JULY 30, 2016  ……….. ST GERMAIN WISCONSIN……….10.30 PM

2 diamond shape objects streak across the sky in a perfect line

At approximately 10:30pm, Saturday night, while vacationing on a lake in St. Germain, Wisconsin, my son and I decided to stand at the end of a pier and look into the sky. The pier went south onto the lake and gave us a good look at what we thought were the planets Jupiter and Mars.  The night was perfect to see stars because there were no clouds in the sky and we were miles and miles away from the lights of a big city.  After a few minutes we turned our attention to following satellites slowly moving across the sky. After following the path of a satellite, my son and I had both ended up looking into the northeastern part of the sky.  As we watched the satellite move, two illuminated objects came in, and out, of view moving at a high rate of speed from the east to the north. One following exactly behind the other in a perfect line. Both were the exact same size and shape. 10 times bigger than a star in the sky. They were shaped like a triangle and seemed to be a yellow/! orange color around the edges. Each object had perfectly straight sides. Each object was bright enough to see but they did not light the entire sky up when they passed in and out of view. It appeared to be more of a glow around them.  Each object came in and out of view within 1-1/2 seconds with 1 second between each object. Neither object was in the sky at the same time but because I was still looking in the direction of where the first object moved I seemed to have a better view of the second object.  The objects were not directly above us but close enough that it appeared we were seeing the bottom of the objects. The angle the objects were from us made them seemed like they had a flat bottom.  We stared into the sky for 15-20 minutes longer hoping to catch another look at what had passed over head but we didn’t see anything like that move across the sky again.





thanks to www.nuforc.org case files