The (Official) Beginning Of The 1967 Wave

As well as the cases we have already highlighted above, UFO activity, already increasing overall, would suddenly explode in 1967. And would do so right from the start of the calendar year.

For example,  on 9th January in Malta, Montana, after their dog’s excited barking alerted them to something out of the ordinary taking place, an entire family would witness a “large rectangular object”, which glowed red along the bottom and amber along the top, flying low to the ground near their home. Despite how low it was, no sound came from the glowing craft. It would eventually land in a nearby field. It remained there for around an hour, glowing red. Then, without warning, it would shoot directly up into the air at breathtaking speed.

Just short of two weeks later in Methuen, Massachusetts, three teenage girls were driving alongside a field when a “string of nine or ten bright red lights”, themselves part of a solid object, moved over the field. The girls pulled the car to the side of the road to watch the lights. When they attempted to start the vehicle again, however, it stalled. The headlights and the radio were also dead. The object would suddenly leap into the blackness of the sky and vanish. The car would start shortly after.

A Wave Of Sightings Across The World

Of course, sightings of strange craft were seemingly taking place across the planet.

On the 11th January, for example, a “white ball” or oval-shaped craft was reported to be hovering relatively low to the ground. Although the details on the report are vague, it also appears that some form of paralysis of the witness took place.

Several nights later at around 10 pm over Lake Ontario in Canada on the 20th January, a pilot and his three passengers would witness a “round, glowing white object”, approximately the size of “a large apartment building” in the skies above them. They would further claim that a “ring of red lights” ran around it, blinking and flashing. The pilot would immediately turn back to the airfield and cancel the planned flight.

Just short of a week later on the 26th January in Heidelberg in Germany another sighting would unfold. At around 8:30 pm, the unnamed witness would suddenly hear a “pulsating sound”. When they looked up to locate the source of the strange noise, they could see a “shiny, metallic, elliptical-shaped object” hovering overhead. The witness would watch for several minutes until the sound of military jets approaching came. Then, the object took off at great speed.

On the 3rd February just outside of Lima in Peru, came another sighting from an airline pilot, this time of a DC-4 passenger plane traveling from Chiclayo to Lima. The pilot would witness a “very luminous object” in the distance which he at first took to be a star. However, the way it moved and the fact that it was it approaching them meant he quickly discarded any such thoughts. As the object passed them, the “fluorescent lights of the cockpit and all radio receptions went out”, temporarily replaced by “static noise”.

The Truly Bizarre Long Island Landing Incident

With UFO sightings and activity having been constant throughout the opening weeks of 1967, perhaps one of the most bizarre accounts occurred at some time in early-March in Long Island, New York. According to the book UFO Universe by R Perry Collins, a family was driving through the region during the afternoon when they noticed a “large disc-shaped object” suddenly appear in the sky. What’s more, it was descending and would ultimately land in a field near the roadside.

Realizing they were witnessing something truly extraordinary, the driver of the car pulled over to the side of the road. Discreetly, the family – seven in total – watched the shiny disc. As they did, they were even more perplexed when several moments later a “sedan-type vehicle” that was driving along the road suddenly swerved off-road and into the field where the strange craft had landed. It steadily made its way to the shining object.

As the family watched this bizarre scene, a doorway on the side of the landed craft suddenly opened. In the doorway were “two men” who promptly stepped out and walked toward the now waiting car. They each got inside, and the vehicle took almost as soon as they had pulled their doors shut.

The craft, meanwhile, rose steadily into the air and then vanished with breakneck speed into the blue skies above.

While we should perhaps treat this account with a certain amount of salt, it is intriguing, nonetheless. Not least due to the obvious insinuation of some type of “government involvement or conspiracy”. NOTE: The above images are CGI.









At around 7:30 pm on 4th February, Hollace Chastain had just finished his state trooper patrol duties and was checking his mailbox on his way home in Norman. As he did so, however, he noticed an elliptical-shaped bright light in the sky seemingly hovering overhead.

He watched the light for several moments and after being satisfied that it was indeed something unusual, he would radio a report to another trooper on patrol, James Blevins. As he did so, the object suddenly began to move, changing colors from “white to orange to greenish-blue” before finally returning to white as it settled back into a hovering position. Even more bizarre, although the witnesses believed the object to be solid, they also witnessed it seemingly changing its shape. In total, it remained visible for around half an hour before disappearing from their sight.

From his position, around 10 miles from Chastain’s location, Blevins would describe the object as “much too big to be a star”, even if it had of remained stationary. When it did move it appeared to “flicker and wobble”. This might be suggestive of some kind of rotation taking place.

Although the object disappeared from the view of the two state troopers, beginning in the early hours of the following morning, only several hours later in real time, several other sightings would unfold within hours of each other.

Several Sightings Within Hours Across Indiana

As they were returning home from Huntingburg where they had performed earlier, several members of a band would witness a strange object just before 2 am, around 10 miles outside of Oakland City. They would describe the object as “pale green with a bluish tinge”. The brightness of the object varied as they continued to watch it.

However, more remarkable, and very similar to the claims of the two state troopers only hours previously, was that it appeared to change shape. At first, it appeared like a boomerang before seeming to morph into a teardrop shape. As the members of the band watched the incident, who would incidentally all request anonymity, another vehicle passed theirs. It appeared these unidentified people also witnessed the bizarre encounter.

Around 75 miles away and 45 minutes later at 2:30 am in Crothersville, state police officer, Richard Barker witnessed and followed a “huge ball of greenish-blue and white lights” that appeared to have a flat, rotating underside. He would follow the bizarre object for around 10 miles, closing to “within (about) a mile of it” before it “took off fast”. He would state:

It wasn’t like any airplane I’ve ever seen. I know it wasn’t a plane!

Just under four hours later at around 6 am, an anonymous woman would report a very similar object over Bedford. She watched the object for around 30 minutes, recalling that it was “oval-shaped, sort of like a cigar”. Furthermore, the “top was shiny” while there was a “bright light on the bottom”. She got the impression from how the light appeared to move that the object was “looking for someplace to land”.

The object came closer to her home and eventually hovered overhead for several minutes before taking off. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









On Thursday, February 25, 1999, at just a few minutes before noon, three forestry workers, who were planting seedling trees in the mountains of Washington State, witnessed a small, disc-shaped object slowly drift over a nearby ridge to their south, and descend into the valley to the north of their position.

The object descended silently with what seemed to the witnesses a purposeful manner, exhibiting a slight “wobble” to its flight.

The three workers at first thought the object was some kind of parachute that was drifting and descending, but they quickly realized that their initial impression was not correct. Hence, they shouted to their eleven co-workers nearby, who were working on the north-facing hillside, and all fourteen members of the work crew watched the object for an estimated 3-5 minutes.

Point at UFO

> Within seconds of their first observation of the object, the witnesses became aware that the object was travelling generally in the direction of a herd of elk that they had been watching all morning. They continued to watch as the object proceeded toward the herd until it succeeded in getting quite close to the animals.

