radio stations in the towns surrounding the city. It was a little after 10 pm and the night sky had now taken charge overhead.

As he made his way down Blue Diamond Road, about 20 miles from the city center, he suddenly noticed what he first thought was a brightly lit blimp-shaped object overhead. For Las Vegas, this wasn’t particularly spectacular, so he continued to speed down the road unphased. However, several moments later, and after noticing the strange object appearing to follow him, his car engine began to cut out. He eventually pulled the car to the side of the road and exited the vehicle.

He went to the gas tank and physically shook the car a little. Satisfied he could hear the swoosh of petrol inside, he ventured instead to the hood of the vehicle. As he lifted it, though, his focus drifted upwards. The “blimp-like” object was directly above him.

He would later estimate it was around 60 feet long and approximately at an altitude of 1,000 feet. A “large, round ring” encompassed the middle section, and along its side, in the middle and evenly spaced out, were “windows or portholes”. On each end of the object, red and white lights flashed. He also recalled the color of the craft’s exterior was a “rusty-orange” shade.

The object continued to move, heading south of his direction. As it did so, it lit up the ground and mountains below. Then, it seemed to land on the nearby desert terrain.

Humanoids But Not Human!

Sands began to work on the car engine once more. As he did so, he noticed the low beam of his car headlights was on. He looked into the distance where his headlights faced. To his astonishment, two “figures” were heading in his direction.

Thinking they could be muggers, or worse, but not yet making a connection between the strange object and the two approaching figures, he began to move back to his car. However, try as he might, he was unable to move. He would later describe this as a strange feeling of not quite paralyzed and of wanting to move, but simply not being able to. As if there was a disconnect between the instructions of his brain and his legs.

Then, the two figures were almost upon him. One stopped around eight feet from him. The other, however, came much closer, no more than three feet away. He could now clearly see that although they were humanoid, they were clearly not human.

He would describe them as having the body of a young man at peak physical condition. Their faces, however, were almost ancient-looking, almost as if they were hundreds of years old. He would recall:

…bodywise, he looked as fit as a 21-year-old. But in his face, (and his) facial structure – I don’t know, something gave me the idea that this guy was 300 or 400 years old! It was a very powerful face…not ugly, (just) powerful looking!

Their heads were bald, and they also had neither eyebrows nor eyelashes or no other facial hair of any kind. They had jet black eyes, small with white pupils, a small “flattened” nose, and small mouths that neither opened nor moved, even when they spoke.

Appearance Of Floating Instead Of Walking!

Even stranger was the “gill-like protrusions” on each side of the faces which appeared to be constantly in motion. He would further describe these strange figures as being several inches short of six feet and barely 150 pounds in weight.

On their bodies were “black, silverfish all-encompassing overalls with no visible seams”. Later in their encounter, one of these humanoids would brush against his arm allowing Sands to feel the “rough, heavy duty sandpaper” texture of the strange fabric.

Around their waists was a white belt – the same color and design as a white strap which went from right shoulder to left waist. On the belt, several silver objects hung down about an inch in length.

Perhaps strangest of all, however, was the appearance that they were floating over the ground instead of walking. This could have been due to what appeared to be thick padding over the top and back of their feet. However, the lack of sound would also suggest to Sands that this was the case.

He would estimate a 10-minute conversation then began, much of which, as we mentioned at the beginning, he would not relay the details of the encounter at the request of these strange entities.

“We Know Where You Are And We Will See You Again!”

He was, though, happy to speak of several questions the strange humanoids asked him. According to Sands’ claims, they would first ask him why was there in the first place to which he replied he was “an entertainer” and “in Las Vegas to do a show”.

With the glittering lights of the casinos, light shows, and all manner of hedonistic entertainment taking place in the distance, the humanoid enquired why so many people came to the city. To this, Sands tried to explain that many tourists visited the city for many different reasons.

Then, the humanoid asked:

What is your means of communication?

Sands explained that he was confused by this and didn’t fully understand the question. He began to explain there were “several types of communication” available to them. Then, the humanoid interrupted him with an impatient tone telling him to “answer the question”.

Becoming a little unnerved he tried to explain again that he didn’t understand what was meant by the question. After a moment or two, the humanoid turned to face the other. They would simply stare at each other for around two minutes.

This last detail is an interesting point. Although Sands doesn’t state so, it is possible that the two humanoids were communicating telepathically. Especially given their last question. As well as the many cases of similar close contact that state as much.

Then, the humanoid turned back to face Sands, stating in a deep voice with “noticeable spacing” between each word:

Don’t say anything about this meeting. We know where you are and will see you again!

And with that, each figure turned and walked back into the night, towards their waiting craft. Then, a “flash of light came up” and they and the craft vanished.

Lie Detector Answers That Were “Not Consistent With Deception Criteria!”

Sands would estimate the entire scenario took no more than 10 minutes from his car stalling to the flash of light which saw the figures and the craft vanished. As soon as they had left, though, his car started immediately. He started out immediately, making his way back to Las Vegas.

Upon arriving he would make a report of the encounter to Las Vegas Police Department. However, they would send him to nearby Nellis Air Force Base, and specifically, the Office of Special Investigations.

Once there, it became clear, whether intentionally or not, that no one was able, or wished to assist him. The person he spoke with at the Nellis base would claim that they no longer actively investigated UFO reports. And furthermore, their radar didn’t pick up anything out of the ordinary on the night in question.

Incidentally, it would later come to light following APRO investigators efforts with the case that police in the Las Vegas area did receive several reports of an unusual object on the night in question. It not only matched the one described by Sands, but the timeframe of the sightings was also the same as Sands’ encounter. NOTE: The above images are CGI.