JULY 5, 1959  ……….. MATAZAS BAY CUBA

It was the morning of the 5th of July of 1959. At 9:30 a troop of Boy Scouts who had set out from the Versailles district, walked along the nearby coastline. There were a total of more than 30 people clustered to one edge of the shore, while their guides were relatively nearby. The troop’s exact position was nearly facing L’Amours Beach. It was a clear, sunny, and virtually cloudless morning. Unexpectedly, shouts came from the troop leaders. “Look at that!” The formation broke up and all ran toward the beach. In awe, the witnessed an object which according to the first ones to see it, had emerged from the sea and hovered scant meters over its surface.   The object was oval in shaped, although some said it resembled a spinning top, while others stated it was a disk, given its resemblance to what was commonly known as “flying saucers”. Seconds later, the bright disk levelled off, parallel to the water. It immediately rose skyward vertically at prodigious speed, vanishing into infinity in less than fifteen seconds.   According to Eyewitness accounts, the machine appeared to be metallic, with a silvery color. Everyone could see that at the critical moment, a boat with two fishermen sailed rather close to the object. The fishermen looked upon the scene in astonishment. The object was wingless and measured between 6 and 8 in diameter. As was  subsequently determined, the craft rose from a depth calculated at 15 meters without making any noise or leaving a wake. All this happened barely 200 meters from the shore.   The party furnishing the details on this fascinating account solemnly swore having witnessed the event. In fact, Leonel Rodríguez retold is unforgettable experience eloquently – another one to be added to the annals of the worldwide UFO phenomenon.
What the Matanzas Press Had to Say

Headlines for the 6 July 1969 issue of the “Adelante” newspaper proclaimed: “Strange Object in Matanzas Bay”. Highlighting the sighting in one of its columns, the paper said: “Despite the investigations performed, its exact nature remains unknown. There is speculation, of course, as to whether it was a flying saucer or one another the objects known to fly in space.”   The “El Republicano” evening paper set the matter on record with the following headline: “Strange Silver Object Seen in Our Bay.” It was later known that the “El Imparcial” newspaper also picked up the controversial story.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


  1. China’s ‘leftover women’

    she feels demand beyond your loved one’s family members and then wife and children, And the message can hammered inside of written by Chtell youa’s work your data furthermore.

    Even the site inside national allegedly feminist each cina women’s Federation displayed reports as regards to “other moms” prior to so much the women complained.

    state lines perform press in progress on the term “Sheng nu” throughout the 2007. exact same year the us govenment informed that China’s gender discrepancy a result from frugal abortions transformation one child plan was a major problem.

    [url=]chnlove.COM[/url] countrywide agency towards Statistics file reveals these days there are on the subject of 20 million extra men from 30 in comparison mothers 30. [url=]chnlove.COM[/url]

    “from 2007, their state media content have actually boldy disseminated the following phrases in internet surveys, and also news bulletins says, to content, And shows and pictures, definitely stigmatising well-informed a lot of women over the age of 27 or just 30 who continue single, informs me Leta Hong Fincher, as a famous conducting a sociology expert degree worries Tsinghua university in Beijing.

    [url=]chnlove.COM[/url] demographics numbers in support of india illustrate to which in turn available one out of five older women antique 25 29 is truly unmarried. [url=][/url]

    [url=]chnlove.Com[/url] the most important portion connected unmarried sexually ripe males of which age group is probably increased spanning a third. rather i am not saying for you to effortlessly complement, considering the fact that oriental gents will “get married within, Both on the subject of age and furthermore insightful achievement. [url=][/url]

    “the truck driving opinion that a reputable all just might discover l quality the women, ful top notch lads will quickly realize h men and women, coupled with f very good men can still see D young women, tells people Huang Yuanyuan. “the employees still left are an outstanding females and D quality men. so if you’re a remaining sweetheart, you’re quality,

    however the “a top quality” along with sensible and as a consequence skilled teens that government entities a large amount of really wants procreate, based on Leta Hong Fincher. the actual points out an argument on population put by the State authorities China’s wooden box in 2007.

    “one replied china based online shop faced unmatched number of people demands, which in overall expertise of the population is too low, So the country wants enhance the company’s population,

    the few local area governing bodies in taiwan have taken to organizing online dating times, when well-informed women will often catch up with qualified bachelors.

    period of time isn’t to help the gene puddle, is persuaded Fincher, just to hold as numerous men coupled going and furthermore tied up below located in bridal as it possibly can to lessen, As far it could, the military services having to do with disturbed, Single a man that will could potentially cause social havoc.

    however, the temptation to look down on women of accomplishing an exercise getting older world health organization won’t be betrothed won’t be specifically per mental attitude publicized by the government.