The animals apparently remained unaware of the objectís presence until it was within a very short distance of the herd.

Suddenly, the animals bolted, most of the them running up the slope to their east. However, one adult animal was seen by the witnesses to separate itself from the herd and run or trot to generally to the north, perhaps along a logging road.

The witnesses report that at this point, the object quickly moved directly above the lone elk and seemed to lift it off the ground, although no visible means of support of the animal was evident to the observers.

The witnesses added that shortly after lifting the elk off the ground, the object seemed to begin to “wobble” to a more pronounced degree than it had exhibited earlier. In addition, as the object appeared to increase its altitude, the elk, which was suspended upright below the disc, rotated slowly beneath it and appeared to be getting closer to the ventral surface of the disc.

They also commented that the object seemed to increase in size slightly after it had picked up the animal.

With the elk suspended below it, the object began to ascend slowly up a clear-cut slope to the east. However, the witnesses watched it apparently brush the tops of nearby trees to the east, at which point it reversed its course and proceeded to the west.

It executed a 360-degree turn to the left and may have gained some slight altitude in the process, the witnesses thought.

After the object had completed its turn and was once again proceeding in a generally easterly direction, it began ascending very quickly at what seemed to the witnesses to be a rather steep angle. It continued to ascend, and simply disappeared from sight of the witnesses.

The witnesses stated that once the object had started to ascend and had climbed to an altitude above their vantage point, they no longer could see the animal suspended below the craft.

Their presumption was that the animal had somehow been taken into the craft, although the witnesses could discern no “door,” or any kind of aperture through which the animal might have been conveyed into the craft.

The witnesses also stated that following the incident, the herd of elk remained in the same general area, although remained more closely huddled to one another than had been the case earlier in the morning.

The workers added that they, too, had remained closer to one another until their departure from the area at the end of the work day. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









Excited by the mystery of a famous video captured in Turkey over a decade ago, some citizens over the internet processed it through a stabilization tool, revealing strange images that could bewilder even seasoned ufologists.

The enigma started back when a Turkish night guard Yalcin Yalman began recording a video of bright, crescent-shaped objects that appeared and regularly hovered over the Marmara Sea close to the resort village of Kumburgaz in 2008.

His pastime made him famous as a UFO spotter, and his videos immediately went viral because of their authenticity confirmed by several experts and witnesses who saw similar objects at the time of recording.

The device Yalman used was not impressive at all because the original videos were very shaky. When zoomed in or out, the quality and definition of the unstabilized recording dropped significantly. It led some skeptics to suggest the UFO was an American stealth drone or other advanced aircraft.

The Kumburgaz videos were stabilized many times, including the last one surfacing online just this week. YouTube channel Unidentified Aerial Phenomena made it available on the video-sharing site. Adobe Premiere video editing tool was used for video stabilization to try solving the mystery of the greenish dots in the center of the lit-up crescent.









National Airlines Flight 727. Although small details of the account sometimes change (the location and date), it would appear, according to an account of the incident in the 24th March 1975 edition of the Deseret News, the incident took place sometime in 1970 as the aircraft approached Miami International Airport.  As it began its approach to land, however, the plane suddenly vanished from the radar screens of the control tower. All communications would also cease instantly. Fearing an explosion at the worst, emergency response teams scrambled to the runways in anticipation of landing debris or a crippled craft. An alert would go out to all other pilots in the immediate vicinity to report visual confirmation of Flight 727. Or, any sighting of a crashed plane on the ground.  And then, as a quiet realization that the loss of life was likely to be high spread over the tower, the plane suddenly reappeared.

“For Ten Minutes, You Just Did Not Exist!”

With this sudden reappearance, the radio communication also came back to life. What was strange, however, was the crew would act as if nothing strange had occurred. In fact, to them, ten minutes hadn’t passed by. They were only speaking to the control a few moments ago as they began their approach. When flight attendants were discreetly asked later if “anything strange” had happened on board the flight as it approached the airport, all answered no, it was a routine landing.  Bizarrely, the plane’s on-board clocks would show a ten-minute difference to the control tower. Indeed, they were behind any clock. It was as if, as one air control staff member said “…for ten minutes, you just did not exist”. The crew, who would do “time checks” to ensure there were no faults with the on-board clock against the control tower, had performed such a check only twenty minutes before making their approach to land. And indeed, aside from the ten-minute difference, all the clocks appeared to work as they should.  Researcher Martin Caidin, who claimed to speak to several of those involved at the control tower, would disclose more apparent details of the incident. He would state that the crew and especially the passengers, were completely surprised as to why there was such interest in them and their plane. Especially such official looking people. Caidin would write that “Federal investigators and officials of National (Airlines) couldn’t get into that jetliner fast enough”. While the passengers knew nothing of the incident, even they would eventually notice the ten-minute difference with their watches. This, combined with the suspicious “official” activity, would make some of them ponder the circumstances. Might these “officials” have known more than they let on?

An Unintentional “Time Wave” Over Bolivia ?

Again, while it is only speculation, is it possible the rush of Federal investigators to board the plane was to see the results of those onboard? Had there been some kind of secret experiment to skip the plane forward ten minutes? And if so, had this experiment proven successful? Many researchers, including Caidin, would suggest that the eagerness to board the plane was not out of concern or a sense of duty to the passengers and crew. But one of wanting to maintain “control of the situation”. And to ensure as little information as possible entered the public arena.  Perhaps this is why there are so few reports of such incidents. Leaving them instead to what are, to some, questionable platforms. This alone assists in damaging the credibility of such accounts. Caidin would also state that many pilots were “reluctant” to tell their stories anyway, especially ones regarding such bizarre phenomena.  Although the accounts are open to debate, perhaps intentionally so, there are several examples of these mysterious aerial incidents in more contemporary times. While once again we should perhaps take the claim with a small pinch of salt, according to some reports, an airliner carrying 170 passengers became the unintentional victim of a “time wave”, created by CERN in November 2009. It was instantaneously transported over 5,000 miles away from the skies of Bolivia to somewhere off the coast of the Canary Islands. Around the same time, a blackout struck Bolivia leaving the country in blackness for some time. Furthermore, the plane’s position was near to the “Gate of the Sun”, itself said to have portal-like capabilities from ancient times, connected to the magnetic fields of the Earth. Did these natural magnetic forces react with those of CERN to create a wormhole?  NOTE: The above image is CGI.







An ex-US Marine suggests the cigar-shaped UFOs that have been observed across the country in recent months could be something beyond a secret military programme.

Such strange UFOs first came to light back in June when a YouTube user observed an unusual light over California’s Mojave Desert. They often appear long, thin and shaped like a cigar or snake.

Soon, several UFO enthusiasts went to the internet to show their videos of the strange aerial objects from one being seen in Wyoming during a meteor shower to another in New York that seemingly moving like it was alive.

Nick Karnaze, a former US Marine Corps soldier who served as an Intel Officer in Afghanistan, has now revealed that the objects have been observed across the Earth.

Nick travelled around the globe recently along with other investigators to collect proof of their theory that aliens have been in contact with Earth.

