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It was August 2009 and my father (Age 53 at the time), my brother (21), my boyfriend (29) and myself (24) were house sitting for my boyfriend’s sister. Her home is isolated and sits atop a mountain outside Northumberland, PA. It is surrounded by trees which frame an outstandingly clear view of the sky. We were inside the house, chatting and finishing dinner (about 9 or 10 0’clock) when we heard a very strange sound, a low roar that lasted no more than a few seconds, but was quickly followed by what we thought was an earthquake. The house is huge by anyone’s standards, 3 floors, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and built solid. It would take quite a natural force to shake the whole thing. The vibration was enough to rattle items on shelves, but it lasted only a second or two. We were startled because the weather was beautiful, no clouds or rain or wind. It was a perfect summer night. We didn’t know what to make of it, so we went about our business, clearing dishes and then stepping out onto the upstairs patio to enjoy the night. We hadn’t been outside for long when I noticed a strange “star” in the sky. I thought I had seen it move, so I watched it. It began turning different colors – red, green, white, blue- so I quickly pointed it out to the others. They picked it out of the sky right away and the four of us watched as it moved, ever so slightly, as if it were hovering in place. The lights came and went, and almost looked like they were rotating, as if the object they were attached to were spinning. We were all pretty convinced that this was not a star that we were looking at, when it started darting in short spurts. It would hover, then dart to the right, then up, then back to it’s starting position. It didn’t travel far in these spurts, but it was moving in ways that no plane could. We were utterly convinced that this was something none of us had seen before. We watched, in awe, for about half an hour – all of us staring at the sky, unable to explain what we were seeing, when all of a sudden, it disappeared. Just like that. All the rest of the stars in the sky were visible, it wasn’t a cloud. It just…vanished. We all kind of gasped and cursed and got excited when it suddenly reappeared in a completely different region of the sky. We didn’t witness it traveling to that spot – but we should have. It was inexplicable. It hovered and darted in that spot for about a minute when all of a sudden it flashed a bright light and began coming toward us! I know this sounds unreal, and maybe that’s why I’ve kept our story between the four of us and a few close friends for 2 years, but I swear to you that this next experience has changed all of our lives forever. We cannot explain what we saw. We saw the bright light, and then we saw this giant, black mass coming right at us. I will never know how it traveled from a distance relative to stars to the rooftop so quickly. It was literally seconds. We all kind of screamed, watching the light get closer, but never taking our eyes off of it. It came so close that we thought it would begin to knock over treetops or crash into the house. The object we saw was enormous. It dwarfed the house and the property and was the blackest black, with no details visible except for a few orangish white lights on the bottom. It was shaped like a guitar pick and it seemed as if these dull lights were placed in the corners of the triangle. It was traveling fast and made NO SOUND.


It is impossible for something so gigantic to fly. It is even more impossible for it to do so silently. As it flew directly over the house, I ran inside, through the house and out a door on the opposite side to catch the rest of it’s descent. I saw the mass, but it was so low that I lost it to the trees as soon as it passed. We were hysterical. My father and I were yelling, excited and scared at the same time, recounting what we has just seen. My boyfriend was quiet, stunned, not sure how to react. My brother solemnly whispered “Holy F*&#, that was the Starship Enterprise”, not trying to be funny, but in a reflective, shocked manner. We all went over the sequence of events a hundred times that night, and probably hundreds since then. We assumed no one outside the house would take us seriously, so we kept it to ourselves. The family and close friends we did tell gave us pitying looks and offered up explanations like ‘planes’ and ‘search lights.’ That is not even close to what we saw. We are all level headed, educated people, and we were the first to try and debunk what we were seeing, but we could not. This experience has changed our lives, and I think that we are finally ready for real answers and real input. Was the strange sound/shaking of the house related to what we saw? Why did it come so close to us? Where did it go? Did it land? How could it have been so big? WHAT WAS IT?? It has taken me a year and a half to share my story, but I have thought about this every day. I live not even 2 miles from where this sighting took place, and have since witnessed other UFO activity which I would happily share with anyone who is interested or willing to offer answers, but what happened on that night is the most haunting experience of my life. I need to know what we saw. – MUFON CMS

NOTE: On September 14th, 2002 at 1:45 PM, approximately 3 weeks after the See’s incident, a large silver disk-shaped UFO was reported to me by a resident in Northumberland, PA. The UFO was hovering above the Montour Ridge, very near the See’s property. The witness, who was an attorney in the area, stated that they estimated that the craft was over 400 ft in diameter, 1500 ft above ground and silent. There was a soft glow around the craft which allowed a visual description. It hovered for approximately 30 seconds, then disappeared completely. I received the report on September 17th, 2002…before I had any knowledge of the Sees incident.

There have been 30 UFO-related sighting reports to MUFON for Northumberland County, PA since 1995. We are constantly checking with databases and researchers for other reports. Your cooperation would be appreciated. Lon


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