12-24-11 BOISE IDAHO

I was coming home at 9:45 pm, and parked my car on the street. I realized that a bright red light was viewable from my front yard to the east of my house, and that it was similiar, or the same red light ufo that I viewed in the east in september in the same neighborhood. I immediately called a friend that lives a few blocks away, that viewed a red light ufo with me in september at his house. He in turn called his father, who lives up on the bench in Boise Idaho, around 4-5 miles from where we live, which is several hundred feet lower in elevation than his father lives, in a shallow river valley. His father confirmed that the UFO was fairly high in the sky. This gives me reason to think that the UFO was probably over 500 feet high in the sky, any lower, and my friends father would have only barely been able to see it, and it would probably have around the same height as the mountains behind Boise. After calling my friend, I ran inside after trying to catch a photo using my blackberry phone.

 I scrambled for my digital coolpix camera, and ran outside to shoot a shaky, quick photo but realizing I needed a tripod to get any decent photos of the light blown up, I again ran inside and was able to set up my digital camera, and shoot around 12 photos over a 15 minute period. shortly after taking just a few photos, the UFO moved a good 50 degrees northwest, and was basically overhead just north of us. The movement was straight, with no noise, and the light just pulsated slowly, or was completely unwavering in its strength for a minute or so, then it would start pulsating again. The UFO then moved back to its almost original position,
taking a slightly different path. the entire movement period was no longer than a few minutes if that. It moved at an even pace, and I wondered how anything could move that fast in the sky. If it was a balloon or such being towed from the ground, a balloon/blimp with an engine would have to be moving pretty good to cover that distance once it was stationary again. I commenced taking more photos and  I drained the battery, but was able to get around 9 photos that had little movement, and actually showed either artifacts of the light/camera, or actual structure of what I believe is plasma formations. Around the mid point of the event, a plane high in the sky flew above us, and could probably see the UFO as well. The entire viewing lasted around 35-40 minutes. It started pulsating faster, and then started strobing for the first time, it strobed completely on and off around 4-6 times at a relative even pace, and then quickly increased completely strobing on and off, and then just completely dissapeared.

 I have only seen a UFO twice before this, in september a few months before, and what we saw on dec 24 looked very similiar. I am convinced this is some sort of plasma formation. There were some similiar reports the next night in Boise Idaho, and I noticed also reports in Oregon, Washington, and California that sounded similiar.  In one photo, the interior looks as if it has bilateral symmetry going on, much like what a walnut shell looks like some sources claim that hovering UFOs are in a low energy use period, and glow red, but as they speed up, they turn blue/white. That might fit somewhat with what I saw in McCall.  Absolutely one of the most exciting nights of my life, in that I was finally able to get photos of a UFO. Everything fell together, right place, right time, camera in the house, and a UFO that sticks around for long enough.

Thanks to MUFON CMS system.