Nick said that people are usually assuming that those types of objects could be a potentially classified government programme and that they are restricted to certain areas. However, they have reports from different parts of the world of witnesses seeing similar objects.

For Nick, it indicates something potentially beyond a secret programme because the military community would only test those classified programmes in certain areas.

He added that deploying that kind of technology should be with extra caution on where it should take place.

He further explained that deploying it to a random country outside any present threat to the US or any open war zones would be very unusual. NOTE: The above image is real but from another sighting.








A California witness at Lake Silverwood recalled a UFO incident from 1983 when a boomeranged-shaped object passed overhead, according to testimony in Case 95355 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The incident occurred at 2 a.m. on May 15, 1983.

“Me and two friends were going catfish fishing at Lake Silverwood,” the witness stated.  “We were off road going to the south side of the lake and entered by the north side by the dam. We were on a switch back and as we came around a curve our view was northeast looking out over the valley and saw a bright white light way out in the distance many miles away.”  The witness later Googled the location and discovered “it was coming from” Area 51.  “When we came around the next curve on the switch back it was just about on top of us.  My buddy yelled stop and turn off your engine. My cousin had a UFO burn out his electrical system on his car. I did and turned off my lights too. We jump out of my 4×4 and the three of us stood in front of my truck and were all looking at this thing as it came towards us.”

The witness described the object.
“We noticed that the light was on the bottom of the object and it was huge. The front of it looked like wraparound sunglasses. We were able to see into it and counted that it was four decks thick. We were all talking to each other what we were seeing. We could see columns from deck to deck. On the most upper deck we could see humanoid figures moving about. We were like saying things like look at the guy looking out. Is he driving it or what? It looks as if someone was shining a light up at it like the one that was seen in China.”  As the object continued to pass directly the group, it blacked out a good portion of the sky.  “Everything around us seemed to be crackling. I could feel my insides humming. Thinking of it now I’m glad I turned off my truck. As we were looking at the back of the craft there were four boxes that were louvered and shimmered like a road on a hot summer day. The boxes looked like a TV when there’s no channels on, black and gray from top to bottom of the craft. I had heard of small flying wings being seen on the Hudson in New York around the same time. This came to me later on in life. Four decks thick. Four boxes. Sixteen smaller craft would fit in this no problem. I worked in aircraft after this and was in the world’s largest building by volume in Everett, Washington. It wouldn’t fit in there. The ceiling would collapse with all the structure having to be removed to fit it. That’s how large this craft was. Also, later on in life, the Phoenix Lights happened. Yep, now we’re getting there, but what we saw was larger. I’m telling this story now and can still see it in my mind’s eye. It changed my life in many ways – even what I went to as a career, aircraft structures final assembly. Did the B-1-B bomber and all three aircraft that was built at the Everett facility. The direction I figured it was going was towards Norton Air Force Base.”  NOTE: The above image is CGI.








A witness in Poços de Caldas, Brazil captured a video of a strange looking object he cannot identify. The witness reported the object to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) along with still images and video.  The sighting took place on August 6, 2017. The witness claims to have noticed two bright star-like objects moving across the sky, even though it was during the day and still light out.

Here is the witness report, verbatim:

It was still day, and I saw two bright and strong lights, looking like stars. But no other star appeared, and it was too soon for them to appear. They moved together in a constant trajectory, not fast, not slow… and in the same direction (SE to NE), and really far away. Constant brightness all the time. One of them was bigger and brighter, and other smaller, but still bright. This small one disappeared suddenly, but the bigger kept on moving. They passed over right above me. Strange because it was to UFOs, very bright all the time… (sun reflection not the case).  I took a picture of a plane passing by, with maximum close up from my camera. The same close with I took the pictures. I changed ISO, so some pictures were darkened. And at the end of the mp4, there is the video.







One of the very first sightings of what could be a UFO occurred as early as 1865, over 35 years before the first known flight at Kitty Hawk. Fortunately, there are still newspaper accounts of this and other early sightings of days long since passed. The Missouri Democrat dated October 19, 1865 gives an account of the sighting of an unknown flying object under the headline of


The story was reported by one James Lumley, who was a trapper. The report stated that “if” what Lumley reported was true, it would shake the foundations of the scientific world. Lumley claims that in the middle of September, he was trapping in the mountains at a location about 75-100 miles above the Great Falls of the Upper Missouri River.

Just after sunset, Lumley saw a “bright, luminous, body” in the skies. This body moved very quickly to the East. After five seconds, the unknown object burst into pieces. He soon heard a thunderous explosion followed by a “rushing sound.” This explosion shook the ground. He could smell sculpture in the air.

About two miles from his campsite, he could see a path cut through the forest. Whatever had come through the area had leveled everything in its path. He soon discovered the cause of the great destruction, a giant object which was made of a rock-like material.

This object had been driven into the side of a mountain after ripping through the forest. This was much more than an asteroid or comet: the object was divided into compartments.

Also, hieroglyphic-like symbols could be seen carved into the object’s surface.

He also discovered fragments of glass, and strange liquid-like stains located in several places on the object.

Almost humorously, the newspaper account ascertains that the object “had” to be a meteor which was used by extraterrestrials. Their theory was that these other-worldly beings traveled on meteors, and would eventually land on Earth, and put mankind into wholesale servitude. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








The Falcon family were traveling to Florida from their (then) home of Tennessee – a long journey in a cooped-up car, especially for the main witness of the report, 4-year-old Celestian Falcon. His father had been transferred again by the military, hence the sudden move in order to find housing for the Falcons.

It was during this journey that a “strange lighted craft” appeared, seemingly out of nowhere behind their moving vehicle. It was at a distance of approximately 200 yards, maintaining its distance and moving slightly to the left of their position.

When his mother saw the object, she let out a scream. Even more so when it appeared to close in on their car.

Celestian would recall how the underside of the craft had “large red lights” shining downward. From the top came another glowing light, this time from “windows”. All the while, with the craft getting closer and closer to them, his mother screamed.

Around them, other cars, as if sensing the Falcon vehicle was the intended target of this bizarre and otherworldly craft, steered around them and sped off into the distance. One such road user almost pushed their car off the road such was their eagerness to get past. Even more bizarre was the odd car that was traveling the other way would all do “immediate U-turns” as soon as they caught sight of the aerial monstrosity.

One car behind them, however, would pull over on the road, and settling to their right-hand side. Then, the Falcons’ car engine spluttered and died. Celestian noticed his father looking in the rearview mirror, clearly observing the vehicle behind them as well as the bizarre craft hovering in the air. He also witnessed his father reach for his gun before he exited the car.

Witness To Alien Abduction!

Almost as soon as his father stepped from the vehicle the strange object turned and moved straight towards him. This caused his father to rush back inside the car and attempt the engine repeatedly, attempting to force it turn over and start.

As he did so, Celestian’s mother pushed him deep into the back seat, shielding him and telling him “not to make a sound”. He could, though, see out of the back window and to the other car just short of 50 feet away.

