My son and I were driving home when we spotted 3 very bright lights, arrayed like an approaching airplane. We were about 1 mile away from the craft at this time. It was coming over a wooded hill, from our left. I was uneasy because the lights were so low, and this was not on any flight path to the airport. I thought a plane might be making an emergency landing on the highway we were driving on. As we rounded a bend, the object crossed above our vehicle, and then hovered in a stationary position just above the treetops to our right. It was no higher than 100′ above us. We were now looking directly up at the underside of the craft. There were 3 white light configured in a triangle, a large white light in the center of the triangle, and a small red light directly behind the large center light. The distance between the 3 corner lights was 20′. We heard no sound.

The lights cast a bright glow but did not illuminate anything around them. The brightness of the light obscured any outline of the craft. We had slowed down to try to discern what we were seeing but had to continue driving due to the risk of being rear ended. As we slowly drove on, the craft remained in place in our rear view. As I turned off the highway, the craft remained visible, and in the same place until I drove out of view. I posted an inquiry on the Burlington sub reddit asking if others had seen this. One person had seen the same craft an hour earlier, very low in the sky and making a strange turn unlike an airplane. He also was worried that the craft was so low in the sky. Another person checked with Beta Technology to see if they were operating their electric craft that night and the answer was No. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by Field Investigator Robin Perreault











It was in the evening, about 20:30 (8:30 PM) and the ship had just completed an eighteen hour “Flight Ops”. I had just taken a message off one of the broadcasts and turned around to file it on a clip board. When I turned back to the teletypes the primaries were typing garbage. I looked down to the alternates which were doing the same. I walked a few feet to the intercom between us and the Facilities Control. I called them and informed them of the broadcasts being out. A voice replied that all communications were out. I then turned and looked in the direction of the NAVCOMMOPNET and saw that the operator was having a problem. I then heard the Task Group operator tell the watch officer that his circuit was out also. In the far corner of the compartment was the pneumatic tubes going to the Signal bridge (where the flashing light and signal flag messages are sent/receive). There is an intercom there to communicate with the Signal Bridge and over this intercom we heard someone yelling “There is something hovering over the ship!” A moment later we heard another voice yelling. “IT IS GOD! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!”.

We all looked at each other, there were six of us in the Comm Center, and someone said, “Lets go have a look!”. The Comm Center is amidships, just under the flight deck, almost in the center of the ship. We went out the door, through Facilities Control and out that door, down the passageway (corridor) about 55 feet to the hatch that goes out to the catwalk on the edge of the flight deck (oppisite from the “Island” or that part of the ship where the bridge is). If you have ever been to sea, there is a time called the time of no horizon. This happens in the morning and evening just as the sun comes up or goes down over the horizon.

During this time you cannot tell where the sea and sky meet. This is the time of evening it was. As we looked up, we saw a large, glowing sphere. Well it seemed large, however, there was no point of reference. That is to say, if the sphere were low; say 100 feet above the ship, then it would have been about two to three hundred feet in diameter. If it were say 500 feet about the ship then it would have been larger. It made no sound that I could hear. The light coming from it wasn’t too bright, about half of what the sun would be. It sort of pulsated a little and was yellow to orange.

We didn’t get to looked at it for more than about 20 seconds because General Quarters (Battle stations) was sounding and the Communication Officer was in the passageway telling us to get back into the Comm Center. We returned and stayed there (that was out battle station). We didn’t have much to do because all the communication was still out. After about 20 minutes, the teletypes started printing correctly again. We stayed at General Quarters for about another hour, then secured. I didn’t see or hear of any messages going out about the incident.

Over the next few hours, I talked to a good friend that was in CIC (combat information center) who was a radar operator. He told me that all the radar screens were just glowing during the time of the incident. I also talked to a guy I knew that worked on the Navigational Bridge. He told me that none of the compasses were working and that the medics had to sedate a boatswains mate that was a lookout on the signal bridge. I figured this was the one yelling it was God. It was ironic that of the 5,000 men on a carrier, that only a handful actually saw this phnomenon. This was due to the fact that flight Ops had just be completed a short time before this all started and all the flight deck personnel were below resting. It should be noted that there are very few places where you can go to be out in the open air aboard a carrier. From what I could learn, virtually all electronic components stopped functioning during the 20 minutes or so that what ever it was hovered over the ship. The two Ready CAPs (Combat Air Patrol), which were two F-4 Phantoms that are always ready to be launched, would not start.

I heard from the scuttlebut (slang – rumor mill) that three or four “men in trenchcoats” had landed, and were interviewing the personnel that had seen this phenomena. I was never interviewed, maybe because no one knew that I had seen it.

A few days latter, as we were approaching Norfolk, the Commanding and Executive Officers came on the closed circuit TV system that we had. They did this regularly to address the crew and pass on information. During this particular session the Captain told us how well we did on the ORE and about our upcoming deployment to the Mediterranean. At the very end of his spiel, he said “I would like to remind the crew, that certain events that take place aboard a Naval Combatant Ship, are classified and are not to be discussed with anyone without a need to know”. This was all the official word I ever received or heard of the incident.

