On an April evening on year 2021, we were celebrating with a dinner my daughters and my birthday as we are 2 days apart. We were at my mothers house, she was my neighbor, house is about 20ft apart leaving her porch area. I have always appreciated the night sky, and being at the country it provides clear skies and nights. I’m always looking up, then I noticed the most astonishing event in my life. I noticed a slow moving craft about 300 – 500 ft. wide craft. I’m a General Contractor, I know my measurements and distances. The shape was either a boomerang or triangle shape. The craft was Flying about 500ft high, it was low for a conventional plane or military jet, dark grayish Solid and semi transparent material as if it was camouflaging or blending into the dark sky, there was slight clouds very light, way above the craft and the moonlight was strong that night. My family and I were walking outside from the house when I noticed the craft, I instantly notified my family members to look up in excitement and they looked up. Walking behind me as we all stood still. Shocked, amazed, speechless, and not knowing or speaking a word we looked at each other, I excitedly yelled, “I knew that they were real!”.

The craft flew directly over both our houses and the direction was from South to North. The craft took about 30 to 45 seconds for it to come out of our view, its enough time to really witness properly its shape and noticed some details about it. Very slow in flying, low altitude, and for the size it was, it had no type of propulsion or jet engine noise. Completely quiet and felt no wind at all. Besides witnessing the triangular shape, I noticed that there was about 3 lights on the sides from the center point, totaling 6. They were not really lights as the luminosity was not intense, like if it was some type of energy points generating a dim light, but not lightbulbs or flashing lights. The craft’s color was between Gray and Blackish areas, it was not even in color. Not sure if the color differentiated surface was from shadows or it was actually varied between grays and blacks. The edges where round, no other lights but those on the sides. No signs or markings, nothing that I would be able to identify. After it flew by, I was tremendously exited, and I knew that very few people have seen something of that nature and that close in person. It was very real, no hallucinations, no drugs, no alcohol, it was a super rare real close personal and witness by many event. I’ve only seen these type of witness accounts on tv, magazines, and videos. Never would I have imagined being able to witness something of this magnitude.

The best thing about this is that it wasn’t the first or last time we saw that craft in the same area. Minutes, less than 15, we saw the craft again, this time it was noticed by my mother first. We stood still outside discussing the sighting as other had gone back inside, and confirming to my mother that it wasn’t my first but first of its kind sighting. This time the direction was from south east traveling in straight line to North West, same speed but this time further away, about triple the distance in height from first sighting and about a mile from distance of us. At that point my daughter, wife, mother and I were present on the second sighting. Reconfirming our sighting. I even called 911 emergency to report the sighting, the operator did not provide instructions at all or any type of guidance, she even asked what I would like her to do, I believe I told her to report to its proper branch or organization, and she basically mocked me. I wanted to register the sighting i felt frustrated. Later that night we noticed a sheriffs’ patrol SUV outside my street about 100 ft. From where I live, parked for about 30 mins, under a street light with all inside dark. I knew there was a concern, enough to send a unit. That call may collaborate my sighting. In the following weeks and months, I witnessed the several phenomenon’s around the same area and around the same time. always around 11:30 time frame at night.

The crafts varied, from a Rhombus shapes to orbs, and even a boomerang craft/s consisting of about 30 orbs on each side totaling 60 from center, slow enough to count just like the first one, massive craft. All slowly hovering in the sky, defying shapes of conventional flying manmade vehicles or drones. I have sketched several of the shapes I saw with color and events, including beams and fast accelerations and “cloaking” characteristics. It lasted until mid August that I witnessed crafts and shapes in the sky, feeling weird at times and even felt like I was being watched at times. My wife and daughter witnessed some of those events. For sometime I even went outside and kind of tried to summon more sightings and it would actually happen!. sounds crazy, I know. Since those events I have witnessed many sightings and I’ve recorded some orbs or lights flying, I have the footage to provide. I have a story to tell and it should be told, I feel like I can contribute information to this kind of phenomenon based on my sightings. I honestly feel frustrated that I cannot tell my story to people, something this amazing cannot stay in silence. My social media posts includes the sightings to collaborate my story as I like to post them and announce the sightings disregarding comments or the crazy accusations. Many have even come to me asking questions as others now worry because of recent government statements on recent recordings and UAP sightings. Its creating fear and planting the UAP phenomenon into peoples minds. Please do contact me for a more detailed statement or information. I’m educated, self employed, intelligent, normal human who likes to study astronomy. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.