NOVEMBER 22, 2017   ……………… WASHINGTON D.C.

I was leaving my daughters home in Washington D.C. to go to Reagan International Airport to catch my plane. It was between 7 or 8 a.m., right before Thanksgiving 2017. I had just visited my daughter and cared for my grandson because he had the flu and his Dad had taken his mom on a trip to China because my daughter had to work. So my Son- In- Law, me and his mom we’re walking out to his car parked in the back because she was leaving for NYC the same day I was going home too. As he was putting the luggage in the car I happened to hear a jet approaching and looked up because you never know what kind of flyer you will see going over D.C. Before I spotted the jet, which I could here clearly, I see the metal object just hovering above us, pretty high up, not making a sound. I can’t tell what it is because it’s silent and it seemed to be changing or like morphing but it seemed solid. Coming in from my right is the jet I heard clearly, even though it was alot higher up than the other craft. I didn’t say anything to my Son-In-Law or his mom because he would have made me feel like a kook and his mother wouldn’t have a clue. So I start taking as many pictures as I can before I have to get in the car. My Son-In-Law prides himself on his knowledge of anything the flies so when I showed him the pictures I took and since he knows his backyard assumed it had to be a helicopter. But if it was where he thought it was, it would had been so loud he would have noticed at the time. In the last picture I took you can see the jet coming into frame and the top far right. You can judge the size when the jet appears. I was hoping you guys could be able to zoom in better than I could to tell what it is. I have had many experiences with UFO’s and it’s usually with people who are the biggest skeptics. I am very close, as the bird flies) to the Wright-Patterson Air Force base. I would be very interested in what you think I caught on camera.






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