The driver had also exited the vehicle and appeared to be trying to hide his (presumably) girlfriend in the trunk. As he was doing so, however, “several five-foot-tall aliens” suddenly appeared and surrounded them.

Celestian continued to watch as the young man went to strike one of the creatures with the tire iron he carried. Before he could, though, the creature nearest to him reached out and touched him with a strange “silver prod” which appeared to immediately paralyze the young man. This is an interesting detail that comes up a lot in other UFO reports. Both the metallic rod device, and the causing of paralysis.

As the young boy continued to watch, the creatures wrapped the couple in “silver blankets” before they began to rise into the hovering craft above.

Then, a “pinkish light” burst into the Falcons’ car. Everything went quiet and Celestian remained as still as he possibly could. The next thing he knew the car door was opening and a strange hand reached in and grabbed him, pulling him out of the vehicle.

A Silver Room With Human-Looking Fetuses!

He must have blacked out or blocked the following moments from his memory as the next thing he realized he was waking up inside the spacecraft. Celestian quickly scanned his eyes around the strange room. He realized he had been separated from his family, who were also in the room, but grouped together. His mother was seemingly in hysterics and trying to move towards him while several of the alien creatures forced them back.

A “reptilian-like alien” had him in its grip and proceeded to take him out of the room and down a set of stairs. He was taken into a large room with windows on one side and a large table in the middle. Out of the windows, he could see the road outside and so knew he was still on Earth and not anywhere in deep space.

Of more concern to the young boy, however, were the “jars of human looking fetuses rowed beneath the windows”. There were more jars around the walls of the room. As he scanned his environment, he noticed several of the alien creatures coming in and out of the room through two doorways opposite the window. Although he wasn’t sure how he knew, he seemed to think that these doorways led to some kind of cold storage like a walk-in refrigerator.

His family was brought into the room also. His mother was placed on the large table where a large silver needle pierced her skin and sedated her instantly. Before he witnessed anything more, however, he was moved out of the room and into another compartment.

Reptilians, Grays, And Humans?

When he entered the room, he noticed how the white light seemingly reflected off the silver that made up the entire interior. He also saw “two green-skinned reptilian aliens” who appeared to be engaged at the main control panel.

Then, he heard the sound of a woman screaming, seemingly coming from a room to his left. Even more unsettling was the sound of a male voice, in as much distress. It called out:

Help us we are being attacked by monsters!

Some kind of fight seemed to break out in the room. Celestian could hear several bangs and rapid movement of feet. Then, two of the aliens ran from the room and appeared to set off some kind of emergency signal. Several of the alien creatures responded and ran into the off-set room. In a moment, everything went quiet and still.

While all of this was happening, an elevator opened behind Celestian and two alien creatures wearing NASA-type spacesuits complete with bubble helmets walked out. Each was just under five feet tall, with “large gray heads” and “large round human-like eyes”. In their hand, one of these creatures held a silver box.

The young witness’s mind already on the verge of collapse was stretched even further when a “strange human” appeared on a balcony in the room and made his way towards the scene below on some kind of perpetually extending escalator. He was dressed in a tight-fitting black suit and had a hat in the shape of a V in his head. There was also a soft patch in the suit with strange symbols on it.

For some reason, Celestian remembered the man as Spanish, with a “short-cut beard” and standing at around six feet tall.

An Immediate Understanding Of Telepathic Communication!

When he spoke to the other aliens in the room, he did so telepathically. However, the young boy could still very much “hear” what was being said. And what’s more, he could understand it.

According to his memory, the aliens were “diving for a device” that was lost in a “deep mud swamp”. Although they had found and recovered a part of it, the other section remained lost, presumed at the bottom of a muddy Georgia swamp. The “human” ordered another search of the area.

The next thing he knew, Celestian was led to another room by two small gray aliens before being taken to another “human-alien”. Again, picking up on their telepathic talk, he “heard” that they should be careful as some of the humans were fighting back.

The guard was actually a mechanic on the ship. Celestian could see he was in the main engine room. What is interesting here is the description of “three cylinders” at the top of the room and “two long shafts” that ran seemingly to and likely through the floors. This description, once again, surfaces in several other close encounter accounts.

The mechanic, dressed in an all-in-one orange overall-type suit, turned his attention back to the device he was working on. It appeared there was a problem with the engine which he was attempting to solve.

When Celestian walked closer to see what the “man” was working on, he could see a “blue-silver atom core” casting its glow into the room. Before he could take in any more detail, the mechanic, with a little bit of impatience in his voice, ordered him into one of the side rooms while he carried out his duties. He did as he was told, waiting there patiently.

An Apparent Imminent Attack!

The small child was eventually led out of the engine room and back to one of the rooms he was in previously. Once more, two gray aliens escorted him. There appeared to be some significant commotion taking place all around him.

As he walked along the corridors, he tried to peek into the various rooms that led off from them. In one particular room, he witnessed what appeared to be the man from the car behind them. He was seemingly hooked up to various devices and the silver blanket lay at his feet.

By the time he was back in the main room near the elevator, a telepathic conversation ensued once more. According to what Celestian could understand, their craft “had been found” and “they were coming to destroy” them.

Celestian wasn’t sure who “they” were, but he felt a sense of panic run through the occupants of the craft. He heard another voice claim that “they were getting close” and there were approximately 12 minutes before they would be visible to their targets. Then, one some kind of screen, two US Air Force fighter jets appeared.

Several of the aliens were watching the screen also. In fact, so detailed and close-up was it that Celestian could see the pilot’s face through the glass of the cockpit. He could also see, or perhaps sense, as could the alien occupants, that the jet was armed and moving in for attack.

An Emergency Journey 40 Minutes Back In Time

Activity inside the craft exploded as the occupants seemingly took to their positions. During this, the young boy managed to see inside another of the rooms off to the side. In it, wearing ominous black, hooded robes, were several “gray alien humanoids” seemingly older than time itself. When they noticed him watching them, Celestian got a feeling of absolute arrogant indignancy from them.

While this sounds like a detail that belongs in a medieval castle, it is perhaps surprising at how many close contact encounters and alien abduction accounts mention these strange hooded figures.

Things became extremely confused in a hurry as something akin to controlled chaos reigned inside the ship. The witness could remember “hearing” bits of the panicked conversations. The aliens were, it would appear, going to travel back in time, only 40 minutes to “before they were picked up on radar”.

As this was happening, Celestian was placed on one of the silver tables and strapped down. Then, he blacked out, seemingly from some kind of medication as he could still “feel” things happening around him. For example, he distinctly remembers someone moving the table, of it “moving uphill” and then rolling backward into place.

Blurred Memories – In And Out Of Consciousness

Then, when he awoke, all was calm, and he was in the first part of the ship at the start of his bizarre and unnerving journey.

What followed was several episodes in and out of consciousness. While he was awake, although far from alert, he could see a plethora of operations and procedures taking place around, and to him. At one stage he appeared to be hooked up to a monitor that resembles a VCR player. During another waking episode, he could see “rings of oracular light” swarming around his body.

