I was driving west bound on the mass pike, I 90, on November 5th, 2021. I observed an item in the sky that was different than the rest. It appeared at first like a V shaped cloud. However, it did not exhibit the same reflective properties of other clouds in the sky at the time. I initially thought it was a jet trail, but the way it moved, it would have to have been a plane crashing into earth, as it moved downward from a high elevation toward the earth’s surface. There was mostly blue sky, but this object seemed different. As I made my way down the highway the exposure to this sighting came and went as the curves of the road changed and lost sight behind trees. I always tracked the area I should see it. It was always there when I came around the bends. I came upon a long stretch of highway where I could not see this v shaped cloud like object, where I should have. This is where the unbelievable happened. As I scanned the area and I noticed an object sitting stationary in the sky. It was not like the cloud formation. It was certainly a metallic object. Not too far from the ground. It was weird, we have all seen planes and helicopters floating above, but this stood truly stationary. And very defined in the clear sky. It was an oblong object…

As though it was a disk, with the front side tilted away from where I was, creating a sort of oval shape. On the surface it was similar to a pill shape. It was dull in color, but clearly a metallic object, similar to what a pewter color looks like but a bit darker, very dull but deep in its color. I could not believe my eyes. It remained stationary for about 15 seconds, after which it simply disappeared right in front of my eyes. I literally watched it disappear. We have all seen magic tricks where things disappear, this was nothing like that or anything I have ever seen in my entire life. I could not tell if the object simply disappeared or sped off at a speed that cannot be comprehensible to the human eye. It did appear to shrink in size as it disappeared, but it happened so fast I cannot be sure if it disappeared in its location or took off at an extreme speed and I just could not tell. I called my wife, which I interrupted in the middle of a meditation session and she was not receptive to hearing about what I saw, after I got home we spoke and I made a believer out of her with the story. I called my mother at the time, knowing she was coming from the other direction on the same highway on her way home from work. I told her what I saw and told her to look toward the sky. She saw the v shaped object, looking like a jet trail, on the opposite side of the highway, as it would be oriented from her position. She also acknowledged the presence of a “grey cloud like object” in the vicinity, which didn’t match anything else in the sky, and quickly disappeared.

I saw it as a definitive metallic object, sitting stationary, where she saw only a cloud like object. She thought I was nuts when I initially called her, but she was able to see the same things I saw while travelling in the opposite direction on the same road. At this point she was at about Ludlow MA, and I was in Charlton, MA area, after talking through my initial sighting. She saw what she saw and was shocked it matched mine exactly. The downward facing V shaped cloud where she saw it, and as she described matched mine exactly, including, a cut out on one the tails of V. She saw what I saw, there was no doubt. Her tone changed dramatically when she saw this, she thought I was crazy at the beginning of the call, but when she saw it, I knew she was seeing what I had. I could tell she was seeing something she never has before. As I traveled further on I-90 I would pass the area she saw it in, and kept my eyes on the sky. This is where my second encounter occurred. I saw a glint of light that sat below and diagonal to the sun, it stayed there for about 10 seconds, it was as though someone was holding a mirror in the sky, then it simply disappeared. Upon seeing it I immediately pulled to the side of the highway to try to observe further.

At this time, this had disappeared as well. However, within less than a minute after this second sighting two fighter jets came from behind (where I came from) me and ran alongside the highway until they crossed about a mile or so ahead. I was able to get a photo of one of the jets above the tree line. There is no doubt in my mind what I saw was extra-terrestrial. The way the object disappeared, whether through a camouflage technology or simply a high-speed departure, is like nothing I have ever seen before. And for my mother to see the same event miles ahead of me right after I did suggest a travel path of the craft, and me to see it after this, suggests it stopped again somewhere along this route, which makes sense why I saw it stationary again. Nobody believed the account of the event, but I know for sure what I saw, and my mother can account for similar sightings miles down the highway travelling in the opposite direction. There is no doubt in my mind, as I live and breath, this was an encounter with an extra-terrestrial space craft. NOTE: The above image is CGI.