1. Camping at Point Plomer. Looked out the roof of the tent (Sky roof) at 4am and saw a bright star like object which was moving occasionally within its area. Then, smaller star like objects started to come out of the bright object and fly away quickly in different directions. Also saw at least 5 ‘shooting stars’ in this time one which moved in an arc. I sat up after watching this for 30 minutes and saw a large bright object about 400 meters from our tent. It was hovering about 50 meters above the sand NE and started to come closer. It then changed from one bright light to 6 smaller lights (like it had changed from high beams to park lights!) before moving away. Over two hours it moved away slowly and I have video footage of the image spinning and when I zoom in you can see the lights. It stayed there until sunrise and was there until the sun was so bright we could no longer see it. Up in the night sky I saw 20+ of these objects, some which flashed red and some which would disappear and re-appear, some which zoomed off at incredible speed. Since then, we’ve seen the bright hovering light up the east coast the past week. I noticed it first by the Bright light moving, then other lights emerging from it. Then lights flashing red and large bright light spinning Could not be explained. Too large and fast for a drone (plus it was silent) I did not have a feeling of being threatened, more that it was just there to observe. It also did not seem bothered by being found as it was so prominent and did not appear to leave.




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A 20-year-old college student, a young lady in the Fishkill area of upstate New York, was driving alone on a local road in the Fishkill area at about 6 p.m. on December 7, 2016, when she saw a tremendous boomerang in the sky. It was silver and larger than five or six football fields put together, she said in a telephone interview days after she filed a witness report with MUFON, which she filed more than three months after she experienced the event because she needed time to sort it all out, she told me. It was probably a hundred feet up, she said. It floated right over my car and even affected my cell phone. Turns out, the young lady experienced a Close Encounter of the Second Kind. The object passed over a large two-story building which helped her gauge the scale of the enormous object, she added.  Of course, the witness was stunned. She had never seen anything like it before in her life. I know what I saw, it wasn’t a plane, it was a boomerang-shaped, silent UFO, the witness wrote in her report. What’s more, the craft was absolutely silent and had three bright, white lights on each wing of the boomerang, she told me the telephone interview. I watched it hover, she went on for about 30 seconds.  Then it started to move away. I got my cell phone out to take a picture of it, but the phone wouldn’t work right. It was pushing numbers on its own. I couldn’t make it work! While I was fidgeting with it the boomerang came back and went the other way. I finally got the camera to shoot video, but you can’t see anything.  After reviewing a photo of the area that the witness sent me, on which she scribbled black marker lines to indicate the size and direction of the UFO over a building, I understood that the craft headed west towards the Hudson River, which is exactly what I would soon find out was the direction a second witness reported seeing the same craft move  that is, after I did my research on CMS.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Hello, can I report that I have just seen just now what looks like a UFO sighting over here near Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal today October 5 2016 at 9:30pm.   I’m not easily convinced and can explain away lots of things but this was different.  It is night already.  I was in my garden just now and happened to look at the sky.  This is a place where aircraft heading for Lisbon airport, fly overhead making a lot of noise and blinking a lot of lights, nonetheless, I use Flight Radar 24 sometimes to track them for curiosity and nothing was flying above at the time. As I just said this was something completely different, big and totally quiet, heading in a straight line direction north-south heading south.  3 very dim yellowish lights no blinking in a triangle formation plus another light near the forward tip of the triangle slightly offset to the side all moving in perfect unison creating the appearance of a very big silent dark triangle moving through the starry sky completely silent at a speed of about 400 kph.  This seemed like a big dark triangle, moving in straight line in complete eerily silence or maybe it was something flying very high, like a satellite  moving in unison.   Sometimes you also see satellites flying above here, very rare and normally just one bright white light or reflecting sunlight flying through the sky.


Here I could not tell the altitude and couldn’t see any features, just three dim yellow lights forming what looked like a huge triangle in the sky of size at least aprox. double or triple the size of a conventional commercial aircraft of type Airbus a320 or Boeing 737 that you see when on the outskirts 10 miles away from the airport.   No blinking lights, no white or red lights, just three dim yellow lights navigating eerily silent through the sky forming a perfect triangle.  Whatever it was, it was probably painted dark because you could see nothing reflecting of it, just black and three dim lights. Just wanted to write this here before I forget the details.  Thanks and sorry for writing all this as.   I’m still kinda excited and very much puzzled. For the first time I tend to believe they are here among us but why the lights even if dim and flying over the outskirts of a city at this hour.   Possibly someone else has noticed it too.   Well, maybe there’s some kind of secret and mysterious new big silent craft that just glides through the sky in total silence. Minutes after that, several aircraft passed and you could clearly ear the loud noise and all the blinking lights you can even see the lights inside the plane, completely different on what is a starry night with just very high altitude clouds and temp aprox 20 centigrade especially in the dead of night. Curiously I didn’t have my phone with me, even if I had, it wouldn’t capture anything in the black of the night it would be like photographing dim stars.   Even if I had the camera, the thing zoomed by in just 3 or 4 seconds and then disappeared over the trees of neighbours gardens.   I tried to go to better vantage point but nothing.  The lights were too dim, so no time even to think in taking a picture as you’re just looking kind of in awe and perplexed.   Amazing especially the silence of a big flying object. Very eerie sudden and different experience but also fantastic.  NOTE: The aove image is CGI.


This case is under investigation by International Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Portugal.