It appeared the taller, reptilian-looking alien was in charge. He recalled at one stage a disagreement between the smaller “gray aliens” and this reptilian overseer. Although Celestian couldn’t fully understand, the taller reptilian would order the procedures to continue.

He would black out once more, only this time he could feel a pulling on his stomach and then a sensation as if something was reaching inside him with strange fingers. A “dull pain” immediately spread from this area.

Then, another entity appeared beside him. Now not sure if he was awake or not, the situation turned even stranger.

The “Angel” And The “Child Of God” – A Truly Bizarre Situation!

This new entity appeared very “angelic” to the young boy. Indeed, it even claimed to have been “sent from God”. Not understanding what this “angel” meant, Celestial could clearly hear him order the reptilian to “put him back”. Even stranger, this boy was a “child of God”.

Still in a bizarre realm of consciousness and dreaming, the young boy heard the reptilian claiming that no harm would come to him and they would indeed return him and his family. To this, the “angel” warned them once more to:

…put the child back now and let them go or you will be destroyed!

With that, the angelic person vanished. Celestian might have been able to easily dismiss this chain of events as a hallucination of his own mind. That was until he heard the reptilian creature, with ample concern in his voice asking “did you see that? What was it?” It then turned its attention back to the witness, asking him directly and accusingly, “What are you?”

Then, answering its own question, the reptilian said:

I don’t know what you are, or what that thing was, but we are not going to find out!

Before he blacked out once more, he heard the creature ordering the gray aliens to find the angelic being and bring it back to him.

More Visitations At The Family Home

The next time he awoke the Spanish-looking human was standing over him. He felt tired, exhausted and extremely wobbly. However, even at such a young age, his body surged with a sense of relief and that he was “still alive”.

He and his family were taken from the ship and led back to their car. Celestian noticed how his mother and father both appeared to be in a “trance-like” state. He also noticed several burn marks on the left-hand side of his father’s face.

Things remained calm for several more minutes before each of his parents seemingly came out of their trance together. His mother immediately began screaming telling her husband to “Step on it! Step on it!”

He did so and the car sped away into the distance with a screech. Celestian would look out of the back window just in time to see one of the aliens board the craft, which then shot up into the night sky and vanished in a second.

Although, at least to his knowledge, his parents wouldn’t acknowledge the incident, strange encounters would continue into the future. For example, strange humanoid “aliens” would appear in the family home. Sometimes even “walking through walls” from one room to the next. They always wore silver belts with various silver, futuristic gadgets on them.

Most often, his parents would awaken from a trance-like state following these visitations. On at least one occasion, the family’s neighbors would make a report of “strange UFO activity” at the same time as one of the visits to the Falcon family home. They would report that a metallic, silver disc hovered over the area for some time before vanishing.

Whether these visitations continue, with Celestian Falcon or other people around the world is unknown. NOTE: The above images are CGI.








Although the exact date is not clear, one summer’s evening in late-June or early-July 1972, Hilda McAfee – herself in her late-50s at the time of the incident – was driving her elderly mother home to Deming, New Mexico from nearby Las Cruces. The night air was still warm and the skies overhead remained clear but dark.

She was making her way down a virtually deserted Interstate 10 at a little over 60 miles per hour. Certainly not speeding along but not drifting either. It was as she watched the road in front of the car rush to meet the glow from her headlights when a sudden “beam of blue light” washed over them from above and slightly ahead of them.

An incident in the summer of 1972 near the town of Deming, New Mexico is perhaps another one of those “one-off, random” incidents that in reality was a precursory build-up to the UFO wave that would sweep across the United States the following year, with a number of such encounters featuring “humanoid occupants”.

The more we examine such incidents, the more, in some cases at least, they begin to form a loose picture and pattern. An almost subtle hint at an overriding big picture. One that is perhaps so outlandish and even preposterous to many, that it is simply dismissed as outright nonsense. This, despite the seemingly growing number of intelligent, high-ranking, and “academic” people issuing such similar hints.

Whether the New Mexico Occupant Incident falls into that category or not perhaps remains open to debate. It certainly contains several elements that would show up in multiple reports throughout 1973. As well as those that would follow, albeit more discreetly, in the years following.

It is perhaps down to us as researchers and enthusiasts to keep such cases on the backburners of the UFO community’s collective memory so we might reexamine them lest something new suddenly leaps out at us allowing us to contribute to that still murky but persistently clearing big picture.

The encounter was initially investigated by UFO investigator, Patti Morris, whose report would enter the public domain courtesy of the December 1975 edition of the APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) Bulletin. In fact, it was while investigating the (then) recent Travis Walton abduction in (relatively) close by Arizona that investigators first got wind of Hilda McAfee’s fascinating encounter.

A “Beam Of Blue Light” Out Of Nowhere On Interstate 10

The brightness was so intense that she could no longer see the road clearly in front of her. At one stage it appeared there was something in the way which McAfee had to “swerve around” in order to avoid. As she did, both women peered out of the windows to the chaotic blinding blue light.

It was then they could make out the “two men” stood within the brilliant blue glow. Each was “stocky” and wore “pale, blue, bulky quilted overalls” with black boots. Each also had a “wide belt” around their seemingly padded waists and thick gloves on each hand.

On their heads, each man had a helmet similar to a motorcycle helmet, with a dark visor covering all of the face. Although neither woman could see any symbols, insignias, or other markings at all, the suits were identical making them believe the strange attire was a uniform of some kind.

A Most Bizarre And Surreal Scene

The two women remained enthralled with the strange situation they suddenly found themselves in. Were these “men” working for the government on secret business? Might they be Soviet spies gathering secrets from American soil? Or might they really be, as bizarre as it might sound to them, visitors on a reconnaissance mission from elsewhere in the Universe? The bizarre object hovering above the pair would certainly suggest so.

As far as they could tell, the two men appeared unaware of their presence or their gaze as they continued to go about their business. One of them appeared to be working or repairing something out of sight of the pair, while the other stood facing him, seemingly talking to him. Next to them were several “black rods” although the pair could make out no further details regarding them.

Although the pair could clearly make out a “truck-sized” object above the scene, the brightness of the lights prevented them from noting any intricate details. They would both note, however, that despite the obvious size of the craft, there was no sound whatsoever.

Then, the car came to a screeching halt. The two women looked back. To their absolute amazement, the craft, the two men, and the glowing beam of blue light was gone. They looked around and then upwards for several moments, but it was as though whatever the object was and whoever the two men were, they had simply vanished into thin air.

If McAfee was alone, she might have considered the whole thing to be some kind of hallucination. However, the fact her mother very obviously saw the scene every bit as detailed and clearly as she meant she would dismiss such a notion almost immediately.

Whatever the explanation for the bizarre event, it was very real.

After effects And Further Tentative Connections To The Walton Incident

They sat there for several moments contemplating what they had witnessed and what might have happened.

Might, for example, the sudden beam of blue light have appeared in order to prevent their vehicle running straight into the two men. What might have happened if she hadn’t swerved to avoid it? Might it have somehow “repelled” their vehicle anyway? Perhaps that is why the light vanished as soon as the vehicle passed?

