My daughter and I went out to view the Perseid Meteor Shower late on Thursday, August 11, at a small park in Rochester N.H., and while we were looking overhead toward the South we spotted a small light moving slowly in all directions. As we watched we realized it wasn’t moving away from us. After a few minutes we realized it was shaped like a triangle with a bright light toward the front and two dimmer, green-tinted lights in the back. We also noticed that there were very faint green lines forming the triangle and connecting the three dots. It was a solid object and the lights never changed distances from one another.  The movement did not resemble a helicopter, airplane, satellite, drone or anything we had ever seen fly in the area before. It made no noise that we could hear and it clearly had nothing to do with the meteor shower. It in no way looked like a shooting star. Sometimes it moved quickly to the left or right. Sometimes it moved forward in the direction of the brightest light and then backed away in the direction of the two green lights. However, it always remained above us with no real pattern of movement.  We were in an open field surrounded by trees and it remained above the open area from 11:45 p.m. on Aug. 11, and we left the scene on Aug. 12 at 1:57 a.m.  At one point it seemed to not only move toward the spot where we were sitting, but down towards us. It then quickly backed away again to its original spot in the sky.  While it did move some distance, it never left our sight and was almost always directly above our heads. 

I made phone calls to the Pease Air Force base nearby and asked them to look to see if they saw anything on radar or any other equipment. However, they said they could only see flight plans and transponders. The man on the phone said he would look into our sighting further.  We also called the Rochester Police Department and they responded with three vehicles. The officers observed our UFO and somewhat laughed it off, but nicely. Both the police officers and the man from the Pease Air Force Base wondered if it might be a drone, but I do not know of any drones that are solid, triangular with three lights. It flew in so many directions for such a long period of time and made no noise of any kind. In any event, our sighting was documented by an airport and the local police.  Through the entire event the object never moved very quickly, but it did change speeds and stop and start again. My daughter noticed that there was a grey coloring in the solid area between the lights. She also so on the side of the triangle lights, smaller rectangular lights separated almost like windows.  This was the first UFO sighting that either of us has ever experienced. We saw no evidence of aliens. All we saw was the object itself.  From what the police told me later, they had many calls from other citizens who saw the ufo and one called this national reporting hotline as well.  The police also said that Rochester has no drones nor does the New Hampshire State Police. They also said that the military would have informed them of any surveillance going on in the city. They had no military notifications that night.  NOTE: The above image is my CGI.