Being young and excited about my visit home and going to the Med, I completely forgot about it until years later when my wife and I went to see “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” at the movies when it first came out. In fact the friend that had been the radar operator was with his wife and went with us. As we walked across the parking lot to my car, I ask him if he remembered what We had experienced years earlier on the ship. He looked at me and said he never wanted to talk about it again. As he said it he turned a little pale. I never talked about the incident again. When I discovered “Aliens and Strange Phenomenon” on MSN and started reading the posts I started thinking about it again. Now I seem obsessed in finding out all I can about this phenomena.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.

Jim Kopf
Mt. Airy, Maryland







I do feel comfortable sharing the top 25 U.S. cites with the most UFO sighting reports. Before we start I must point out that some of you will simply comment that each of these cities are major population centers. To that I say this: To have reports you need observers, and larger metropolitan areas have lots of potential observers. But keep in mind that big cities have serious light pollution issues, being able to report sightings at all under these conditions is very telling.

Phoenix, Ariz., tops the list at No. 1, while Arizona ranks No. 7 in the country UFO sightings. Why Phoenix you might ask? Well, ever since the Phoenix Lights event in 1997, residents of Phoenix and Maricopa County has been very diligent in reporting what they see. Second on the list was Las Vegas, Nev., which, frankly, surprised me for two reasons. Nevada only ranks 26th in the country for sightings. That said, I did get a lot of social media traffic from there about any sightings. Of course, they admit to not reporting it. Also, Las Vegas is constantly lit up, day and night, so the light pollution is terrible. Perhaps it’s because Las Vegas is a stone’s throw from Area 51; enough said.  Third on the list is Seattle, Wash. Washington ranks No. 3 in the country. I had thought that it was a toss up between Seattle, Wash, and Portland, Ore., as both regions of the Northwest host heavy UFO traffic. Portland, Ore., ranks fifth and Oregon ranks 13th nationally.  Not to be forgotten, Chicago, Ill., comes in at No. 4. Illinois ranks No. 8 in the U.S.  Finally, I must take a moment and discuss the city in 6th place. Last spring when the book came out, it was noted in the west coast media that California was No. 1 for UFO sightings. They were also quick to point out Los Angeles County was the No. 1 county for UFO sightings in the country. Many people mistakenly equated that with the city of Los Angeles. I’m here to set the record straight. Los Angeles ranks No. 6 in the country for cities.  We must remember that Los Angeles County covers an area of 4,751 square miles, while the city of Los Angeles is a mere 503 square miles. Sorry, L.A.

If you have a UFO sighting to report, you can use either one of the two national database services: or








On the night of September 13, 2017, I was walking my dog Nellie. Having seen a few strange objects in the sky near my home, I gaze around the sky whenever Nellie stops to sniff. This night the sky was clear and quiet. We were facing NW between my house and my next-door neighbor’s house. Suddenly, at about 11:15, I caught sight of 5 white lights in an upside-down V shape, with a larger red light in the middle of the V. They were above the trees to the right of my neighbor’s house, moving very slowly from NNE to WSW at a slight downward angle. When they were directly over the neighbor’s house, I could see that they were attached to a dark (grey or black) triangular object, which I could just barely make out against the night sky. I listened for any sound and for a couple of minutes I heard a faint airplane noise. I live near an airport, so that sound could have been unrelated, especially since I couldn’t hear it for half the 5 minutes or so that I watched the triangular object. When the triangle was directly above the my neighbor’s medium-sized house, it seemed to be about 1/5 the size of the house, about 20 ft. above the house, and about 20 ft. beyond it. It hovered there for a few seconds before continuing on. I had the feeling it knew I was there and was pausing either to observe me or to let me observe it. I lost sight of the object when some trees blocked it from my view. By that time, it was very low in the sky and no longer looked like a triangle, just a group of white lights in a horizontal row with the large red light below them. My feelings? Elated! Excited!

This may or may not be related, but just as the triangle lights disappeared from my view, another set of lights appeared out of nowhere, high in the sky directly above where I’d just lost the triangle sighting. These were 3 white lights in a vertical row, with a larger red light to the right of them. They were too far away for me to see, in the dark sky, whether or not they were attached to a craft. These lights were traveling a bit faster than the triangle, but still fairly slowly, in a horizontal direction from SW to NE. I watched them for a couple of minutes, then lost sight of them behind a house and a large tree. I waited about 3 minutes for them to reappear on the other side of the trees, where a large patch of sky was visible, but they never reappeared. Unlike the lights on the triangle, these lights blinked, or at least one of them did. I can’t remember for sure whether it was the white or the red that blinked; I think it was the white lights. I’ve seen lights like this on several occasions over the past couple of months. They don’t make any sound that I can detect, and when I lose sight of them, they never reappear. Usually I see them traveling SW to NE but sometimes I see them traveling NW to SE, as though they were headed for the airport. On these occasions, they are also losing altitude.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by State Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Vermont.