After taking a moment to gather themselves McAfee would restart the car and continue with their journey. However, the incident was far from over. At least for the two witnesses.

In the days that followed both women would begin to experience severe “burning and aching pains” in their upper torso. In particular, their chests and arms. One of them would go as far as to state that “even their bones” hurt since the encounter.

Both women believed these persistent pains had some kind of connection to the bizarre blue light, although they couldn’t offer any reasons why this might be other than it was their upper body that was exposed to the light through the windows of the car.

In another intriguing connection to the (at the time), on-going Travis Walton abduction and McAfee is the fact that she served as the landlady to the brother of Mike Rogers, one of the six witnesses to the actual abduction incident. McAfee herself would state that if it hadn’t have been for the media attention on the Walton case, with Walton having passed several lie detector tests at the time, she and her mother would most likely have not told of the incident. NOTE: The above image is CGI.







According to reporter, Wayne Ruple, in the summer of 2003, while on routine patrol in the Trickum Valley area of Alabama, two Cleburne County deputies would suddenly find their entire vehicle bathed in a bright, urgent light.

It was obvious to the two officers that whatever the source of the light was, it was hovering over the top of their vehicle. And seemingly keeping pace with it. The deputy behind the wheel would increase the speed of the car in an attempt to outrun it. However, no matter how fast he went, the light would maintain a similar pace.

Eventually, the officers would pull the car to the side of the road and prepared to investigate what the object above them might be. Almost as soon as they left their vehicle the object vanished. However, as they made attempts to restart their vehicle it was clear that all of the electrics were dead. The officers could start the engine and drive, but none of the electrics such as the headlights were active. They proceeded with caution.

As they did so, they would spot several campers near the lonely road. When they stopped to ask if they had seen anything strange, all replied of seeing a strange, bright light.

Incidentally, one of the deputies involved had witnessed an extremely similar sighting almost exactly a year previously while off duty with his son. Furthermore, in a particularly unnerving encounter, the previous year he had witnessed a similarly strange light in the woodlands of the area. When he went to investigate, he would, momentarily, find himself directly in front of the strange light. He would recall how it looked like “a man sitting inside a bubble-type” cockpit. NOTE: The above image is CGI.







A Strange Moving Light Over the Wedowee Poultry Plant

The MUFON investigation wouldn’t begin until May 1997. Consequently, the exact date of the incident is unknown, other than it was 1995, and during the autumn or winter months due to both the colder temperature recalled by the witnesses, as well as the fact it was dark at 7 pm (when the incident occurred).

Like the date, the exact number of witnesses varies depending on the source. However, it would appear that between 10 to 12 members of church ladies’ group from LaGrange, Georgia were traveling to a church in Anniston, Alabama as part of an organized cross-state “bingo” trip. Their driver was also a member of their church in LaGrange, as well as a respected businessman in their community.

It was a journey they had made several times before. So much so, that each was waiting in dread-like anticipation for their small bus to go past the poultry plant in Wedowee that was on their route and for the ungodly stench from its buildings to infiltrate their vehicle and assault their nostrils without mercy or discrimination. As they went by on this evening, however, it wasn’t what they could smell that got their attention, but what they could see.

Over the plant, they could see a strange light. At first, they thought it was part of the main building itself and questioned why such a bright light was positioned there. However, as the light began to move one of the passengers would announce, “It’s not a light, but some flying thing”.

Almost immediately following, the light suddenly began to head in their direction. The driver increased the speed slightly. The strange glow continued to follow them, with each of those on board now very much aware of the strange events unfolding around them.

A Humanoid Shape Inside The Orb – “Like A Human Embryo”

The strange light would maintain its distance of approximately 50 feet while flying at a height of around 10-12 feet above awestruck driver and passengers. Many of the witnesses would describe the object as an orb or lightbulb. Two of them would even claim to have seen a “humanoid shape” moving inside the brightness of the intense glow. The more they stared at the strange object and the longer the incident continued the more unnerved the witnesses became.

Many of the passengers began to duck in their seats so their heads were not exposed in the glass windows. Each would take a quick peek outside on occasion before ducking back down again.

Perhaps of more concern was a “strange beam of light” that several of the passengers claimed emerged from the orb and “hurt their eyes”. Another witness would describe this beam as having a “sparkling effect” while another would state that the beam came through the window as if some had flicked a switch. Incidentally, several of the passengers would report extreme soreness and irritation of the eyes in the days that would follow.

The driver would take the vehicle into an underpass. When the light didn’t follow, he and the passengers thought perhaps they had lost it or it had given up the chase. However, upon emerging from the other side of the tunnel, the light was there, hovering above, as if anticipating and waiting for their arrival. The pursuit would continue for several more minutes until the van came to an intersection and stopped. The light, rather than stopping, the light continued over a field before it suddenly accelerated vertically. It moved so fast it left a visible streak in the witness’s eyesight for several seconds. Then, it was the size of a star which suddenly vanished.







One moonless night in July of 1970 a friend and I were on the beach in Westhampton Beach, NY. We had been on the beach for about an hour and our eyes were accustomed to the night sky. It was a fairly clear night sky considering that most summer nights on the east end of Long Island tend to be foggy or cloudy. We had seen both commercial and military aircraft in the sky that night, in 1970 the Air Force base in Westhampton trained fighter pilots for Vietnam and also operated search-and-rescue airplanes and helicopters, so we were very familiar with what lights normally appeared that night. We were facing south towards the ocean. All of a sudden I noticed a very bright white light to the west, my right, about 30 degrees over the horizon, roughly 2-3 miles out to sea and about 8-10 miles to the west. I knew it was 8-10 miles away because it was in line with a lighthouse I knew to be in that location. I poked my friend who was on my left side and said, “Hey, what’s that white light in the sky to the right?”. Almost as soon as my friend turned his head to look where I had indicated the white light moved at an incredible speed in a straight line to a spot over the ocean about 2-3 miles out and almost directly in front of us and still about 30 degrees over the water and it just stopped and hovered there. We both started laughing and simultaneously said words to the effect of, “Holy s***, that’s a UFO we’re looking at!” The light cast no beam and was the whitest light I have ever seen. At the time I thought it looked like a 10+ million candlepower driving light that did not cast a beam just sitting in the sky. The light hovered there for a few seconds and,after a slight movement back towards the west, in the blink of an eye it continued to the east in a straight line and once again stopped and hovered at a point that I calculated to be off of one of the beaches in East Hampton about 12-15 miles away. It hovered there for about another 2-3 seconds before shooting 90 degrees straight up at an unbelievable speed and disappearing. Our entire sighting lasted less than 10 seconds during which time the light hovered for about 8 seconds and moved 20-25 miles horizontally and God knows how many miles vertically. Tangentially, I was watching THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW one night in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s when his on-air sidekick Arthur Treacher casually mentioned that over the weekend he had visited Westhampton Beach and witnessed a UFO land on the beach in front of the hotel where he was staying. Much audience laughter and many jokes about his drinking. Additionally, the flight path of the UFO I mention in this story was exactly that of the one taken by TWA flight 800 in 1986 albeit at a much lower altitude. When I first heard about TWA 800 and recalled how incredibly fast the light I saw in 1970 had shot straight up before disappearing I thought to myself that if the light I saw in 1970 had any mass it would have totally obliterated any object in its path.

