December 6, 1999…….. GUYRA AREA,  AUSTRALIA
Time Reported: 2.30am
Location: New England HWY between Armidale & Glen Innes “Guyra area”
Reportee: Brian Renworth aged 74 years a credible witness
Description of object: Huge White Object – lots of lights.

Report: Brian called to say he was a witness to a UFO. He thought he had better call because he had seen the report on TV about the Guyra object crashing into the dam. A very credible witness rang me on Thursday 8th December 1999, she told me she had called the Armidale police station to find out if anything strange had been reported on Monday 6th December 1999. The Police Woman said she had heard that quite a few reports of a strange red beam of light came down from the sky that Monday evening of the 6th December 1999.

Interview with Brian Renworth.

Diane Harrison: You said you were travelling from NSW to Queensland between 2.00am and 3.00am in the morning?
Brian Renworth: Yes, thats right. That was on Monday morning.
DH: Brian, could you explain what you saw while travelling up the road near Guyra?
BR: Well, I don’t know if I passed Guyra or if it was before Guyra. Now on this section of road there was hundreds of red and white reflectors, it looked like a busy traffic intersection. There were no vehicles other than myself and a trailer coming a long way back behind me.
DH: How far back would you say the trailer was?
BR: A quarter of a mile I suppose.
DH: Was the truck close enough to see what was going on?
BR: He had his big lights on and they were worrying me. I had mine on at low beam. When I saw all this frizel of lights ahead of me, I thought what the hell was it. It just looked like a landing strip and as I approached it I was struck with this red light. It just lit everything up and everything went red.
DH: Everything went red?
BR: Yes, and I could feel the heat of what ever it was.
DH: Brian, could I just clarify something. When you said you saw something that looked like a landing strip, what kind of shape did you see?
BR: Well, it was like both sides of the road looked like an Island, in the middle of the road on both sides.
DH: An Island? Did you see a shape at all?
BR: It’s just a maze of reflectors ahead of me, so I had to slow down.
DH: Were the reflectors in any sort of pattern?
BR: They were on both sides of the highway, they looked like they where every 10 feet, for as far as you could see.
DH: You said when you got close they all turned to a bright colour, what was it?
BR: This red glow, what ever it was lit all the white reflectors, they went red. And, I was totally blinded.
DH: When that happened what did you do?
BR: Well, I just drifted along and slowed down on the other side of these lights, I got away, out of them and then I slowed down because I couldn’t darn see.
DH: Where was the truck, do you remember the truck?
BR: Oh yes, he was way back. I don’t know if it was a truck or a semi trailer, but he had his high beams on and then that made it worse, it lit everything up and caused my lights to….it’s only a reasonably new motor car I got and it has bright lights too, but I was on low beam and you would have sworn you were coming into a Kingsford Smith Aerodrome with all these reflectors.
DH: Was it that bright?
BR: Yes.
DH: What kind of car do you drive?
BR: I dirve a Suburu wagon, a 98 model.
DH: Brian, what was the reason for going to Queensland?
BR: I was travelling up to visit my daughters for Christmas. I’ve been driving for some fifty odd years and I have never seen anything like this.
DH: When you said ‘the lights blinded you, what did you do next?
BR: Well, I drifted through these rows of lights, they thinned out and I slowed down onto the side of the road and sat there for a little while because I couldn’t see. Well, I really had been flashed in the eyes with all this reflection.
DH: When you said you drove through the reflection, what impression did you have of where the light was coming from, was it on the ground or above you?
BR: It seemed high and it seemed to be behind me, I could feel the heat of it. I copped it back in the rear view mirror, it hit me in the eyes.
DH: Did you hear any noise at all?
BR: No, no noise, I had my windows up, it was quiet in the car. I didn’t hear any unusual noise at all, I did have the radio on.
DH: Did anything happen to the radio?
BR: Well, it gave a screeching, thats all, other wise the radio’s intact.
DH: How is your car?
BR: The car, yeh well, it seems alright, I drove it for the first time today.
DH: Is there any physical evidence or signs of any damage at all, like paint work damaged?
R: No.
DH: What about yourself, how are you?
BR: Well, I had the shakes on Monday and my sight was affected. I couldn’t stand any sunlight, I had to wear dark glasses and even on Tuesday morning I still had my dark peppers on and we went shopping. My daughter drove her car and took me shopping. I couldn’t drive mine, and this afternoon I left Ipswich to come over here, a Bay Island.
DH: comment: Some details have to be left out to protect Brian.
BR: And thats the first time I’ve driven the car since I landed at Ispwich on Monday.
DH: Brian, you said you actually called the Ipswich police.
BR: I rang them this morning from Ipswich, because I heard on the radio all about this stuff down in that Guyra place, and hell nobody seemed to know what time it happened and this happened to me between the hours of 2.00am – 3.00am on Monday morning.
DH: What time did you end up getting to Glen Innes, which is the nearest town if you where heading that way to Brisbane?
BR: Look, I don’t know, I can’t remember, I fueled at Armidale and I had enough fuel to last me right through up to here (Ipswich). When I landed at Ispwich, my daughter said ‘gee dad, what’s up with your eyes?’ like one eye was all blood shot, really blood shot.
DH: How are your eyes now?
BR: There’s still a little bit on the blurry side, otherwise I’m alright.
DH: What about the rest of yourself?
BR: I’m a little pink just like I have a mild sunburn. I’m going to the doctors in the morning for my checkup.
DH: Could you let me know what the doctors says?
DH: When you rang the Ispwich Police, what did you ask them?
BR: I asked them if they got any or would they know of any laser beams or anything on the road like that, they said “no we don’t use them”, they said that the lights are a speed laser which they use here, its a red laser, but you don’t see any beam from it. But this was, hell, I don’t know, it sort of lit everything up.
DH: Brian, how did you feel at the time this was happening?
BR: Thats a silly question ha!! I didn’t know how the hell I felt, I know I couldn’t see properly.
DH: How long had you observed the reflector for?
BR: I could see them at least half a mile in front of me.
DH: What happened to the truck that was behind you?
BR: I saw it zigzag on the road then it pulled over about half a mile behind me. We we’re the only ones on the road. I’m sure he must have seen what I saw.
DH: Do you remember if the truck passed you and what time do you think you got to your daughters in Ipswich.
BR: That puzzles me about the truck I can’t remember seeing him pass me at all. It took me an extra hour and half as it only took me around 14 hours before. You know Diane, it was a laser type beam, the thickness of a broom handle, it hit the side mirror and flashed back in my face, I could feel the heat of this thing.
DH: I asked Brian not to wash his car, because we were going to have a magnetic anomalous signature of the car to see if anything strange had happened to the car itself. The first test proved very interesting. The drivers side door seemed to have a magnetic misprint which went off the scale.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.







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