As she was driving on the A5 road towards her family home from Shrewsbury, twenty-year-old, Diane Foulkes would witness events that were fascinating and other-worldly. It was around 2 am and she was approaching the Montford Bridge which stretched over the River Severn. Suddenly, the entire area around her lit up. The source of this sudden glow of light was a circular object which was almost directly overhead.  She watched the object for only a second or two before fear, and adrenaline kicked in. She pressed down hard on the accelerator, now in a hurry to reach her destination. To her alarm, the brightly lit object followed her. It remained at the same height and distance, but all the while, it casually pursued her vehicle.  When she finally arrived home, she ran from the car and alerted her parents. Both her mother and father would witness the strange disc-shaped craft from the garden of their home. The craft made no noise of any kind and glowed a pale-yellow color. After thirty minutes it rapidly began to get smaller and smaller. As it did so, it began to change to an orange-red glow until finally it was gone. All three witnesses would assume the object was speeding away from them.  Although Diane and her parents would largely keep the sighting to themselves, when a similar episode occurred, they would seek advice from the military.

Rays Of Light Administer “Electric Shock” Sensation!

Almost exactly two years later on 8th November 1966, Diane would encounter what seemed to be the same craft. And what’s more, the encounter would take place at almost the same spot as it had previously. Just prior to midnight, as she neared the same bridge, the glowing round craft appeared in the sky overhead. This time, however, it was much lower to the ground than before.  Diane would later report that she could see “rays of light” emanating from the airborne vehicle. As she had before, although somewhat calmer, she continued on her journey home. And, as before, the object followed her, maintaining the same distance throughout. At least initially.  After several minutes the strange craft suddenly approached the moving car. As it made its way past, the lights from inside briefly penetrated the vehicle. She would describe feeling a “bump against the side (of the car)”, while at the same moment feeling a sensation like an electric shock in her neck. Simultaneously, the left-hand side headlight also went out.  The object would back away again and then maintain its distance before vanishing. Shortly after returning home, however, Diane would begin to feel “very ill” for the rest of the evening.

Military Denial, And Connections To Mr. Griffin 

Two days following her second encounter, on 10th November 1966, Diane’s father would contact Flight Lieutenant Williams at RAF Shrewsbury. He wished to know if the military could shed any light on an incident along the A5 that had “left his daughter frightened by an object in the sky”. There was, he would report, even “burn marks” on the left-hand side of his daughter’s car, proving that something was most certainly over the road that evening.  A letter, dated the 11th November, would arrive at the Foulkes’ home on the 14th. In it, it informed them that “no service aircraft had been flying in that area at the time of the incident”. Not that Diane seriously considered the military as being behind the bizarre sighting. Although she wasn’t sure exactly what it was she had seen, she believed it was probably connected to another local resident, Mr. Griffin.  According to Diane, and many other townsfolk, Mr. Griffin was “reputed to have made contact” with the occupants of these bizarre objects. Furthermore, there were some who claimed he had even gone inside these other-worldly vehicles. Further still, the contacts of Mr. Griffin had taken place at the same bridge where Diane had witnessed the glowing disc.  The incident remains unexplained. It is, however, far from the only UFO sighting in this region of the United Kingdom.   NOTE: The above image is CGI.