One night in 1994 I was driving my wife and three sons back from a trip to upstate NY to our home in Manhasset, Long Island. It had been a long trip and it was about midnight. Everyone in the car was asleep, or so I thought. About two blocks away from our suburban home I glanced to my left for about 2-3 seconds and saw what looked to me like the right tail corner of a huge black triangle, its edges lit by an untold number of multicolored lights. Judging by the piece of it I saw the triangle must have been at least a thousand feet long and cruising at just above treetop level at around 30 MPH right down the middle of the well populated street parallel to the one we were on. It’s impossible, I thought, my eyes must be tired from driving and watching car lights for five hours! I continued home and was in my garage two minutes later. When we were getting our boys out of the car my seven year old looked at me and said, “Daddy, what were those bright lights over the trees on Bonnie Heights Road?”. I was shaken, but told him it was nothing and that he was probably just dreaming and thought he was awake. Now that he’s older we often speculate about what we saw.

On the night of 8/18/14 at our house in Southampton, NY my wife called out to me in our bedroom from the adjoining bathroom. “Look at that orange light in the eastern sky!”. I went out onto the eastern facing, second floor porch off our master bedroom. To the southeast I saw a glowing, dull orange colored bell shaped object traveling very slowly from the east to the west seemingly parallel to the beaches of Southampton Village 3 miles to the south. The orange glowing object was shaped exactly like the Liberty Bell and about the size of a small plane such as a Cessna, not that it looked like an aircraft at all just that it was roughly Cessna sized if the Cessna was somehow reshaped into a bell shape. There was no sound. As I had recently seen quite a few Fourth of July celebrations I knew what both fireworks and, more importantly, floating Chinese paper lanterns looked like and the object we saw looked like neither of them. It traveled much faster than a Chinese lantern carried by the wind would and much slower than the stall speed of light aircraft, about 50-60 MPH. It wasn’t very high in the sky, perhaps 300 feet. I remember thinking how the village would be abuzz tomorrow with talk of the previous night’s orange bell, but I never heard anyone ever talk about it! By this time my wife had joined me on the porch and we watched the object move at a consistent speed to the west until our view to the south was obscured by large group of very tall trees close by our property. I reported the sighting to MUFON, case #59187. We did not wish to be interviewed, but I did exchange several emails about the sighting with the MUFON investigator. Several months later I saw online that our case was reported in the MUFON Journal. I much later saw what might have been the object we saw in a YouTube video shot by another Long Islander on the same night, but in a location about 30-40 miles west of us. It might still be online.

Thanks for the chance for me to revisit my episodes of high strangeness and to compile them all for the first time. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









This has been bugging me since I seen this and I have to get it out there on file .
I was staying with my wife at her aunts old cabin in Wells Vermont .  We have been going there for the past twenty yrs together every yr and I have never in my life seen anything like this any where in the world or on tv .  It was a nice beautiful night with a slight chill In the air .  I was out first night there for the week and I stayed up late to enjoy the nice view of the stars .  I have witnessed many aircraft in flight there and at numerous air shows .  I know what a plane, helocopter, rocket and hot air balloon look like and this was nothing even close to any of them .  It was around 4:00 am and there was absolutely no sound except a small plane way out in the distance just north east of my position flying towards my direction .  I knew this cause I could see his front lights and red and green marker lights blinking away very easily and say yes that is a small propeller gas powered airplane .  As I am standing there enjoying the start of our vacation I am facing dead east looking out at the lake when I see my shadow cast in front of me like there is a police car with its spot light on me directly .  As I turn around I am expecting to see a car and what I see has blown me away ever since .  As I turned around I had to shield my eyes since it was so big and so bright I could hardly look at it with my hands In front of my eyes looking just over my shoulder I could see what looked like a giant 2 story house sized very ultra bright ball of blue/green more blueish solid light all around the object .  It was only maybe 50-100 feet above the trees and roughly 2 properties to the left of the cabin . It was moving over the trees and water roughly 30-50 miles an hr over the landscape and it went from dead west behind me to straight across the small side of the lake eastern till it lifted with the landscape across the other side and disappeared on the other side of the cliff face that faces the cabin .  Everyone I tell this to says I am crazy and I watch to many ancient aliens show .  But god as my witness I have never seen anything like this nor do I want to again .  I just want someone to tell me what the heck I saw cause in my eyes it should not have ever been there and it was to close for comfort .  I hope I never and I hope I do see it again someday .  I was unable to get a pic or video cause I was to lost in what was happening at the time and grabbing my phone from inside was not an option to get it in time .
Please if anyone else has seen this I would love to know what I have seen .  NOTE: The above image is real but from another investigation.

This case is under investigation by Sate Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Vermont.







Location: Near Latacunga, Ecuador
Date: September 3, 1966
Time: sunset

Manuel Pereira, 15 and Jose Sotuyo, 14 were walking along a path high in the mountains when they saw strange lights maneuvering in the sky. Manuel frantically signaled the UFO with his flashlight, using International Morse Code he sent the following message:

“Friend, please land.” He repeated this message several times. A few seconds later they heard a faint whirring sound and the UFO descended to within a few feet from where the boys were standing. The craft settled just above the ground and three long tripod-like supports telescoped downward. The glowing of the UFO dimmed until it was a dull white light, and then a ramp opened and lowered to the ground. Then three tiny man-like figures emerged from the craft and began to walk stiffly down the ramp. The frightened boys were tempted to run but remained there. Just then they heard a loud voice that sounded strangely metallic speak: “Do not fear us. Stay and talk.” Manuel and Jose, speechless, nodded. They stared in utter astonishment as the three little men in their suits of shiny brass-like material came toward them. A voice that seemed to come from all directions at once, asked them: “What are you?” The boys asked the little men where they were from but the question was ignored. For nearly an hour the questioning continued. The boys answered whatever the voice asked but whenever they asked a question they got no reply. Finally the voice inquired, “Would you like to come aboard our space craft?” Both boys agreed to go inside. The little men in their gleaming brass-colored uniforms and pear shaped helmets led the way up the ramp. They kept turning around as if looking to see if the boys were following. Their features in the helmets were obscured because of a cloudy vapor, which they seemed to be breathing so the boys had no idea what they really looked like. When they entered the craft they were surprised at the roominess of the interior. All around the craft were hexagon shaped sections like small cubicles. Tiny lights and buttons were to be seen on a console panel in the exact center. They saw no other little beings, although they had a strong feeling that other eyes were closely observing them. The little men asked the boys if they would like to go with them, and added that they would not be harmed. But the boys replied that their parents would be worried. After several more questions by the little men, the craft began to make a loud humming sound and the voice announced that it was time to leave, that perhaps they would visit them again. Manuel asked for a souvenir from them to prove their encounter. There was a peculiar high pitched humming noise and one of the little men came forward and held a small cylinder in his hand. They were told to take it as a token, that it was a small hand held light, that whenever they wished for the light to come on, they merely had to squeeze it. The little men demonstrated. There was a brilliant light form the lens. Manuel removed its own flashlight and gave it to the little men, as an exchange. Several minutes later on the ground the boys watched the saucer-shaped object rise up noiselessly and vanish in a wink. Just as the boys began to hurry toward their homes several helicopters swooped down from the night skies overhead, playing searchlights over the area. At the same time three Army jeeps came down the path at breakneck speed. They were interrogated numerous times by the military personnel and their strange flashlight device was examined and then taken away. Manuel Pereira and Jose Sotuyo vanished from their homes about a week before Christmas 1966, and were never seen nor heard from again.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.








