On the evening of 10th February 1977, Deputy Kenneth Creel and Constable James Luke, both of Madison County Sheriff’s Department, were on routine patrol duty around the small town of Flora in Mississippi.

Creel would spot the object first while driving approximately four miles outside of Flora. He at first thought it was a particularly bright star. However, the more he watched it he realized it was growing rapidly brighter. And bigger.

The closer it got to them the more the actual shape of the object began to become clear. By the time he realized it was distinctly disc-shaped, he would radio the Mississippi Highway Patrol. As the object approached their location, passing over one of the fields that ran alongside the road, the shape of this strange craft became even clearer.

When it was “about 200 yards” from their car, Creel stopped the vehicle. Each of the officers sat silently attempting to hear any sounds that might be coming from this strange craft. A noise “like a blender…like it was straining, when you first put ice in it!”

Within seconds the object was hovering directly over the patrol car, giving the impression it was “being piloted” as it did.

“I Know I’m Not Crazy!”

The object remained in place, hovering over their patrol car, approximately 20 to 30 feet above them. Creel would recall looking directly up at the object from his patrol car. Although he couldn’t see any occupants or pilots, he did report “little windows” on the craft with “light coming out” of them. This light, he would elaborate, would change color several times, including blue, red, and green.

The officers would watch the object for around a minute before Creel started the engine and began slowly reversing so he could turn the vehicle around. However, the object “just picked up and took off”, vanishing within seconds.

He would later recall to the press:

I know I’m not crazy. I’ve always said I didn’t believe in this stuff! I don’t know what I saw but I know I saw something!

Just before the object took off at high speed, Highway Patrolman Louis Younger had pulled up to the scene. He too saw the round object hovering over the patrol car before disappearing at high speed.

Although they didn’t know it at the time, as well as other witnesses to the events on the night in question, there were others from accounts in the days that followed.

Creel, Luke, or Younger were not the only witnesses to strange events that evening. Several others would report similar strange aerial happenings that evening over Flora. These included Deputy Charles Bowering and Highway Patrolman Joe Chandler, who would claim to view the object from a distance.

Another police officer, Hubert Roberts would claim to have “blinked his police car headlights” at the object to which it responded.

Several nights later, however, in nearby Jayess, news of another incident with multiple witnesses would surface.

The Jayess Multiple Witness Sighting

While there appears to be some discrepancy as to the actual date of the sighting, it would seem that most put an incident at Jayess on the evening of 12th February 1977 – several days after the sighting of Creel, Luke, and the other officers and residents of Flora.

On the night in question, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Alexander, Mrs. Denver Alexander (Denver being Darwin’s brother) and her son, Eddie, who lived on the same street, and another neighbor, Mr. and Mrs. Cothern, would report seeing a bizarre “upside down dish-shaped” craft hovering over the quiet suburban street.

Mrs. Darwin Alexander would receive a call from her sister-in-law telling her to look out of her window. She, along with her husband duly did. There, hovering overhead was brightly lit craft. She would further recall how the object made a “swooshing noise” but otherwise just “hovered silently”.

Meanwhile, in the Denver Alexander household, where Mrs. Denver Alexander, Eddie, and the Cotherns all stood in the back yard of the property viewing the grey, hovering object. At evenly spaced intervals were glowing red lights, while at the top was a dome.

The six witnesses, each from their respective positions, would watch the craft for several minutes. Then, and again like the sighting in Flora, the object would take off into the night sky and disappear without warning.

On the same evening, at nearby Brookhaven Municipal Airport, several more reports were received from concerned members of the public regarding the strange sighting. NOTE: The above images are CGI.





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