October, 1974
Time of Sighting: Late Dusk (Nearly Dark)
Location of Sighting: Island of Guam

Witness Has Consented to Use of His Name in The Report Below:
 In 35 years I have not told this story, but to a select few. No one will believe it and I can’t say I blame them. From time to time I read or hear or watch something in magazines, on TV, and the memory of it all comes back. I visited this site for the first time this morning. I had googled Guam, Ufos, and 1974 just wondering what would come up. Only one story existed, but it fit right in with mine. I have checked your site out a bit and it appears legit. It is good that someone does this. So for the first time ever I am going to give you my exclusive story. I was serving with the US Navy Seabees on the Island of guam in the fall of 1974. I was 20 years old, of sound mind and body. It was late in the evening and I among others had been mustered for night guard duty. Myself and a few others had gotten into the habit of playing tennis under the lights in the cool of the night down near our work site under lights. One of my tennis partners was to stand watch and was delayed so I was going to go early and reserve our spot to play tennis. He and two others were to come join me in about thirty minutes. It was late dusk (very near darkness), but still with that orange look like only you see in the Pacific. It was approximately a 2 mile bike ride from our barracks (Camp Covington) to the courts, but, a shortcut was available through an old abandoned and shelled out WWll camp that was about a mile from our barracks area. The shortcut was just a trail through the jungle basically. At night, with the moon out, you could make out the trail because on the coral it showed white, so you could see how to get through. I was riding a bicycle with tennis racket in hand pedaling slowly with not a care in the world and had just entered the old WWll Japanese site. I distinctly remember hearing like a clicking sound, and as I write this, I still break out in chillsA brilliant white light hits me. It feels like it is inside me and all around me.

 I hear another clicking sound. I remember putting my foot down. I was stunned. I looked up and there it was. I always lose points here because I can’t describe what I saw other than to say it appeared large, like small plane size. (I can’t really say because although it appeared to be hovering very low, it was impossible to tell. Brilliant colored lights were pulsating from what appeared to be underneath. I stared at it for what seemed like only a few seconds and never making any kind of noise whatsoever. It starts moving, slowly at first then going faster than any plane could ever move and then in what I can best describe as moves like a cursor would make on a computer screen. This thing moves like nothing you can imagine horizon to horizon and then in one amazing maneuver this thing shoots up and disappears into what seems a ripple in the sky. Then it was gone! That was it! I seemed like just a few seconds at most. I remember that my whole body seemed like it was on fire with adrenalin. I turned that bike around and as fast as I could I was pedaling to get out of that jungle. I remember just barely going around a curve when I met up with the guy that I was going to play tennis with on his way down. A.J. (name deleted to preserve confidentiality) of Kansas is all I remember now. I wrecked my bike, and I know that I blurted out my story to him. Of course I am sure he didn’t believe me. We ended up playing tennis. I remember I am in complete shock. I couldn’t even move. Tennis balls would bounce off of me. So my tennis pals am sure tired of this and we returned to the barracks. All is a blur here. I remember A.J. telling others about what I told him and of course this is taken with grains of salt by all. By the next day, this story has made the rounds. ” Ol Miller claims he saw a UFO.” and much worse. LIke I said, I was just in complete shock. For days, I didn’t sleep. It felt like my body was wide awake and would never relax. 

For weeks I could barely make myself go out at night. I was months before I would go alone. This period is basically a blur. I do remember during this time, someone feeling sorry for the abuse that I had taken for claiming such a thing. Someone brought me an article from a local paper, with a claim that a night watchman had sighted a UFO. As I remember it, it was the same night as my ‘deal’, but I never thought of it again until years later. It was later, at least a month that I seemed to recall before several things started to dawn on me. One was the two clicks and the light. They seemed to be almost instantaneous, but then it dawned on me. It was still dusk when the light hit, but after the second click it was dark and night time. Then I recalled that I spun the bike around. I spun around from a dead stop I might add. (I had been pedaling at normal speed.) Upon reversing course, I almost immediately ran into my tennis partner. Slowly I figured out that . He should have been a half hour behind me, but he was right on top of me. As if he was almost following me. Then I remembered it being totally dark. I just had a complete half hour or so just vanish. (Later as the story grew and people were talking about it my tennis pal P. (name deleted) stated that just before he had met me when I wrecked in front of him, he had met this other guy walking up the path. Now this is where it starts getting weird and spooky. This guy never saw me he said and I sure never saw him. We should have just met on this little trail in the old WW11 camp in the jungle. Then it dawns on me that the only way for that to happen would be for me to be out in the jungle sleeping or something. So now I got to come up with some idea of what happened. It was light, then it wasn’t. In what seemed like seconds, was actually at the very least thirty minutes, maybe an hour. This is my story. To this day, I rarely go a day without it not entering my mind, what happened.

Note: Wow what a story! There is very little more to say about this case. Given that it happened over 30 years ago no investigation can be done. The witness seems credible and has supplied several graphics verifying his military career. 

Comments I just came across the incident posted by P.D. Miller that occurred on Guam fall of 1974. Both he and I served in the same department, S-3, Engineering, U.S. Naval Mobile Construction. Battalion 74. I recall the incident clearly. Phil, or “P.D.” as he was referred to, was visibly shaken when he returned to our “hooch”. I had heard rumors of unusual sightings/experiences that same evening