A fireball exploded above the Bering Sea at about noon local time on December 18, 2018 from an asteroid with 10 times the energy of Hiroshima’s atomic bomb at a speed of 32 km/s (20 miles per second). The event went unobserved until military satellites spotted light the explosion released.  The fireball was also spotted by Peter Brown at Canada’s University of Western Ontario, who announced his finding on Twitter. Brown looked at data taken from around 16 different infrared stations that were originally set up to listen for covert nuclear tests.  The BBC reports that it’s the biggest blast since the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk in Russia in 2015—and the second-biggest in 30 years. It was 10 meters across, and the energy released as it exploded in Earth’s atmosphere was equivalent to 173 kilotons of TNT. That’s about 10 times bigger than the atomic bomb used on Hiroshima in 1945. “That was 40% the energy release of Chelyabinsk, but it was over the Bering Sea so it didn’t have the same type of effect or show up in the news,” said Kelly Fast, near-Earth objects observations program manager at Nasa. “That’s another thing we have in our defence, there’s plenty of water on the planet.”  Lindley Johnson, NASA’s first-ever Planetary Defense Officer,, told the BBC an explosion of this size takes place about two or three times every 100 years.

KENS NOTE:  I did not hear anything about this in the news.  What else are they trying to hide and how much have they already hidden ??







Gordon Cooper Witnesses UFO On Last Solo Space Mission While Orbiting The Earth!

We have looked previously at the efforts of former NASA astronaut, Gordon Cooper in having the US government release all of their UFO files to the public. Cooper had witnessed several UFOs while working as a terrestrial pilot at various US military bases around the world. However, on 15th May 1963, during what was the last single-person space mission in the Earth’s orbit, Cooper himself would witness a UFO while he was in flight during his final pass of the planet. As he was making the pass, he would notify the tracking station near Perth, Australia that there was “greenish object” heading towards his Mercury capsule.  What’s more, the tracking station would confirm the object on their radar equipment. This meant that far from being a trick of the light, the object was most definitely solid. Reporters would hear of the sighting through the National Broadcast Company, as was standard procedure. However, despite this, reporters were told that Cooper would not answer questions on the issue.  Perhaps even more damning, for NASA, and certainly lending credibility to other similar reports are his words from a late-1990s interview with J.L. Fernando. Cooper would state:

For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public. Why?

Cooper would further elaborate on an event in Florida that he himself witnessed when US authorities “did just about everything” they could to keep the incident out of the public domain. He would claim that flames in “four indentions left by a flying object” that had landed in the middle of the field were covered-up. Furthermore, so were the witnesses, all of whom saw several strange “beings” leave the craft to gather up soil samples and study the make-up of the ground.  Then, as if nothing out of the ordinary was taking place, these entities returned to their craft which “disappeared at enormous speed”.  The reaction and response to Cooper’s claims was, by and large, that he was an American hero who, due to old age and possibly as a result of his testing planes at the absolute edge of their capabilities, was now a little “confused” about what he did and didn’t see (something Cooper would refute right until his death in 2004).







Location: Burragorang Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Date: early 1953
Time: daytime

One camper, who happened to penetrate that valley was surprised to come across a large “saucer nest” in a forest clearing. Yet the most startling incident occurred when a lone camper, Brian Dogherty, while camped under the stars one night, saw a large, dark “saucer-shaped” craft moving over the surrounding tree tops. As he got to his feet he heard a loud “crunching” sound as the craft landed in a nearby patch of gum forest above the gully he was camped in. It was a long time before he got back to sleep and by the time he awoke and went in search of the landing site of the mystery craft, it had lifted off and flown elsewhere. All that Brian found was an area of trees and shrubbery that had been broken and flattened.

That same year a hiker, Peter Suttor, happened to penetrate an area beneath the cliffs on the south side of the valley one day, which it turned out, was in the vicinity of two “saucer nests” discovered earlier by campers. From the protection of shrubbery he saw at a distance, several man-sized forms clothed in what he later described as “spacesuits”. The mysterious beings appeared to be searching the ground with strange metal devices, apparently collecting soil and rock samples.

It was not long before Peter told of his strange encounter to friends, including a UFO group at Fairfield. In turn, the incident was related by a member of the group to a friend in the Liverpool Army Camp. This soldier, and two others from Ingleburn, while on leave, decided that they would go on a camping trip to investigate the area of Peter Suttor’s strange sighting. Setting off from Warragamba Township, they attempted to follow the approximate route taken by Peter. It is believed that they penetrated several kilometers inland to the approximate area where the strange figures had been seen. However, it was beyond a certain point that all trace of them was lost. Despite searchers efforts, like the earlier servicemen two years before, all trace of these soldiers was lost. Furthermore, all further mention of their disappearance was soon lost in the official wall of silence that descended on the whole matter.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.









Have seen the same pair of UFOs on the nights of Friday, March 15th, Sunday, March 17th and Monday, March 18. Both are always near the same location and around the same time, which seems to be from about 11 p.m. to after 12:30 a.m. At first glance I thought they were stars twinkling, but soon realized that wasn’t possible as both were too wide, oddly shaped and flashing various colors. Have been visiting my mother in my hometown of Redlands for the last several weeks. On the aforementioned nights, I spotted the vessels from her backyard. The first craft seemed to be about 75 feet off the ground and hovering near the intersection of Tennessee St. and Barton Road. The other seemed to hover at about the same altitude over the Arrowhead Christian Academy, which is at the intersection of Pine Ave. and Tennessee St. With the naked eye, both appeared as imperfect inverted triangles that flashed red, blue, green and white lights. When seen thru binoculars the crafts changed shapes – from what looked like a giant, electric jellyfish, to a half circle, to a full circle with pulsating and rotating lights. Both were silent. The one on my left would leave and go further west and out of my view usually between 12:30 and 12:40 a.m. The other to my right normally stayed in its position longer. On that Monday, March 18th it hovered in the same spot until about 1:50 a.m. before heading further west. All three nights were crystal clear. Did not see them on the nights of March 19th, 20th and 21st. We had cloud cover and rain on those nights. With only an average cell phone camera, the quality would not have been sufficient to show enough detail of them.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.