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Hello I would like to share some of my strange experiences that occurred in my small hometown in northeastern Pennsylvania. Maybe you can shed some light on whats been going on. Ever since I was a young child, 5-6.   I’ve been interested in the otherworldly. My sister would tell me I would shut my parents and siblings out. She said I’d never talk much to anyone, only to the point where I had to. She said I always thought that my parents were not related to me. She exclaimed that I drew constantly, drawing the night sky. She said it got to a point where I drew what looked like to be tall grey aliens, some shorter, some different colors.  Much of my childhood I can’t remember myself but when moving into a different house I found the note pad that contained some of my drawings depicting exactly what my sister was talking about…aliens, aircraft and portraits of the stars. I also had strange dreams, dreams without a visual texture, but with the feeling of fear and what I can only describe as a intense gravitational pull, much like those spinning rides at amusement parks that spin and keep you against the wall with centrifugal force but much more powerful.  Fast forward years later as a teenager. I don’t take as much interest in the otherworldly as I did as a child, I’m more focused on girls, school and other social gatherings. But the strange dreams still occurred. This time with more visual stimuli. Dreams of myself standing in my front lawn…sky is dark with an orange tint. Triangular crafts, many as far as the eye can see. Then I look back to the lawn where a jet black being, tall…7 to 8 feet with mirror like eyes. I didn’t feel any fear as it began to lift its arm and palm extended towards my face in the same way a construction worker motioning cars to stop. after that I woke up confused because of the realism I just experienced in the dream. This dream recurred. Never getting any further than the being raising his hand.


I had many other dreams with different themes but all relating back to them. Whatever they are. A wild imagination? I didn’t know.  Then in 2013 when I was 16, I saw something very strange. It was around 11 pm or 12 am..in July around Independence day. I was riding my bike to my high school, a mile away from my house, out of boredom and not wanting to be around my intoxicated family members. A quarter mile away from my house at a four way intersection is where I saw it. It seemed to come out of no where and it was right above me at a height of about 200 feet. It was a silent glowing reddish orange ball. Around the size of what I explain as if you picked the sun out of the sky as we see from our point of view on earth and “copy and pasted” it right above my head. It was bright but not to a point were it hurt the eyes. It seemed to just hover there for a long time while I blankly stared it for some time. I’m not sure how long I stood there staring but I felt calm, almost hypnotized by whatever it was. Before I knew it, it began to slowly turn and make its way down the road. I just stared at it when it finally hit me that I just saw this. I put my foot on the pedals of my bike trying to follow it. It started to pick up speed and elevation and just zoomed away at staggering speeds. Almost like it blinked out of existence.I went back home and told no one of what I saw. A year later, I begin to notice more lights around the skies of my house. Some exactly like the glowing orb but at further distances. Some that strobe an array of colors. Now I am aware of what jets, commercial airplanes, drones and other known air vehicles exterior night lights look like and none of these orbs were like it. None of these orbs looked like that. They performed maneuvers that aren’t at all typical of any known craft, their speed and quick turns were amazing.  Since then I haven’t seen much in the skies but strange things still do happen. Such as a night while I was at my house alone in January of last year. I was in my living room trying to watch TV when I began to get an uneasy feeling. I felt a vibration reverberating throughout the house originating from something outside of the house to the left of my position. It was a quick pulsation of low tone vibrations that I could hear from outside but also feel in my body and in my head. It struck a raw feeling of fear into me…making me stay there on the couch. I wanted to go outside to see what it was but the fear kept me back. It lasted about a minute or less but felt like an hour. I don’t know how to explain these things, i’m an open book, so I will appreciate any input you have. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.