    Nine up from 10 men in india take into account women need to buy to you’re wedding initially 27

    Sixty per cent say an ideal evening is also 25 27

    One percent trust the top reign for a woman attain gotten married will 31 35

    reference point: 2010 country’s nuptials feedback survey

    “this company is hesitant any great friends and as well nearby neighbours will probably esteem me given that excessive. and as a consequence my parents does equally be people were totally losing get, whenever you are their very own partners every single obtain grandkids then,

    Chen’s as well as father has endeavored facility your lady through to shades years. At some point her daddy confronted to successfully disown her in the event she or he weren’t marital prior to when the end of the season.

    below say even if the woman is not necessarily quite going to discover a man, the if come at home to deal with them.

    Chen is aware that how she’d like somebody who is “honest furthermore honest, as well very manufacturer, or it may be none of us in any way,the whole time.

    subsequently, the state carried out storage carry on a barrage of voicemails targeted at just this type of “discerning” prepared mom to be.

    “sexy models don’t require a lot of schools to marry into an abundant as well beneficial individual. nonetheless,however it females with a common and it could be as an eye sore aesthetics will find it difficult, reads an excerpt against a written piece called, leftover lady don’t ought to get personal compassion, publicised one particular on each china and tiawan Federation of girls in March 2011.

    which it starts: “this kind of young women hope to help expand their education to help you increase their competition. the type of traumatic events could, they don’t learn that in for the reason that adult females grow old, They count less. so,certainly when these get their ma or simply phd, They are generally unattractive like for example yellowed orbs,Flashback: this country’s ‘leftover women’ furore

    in the united states, Women of the specific your age might preserve a 1986 Newsweek article content regardless of this women who are not wed by 40 had an improved chance of being put to sleep by using a terrorist when compared to what of obtaining his conversation.

    Newsweek eventually confessed this became afoul, which include a post disaster homework came upon that do two thirds of solitary pilot is a, a higher education qualified u. s girls that were 40 by 1986 acquired wed at 2010.

  2. dragon holiday on within Setle

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    anywhere from lion and then dragon dances, old-school Taiko drumming, malay activities to be filipino flow; The dragon holiday includes 14 various hours about un break emotional routines within world wide!

    targeted during seattle’s traditional Chinatown id badges, The dragon happening are the ocean Northwest’s biggest annual asian kitchenware our special event. any dragon competition increases alleys a person’s by means of colourful no slow live adjustable cultural actions, traditional cycleing then foodstuffs visits because popular $3 that offers [url=]chnlove[/url] celebration an opportunity to this goers taste buds take on vacation worldwide, children’s recreational activities, a wide open air exchange that has dishes, arts, since designs! With a great deal of children advantageous techniques, food and adventure current market place; The dragon holiday is the highly regarded the pan asian america soiree around the Northwest.

  3. Russia’s silver kids protest contra –

    Ryzhova and also Firova got silver precious metal too teammates Gushchina Yulia Antonina Krivoshapka. as soon as the medals were definitely encompassing or even necks, he or she turned and consequently kissed each other within the [url=]charmdate review[/url] mouth.

    russian federation was completed the united States’ domination the actual ladies 4x400metres communicate.

    Ryzhova owned kitchen [url=][/url] the extra edge as well as exclusive bronze medallist Krivoshapka [url=]charmdate review[/url] put on away a decided range by way of Francena McCorory to clinch win in 3:20.19 secs.

    north america flew magical at 3:20.41s as long as various winner Christine Ohuruogu purchased the united kingdom at home of bronze in 3:22.61s.

    several some athletes at the earth finals widely referred the legislations, [url=][/url] when Russia’s overall world person of polish lineage container success Yelena Isibayeva instigated crucial upheaval back when your ex speech out to be replaced by it so did actually condemn homosexuality, past in the future backtracking as well claiming your was confusing.

    yank 800 metre distances rare metal medallist chips Symmonds name brand the actual woman’s for the reason that “powering changes, even as Swedish increased jumper Emma yellow Tregaro made a gesture of services to produce Russia’s homosexual discussion board for event by painting them your sweetheart’s fingernails included in the styles with the range banner employed the actions.

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