On the evening of Friday June 13th, 2008 my wife, sister and I witnessed a UFO while driving east on Highway 375 (otherwise known as the Extraterrestrial Highway). Approximately 9:30 PM, after passing Groom Lake Road, my sister saw an object in the sky, south of us. I pulled over the side of the highway and quickly exited the car. 20-25 miles south of us, over some mountains, we saw an unknown craft fluttering around with the dexterity of a moth. This craft was at least the size of a two-story house (maybe larger, it is hard to judge size in the desert), and had two strobing lights, one green, one red. It was not a jet, airplane, or helicopter, as it fluttered around the sky like a butterfly. It would alternate directions immediately, dropping and rising 50 feet instantaneously. We observed the UFO for about 2 minutes before it sank below the mountains. Three possibilities immediately entered my mind regarding the UFO: 1. It was an alien spacecraft piloted by aliens. 2. It was an alien spacecraft piloted by military personnel. 3. It was an experimental aircraft reverse engineered utilizing alien technology piloted by military personnel. Five minutes later, the UFO appeared again. It hovered in the air, as if the pilots were skittish…somewhat afraid to be where they were. This sighting was even more exciting as we all were able to fully observe the UFO, its rapid movements making it impossible that this was a man-made craft. After another two minutes, the UFO sank below the mountains. Adrenaline pumping, we surveyed our surroundings, spotting stationary headlights behind us on the highway, about a mile or two away. This light did not move. After five minutes, we became nervous and decided to investigate. We drove back and saw a white SUV with government plates speed off. Relieved to not find Leatherface or any other deranged cannibal hillbillies in rusty pickup trucks, we decided to drive back to our observation point (approximately 26 miles southeast of the Lil Ale Inn). 5-10 minutes passed without any sign of the UFO. It was starting to get late, as I live 2 ½ hours away in Las Vegas, so I was ready to leave when the UFO hovered in the air once again. This time we all noticed an incredible sight: the mountain range to our left was being illuminated on the other side by a powerful light source intermittently, as if the Area 51 base was trying to communicate with the UFO with a sophisticated visual version of Morse code. The mountains were silhouetted in light. We were all silent, awestruck at the possibilities. This new sighting made me realize what was happening: The Area 51 base was attempting to communicate with an alien spacecraft utilizing light signals. Why else would they utilize an enormous light source in such a manner? Every time the craft came into view, the light source would illuminate the mountains in an intermittent fashion. When the craft lowered, the light source would stop. It almost seemed as if the lights somehow reassured the UFO to not fly away. We could not tell if the UFO ever landed or not, as the mountain range blocked our view of the ground and Area 51. We stayed another 15 minutes, observing the UFO twice more. The lights from the base strobed even more powerful as the UFO fluttered around. It was obvious that we were observing something important, beyond our understanding. Was this the first time that this communication has taken place, or has this been going on years or decades and they are trying to refine their methods of communication? So many questions swirled around my mind, though the overwhelming feeling was one of awe and excitement. There is not a doubt in my mind that I witnessed an alien spacecraft. I plan on going back and camping out on a mountain overlooking the restricted zone boundary, and packing a video camera, telescope, and binoculars! Overall, we observed the UFO for over a half hour, 5 sightings in all, about 2 minutes at a time.  I have completed 190 credits hours in college courses, my wife has a Master’s degree, and my sister attends George Washington University. We are all in agreement that we have witnessed a UFO.  NOTE:  The above image is a rendering.

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