I was driving east on I-10.  I drive this route 5 nights a week hauling freight from Ft. Stockton to San Antonio, TX.  At about the 340 mile marker I noticed a bright light in the sky, like a large airplane (747) with landing light on. They were shining directly towards me. In this part of the country there are no large airports.  San Antonio is 200 miles to the east. I continued watching the lights thinking that they should be approaching faster than they were, if it was a large airplane, the lights seemed to be at an estimate of 2000′ above the ground. I continued traveling at 65 mph coming up a 4-5% grade with hills and highway cut outs occasionally blocking my view from the lights. As I watched, I thought that the object turned because the headlights faded away. As I came to the top of the grade I could still see the object and it was closer to me and seemed to be moving 80-100 mph, maybe slower, for the size of it I knew that it was moving. I just mentioned that I thought it turned but I’m pretty darn sure that they turned the lights off and they went off like stadium lights do, slowly, that’s why I thought that it turned, I was still about 3/4 – 1 mile away when this happened. The skies were clear and the moon was about 7/8 full. After topping the grade I lost sight momentarily because of the hills and cut outs. As I follow the highway it curved to the right and started down a 4-5% grade (MM345) and I could really see what it was, a triangle 250-500′ to each corner, 1500-2000′ above me on my left at a 40 degree angle and about 1/4-1/2 mile away. It had a fairly large light in each corner and a smaller light in the center where there seemed to be a dome on the bottom center. All the lights were white and steady, no pulsing, and there was no beam being case. The corner lights were large enough and bright enough that they should have been casting a beam but they didn’t. I couldn’t see any of the body of the object other than the possible dome on the bottom. I’m sure some people will suggest that these lights may be individual objects and I will strongly suggest that all the lights belonged to one object. I didn’t see any windows, hear any noise (remember I’m in a large truck), or see any exhaust. I had a good visual of this object for about 10 seconds as I curved down the grade. There were 7 or 8 other vehicles traveling east and west in my vicinity and I didn’t see anyone stop. As I continued to drive I thought, “I’ve seen one now”. I don’t know if it was military or alien, but I lean towards anti-gravity alien. I didn’t have any fear or shock and I don’t think that they were concerned about being seen.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

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