OCTOBER 28, 1977…………………… HOONAH ALASKA

I was a city police officer in Hoonah, Alaska from September 1977 to March 1979. On October 28, 1977 at approximately 2330hrs. I was doing a security patrol check of the city airport a couple miles from Hoonah. This air strip was gravel at the time, no lights, tower or flight control. It was a basic Alaskan daylight dirt air strip approx. 3000 to 3500 feet long, running roughly East to West. On occasions juveniles would race up & down the strip at night with their vehicles. Reason for the patrol checks. The night in question was nearly a full moon rising to the East. Broken “Puffy” clouds to the SE and South, at approx. 5000 to 10,000 feet. Stars observed above and thru clouds. The sky to North, NE, West was clear full of stars. Sky was bright from the Moon to the East. I pulled the patrol vehicle (Chev Blazer) out of the entrance road, turning off my headlights and engine, parking in the parking area to the right of the main taxiway, approx. 150 feet from West end of runaway. I watched to the East, towards the city maintenance shed, which was on the South side of runway toward the East end of the strip. No other vehicles or subjects where observed. No sounds heard, other than river flow near the airport. Night was very quiet. I was getting ready to start vehicle to head back to town, when a very bright white landing light came out of the clouds from the SE at approx. 5000 or 6000 feet. It was approx. 2 to 3 miles from the East end of airstrip slowly dropping in altitude as if going to land.

I still had the vehicle shut down with no engine running or lights on. My driver’s window was down and I could not hear any engine sounds from the aircraft coming towards the airstrip. At the time I believed it was a plane with engine trouble trying to dead stick an emergency landing. Within less than two minutes the aircraft had closed to nearly the East end of the strip and had dropped to less than a couple hundred feet above the runway. Thinking that the pilot might not be able to see the West end of the runway in the Moon Light I started my vehicle and pulled towards the West end of the runway and turned my headlights on high beam shining them on the end of the airstrip. At that time the Aircraft stopped an hovered about 100 to 200 feet above the runway approx. 600 to 700 feet from my vehicle. The bright white landing light went out and the Craft went dark. I could not hear any sound from it, but could see the shape of the Craft silhouetted by the Moon. It was shaped like an upside down funnel with the spout cut off and a round dome on top in place of the spout. On the bottom was what appeared to be a jumble of pipes or tubes hanging down about 15 or 20 feet below the Craft, maybe half a dozen or so. Some looked bent or curved, at right angles, others pointing straight down at different lengths. Over all the Craft was about the width of a twin engine Piper Cherokee, 60 to 80 feet across, maybe 15 feet high, not counting the pipes hanging down. I thought at the time it kind of was shaped like the Jupiter 2 from the TV show from the 1960’s Lost in Space. I didn’t see any windows, just the silhouette. After about about 90 seconds of hovering there not moving I saw lights start slowly flashing around the outside center line of the Craft. They started as red, blue, green, violet, yellow, all colors of the rainbow, moving slowly from left to right. The speed of the lights increased and at that time I could “Feel” a hum from the direction of the Craft, I could feel it in my teeth, thru my body armor into my body, it was “tingly” and I felt pressure building in my ears and around my body. The lights increased in speed until they were just a rainbow of blurred light. I was like it was winding up. I was watching the Craft out the driver’s window and saw it go vertical, straight up incredibly fast to the NE into clear star filled sky.

I started counting one thousand and one when it went and I didn’t make it to one thousand and two before it was completely out of sight, lost in the star field. As soon as it left the pressure or “tingling” was gone. After the incident I wrote up the encounter in my personal notebook, (still have the page) but not in my patrol log note book. I was a new cop and didn’t want to get known as an Officer that “see’s things”, doesn’t look good in Court and would give a defense attorney a opening to dis-credit testimony. I did not report this incident until 20 some years after my retirement from law enforcement and my last court cases and appeals were done. I never forgot this incident and after the invention of the Internet and Laptops I tried to find out if there where another sightings like mine in the North West during that time frame. I also tried to do the math for velocity and G’s. based on the guesstimate of a second and a half to plus 200,000 feet and got roughly 48,000mph and approx. 32G’s from a dead stop to out of sight. Don’t know if it’s even close, but the thing was fast. Very fast. Thank you kindly for your time. Respectfully. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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